• PopularMMOs 2 weeks ago

    Enjoy the vid guys! I will be commenting to a bunch of you 🙂

  • Antonio Serrano 2 weeks ago

    You are the best😍😚😄❕❗💗💖💘

  • BTvideos 599 2 weeks ago

    Were is season 10 offfff epic proportions loved thoseeeee

  • Creeper King 2 weeks ago

    21:10 if Pat was in Story mode

  • JenJay Awesome 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone see Pat’s pun:
    Ironic Perch …….?

  • Finn Curtis 2 weeks ago


  • MagicalNyanCat 110436 2 weeks ago

    Pat is savage…when he spawned in the wither skeletons he didn’t say anything, he ran for his own good, then he shut the the gate…#SAVAGE

  • Glitchy Burrito 2 weeks ago


  • Ryan even mean 2 weeks ago

    15 52 why is he smiling lol

  • OWEN C 2 weeks ago

    Dat So SPOOKAY!!

  • Katherine Mayernik 2 weeks ago

    there eyes change color

  • Kiersta Stephenson 2 weeks ago


  • Grace Tanger 2 weeks ago

    So spoookay

  • Sophia Oransky 2 weeks ago

    Did you not notice that the eyes change color

  • Al Nole 2 weeks ago


  • RENATO TOBEY 2 weeks ago

    can you do the 1.12 paleocraft mod

  • Ryan KC 2 weeks ago


  • Damien Lopez 2 weeks ago


  • Noah Hafer 2 weeks ago

    I subscribed and….. Helloooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Marissa Rubens 2 weeks ago


  • Strathfieldsaye Plumbing 2 weeks ago


  • Nikky 606 2 weeks ago


  • Alexis Burnias 2 weeks ago

    I love it when pat is always in tradition 👻👿🎃❤

  • Sean Villacorte 2 weeks ago

    Why is it everyone’s birthday?

  • Pippa Nixon 2 weeks ago


  • Brendan moore 2 weeks ago

    Jen you evil pat only wanted to make that gargoyle

  • Marc Hunt 2 weeks ago

    Pat Jen!!!!!! I hope you see this but hide and seek with gargoyles plzzzzz😁😁😁😁

  • Sammy hobart 2 weeks ago


  • Gold is super man

  • Sean Stacey 2 weeks ago


  • Sean Stacey 2 weeks ago

    Sorry pat

  • Kate somethingfor 2 weeks ago


  • Kate somethingfor 2 weeks ago

    WOW!! I never knew that Gargoyles had such strength
    Also they are OP And I would love owning one
    of them

  • Kate somethingfor 2 weeks ago

    wait can you comment me XD

  • paulkmam1982 2 weeks ago

    can u plz bring back crafting dead??

  • iamjessiecruz 2 weeks ago


  • The Master Moba-HKS 2 weeks ago


  • Sophie Schutz 2 weeks ago

    My bday is on halloween

  • Edna Fernandez 2 weeks ago

    Why you did not do some mutant mutant vs gargoyle

  • Emileigh Marie 2 weeks ago

    Their eyes change color from red to yellow

  • Lauren O'neill 2 weeks ago

    They should do a Gargoyle hide and seek like if you agree

  • Mr_ Savage Meerkat 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos and you are the best you tubers in the universe

  • Mai Air 2 weeks ago


  • Mr_ Savage Meerkat 1 week ago

    #Jen is the killer in the crafting dead

  • the cool dude 1 week ago

    Hellooooòoooo o ok ooo

  • Zyc Mylz Apalal 1 week ago

    Jen is bad

  • Fidelino Kurt Andrei 1 week ago

    l hate jen ever again

  • Huynh Nam Anh 1 week ago

    Jen is so mean I hate her

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