• Maria Fuentes 6 days ago


  • Walter Saveljev 6 days ago

    Its weird becuase i had looting 2 and got 3 skulls by killing about 15 wither Skeltons

  • M.E.S Productions 6 days ago

    Hey python! I have a suggestion for you. Get some magma creams and make fire resistance potions while in the Nether and just swim in the lava 😂😂

  • The Idiotic Plays 6 days ago

    Do you think that you could make a gold farm I think that it would be really useful keep up all of the good work and have a good day

  • Rasconza L 6 days ago

    Have you ever thought about making a hideout with tv’s and super high redstone securaty? By the way your setlements are looking good!

  • gunsbattle player123 6 days ago

    love your vidoes keep up the good work hopefully youll become a big youtuber

  • Nathan Leonard 6 days ago

    If your making a Wither Skeleton farm make a Nether portal in Python Industries that goes to the farm, it would make sense since it’s another farm :/

    And a great video as always! 😀

  • JUNZHAO DENG 6 days ago

    go get a skeleton horse at least

  • Dianna Ellis 6 days ago

    great work as always. keep them coming. brightens my day.

  • Nurse Lucy 6 days ago

    Hey Python! Do you ever play table top games? If so, what games do you like to play. I’m currently still addicted to Carcassonne. Also, I like that you keep your videos around the 20 minute mark. It really makes it easy for me to keep up.

  • iCeMaN tHe BeSt 6 days ago

    you should build a Wither Skeleton Farm

  • BlueGaming 98 6 days ago

    Hi python i’m a new subscriber but when i searched: survival series i saw yours and when i watched 1-43 i flipped and your Awesome keep up the astounding videos

  • SirLancealot24 6 days ago

    hey guys just a question;

    mcJava or mcBedrock?

  • Misbah Misbah 6 days ago

    Python you should make a nether base

  • Ashish Dhiwar 6 days ago

    Make an ender pearl farm

  • Reenad Ameer 6 days ago

    Nice video but can you please add the brightness alittle more 🙂

  • Michael Paul 6 days ago

    Try aiming for their head you will get a better chance at getting the wither skull

  • ExtremeAlias 6 days ago

    Press F to pay respects to the Bow

  • dramatic viking 6 days ago

    Hey phyton are you going to make an underwater house anyway nice video

  • melon 6 days ago

    It was too dark

  • yessenia Bustos 6 days ago

    You should take some irons bars with you when you water temple hunting

  • Nihanth Pinnaka 6 days ago

    Can you plz do survival in a buffet world? =)

  • Aurea L 6 days ago

    Hey Python. I was wondering how you managed to explore without getting totally lost? every time I play Minecraft I lose my house and builds.

  • tubeler 6 days ago

    Was it just me or is this video low resolution or something? It says it is on HD but it looks like 240p. Nevermind, it got better after about 5 minutes.

  • SHKaden 6 days ago

    You should make a grave yard or something similar for your wepons lost or unreparible

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 6 days ago

    I love scream of Python. }: )

  • Larsen Torp 6 days ago

    keep it up bro! love your vids

  • DeadGamerFTW 6 days ago

    Hey python you should make a modern mansion with a slime block elevator

  • jehan tanael 6 days ago

    Python you need looting III on your sword to get skull

  • Trollvisor 6 days ago

    I wish I didn’t hate the 1.9 combat, maybe I’d play MC again

  • seng lim 6 days ago

    Will you recreat the legendary penta beacon?

  • Trusta Sarkar 6 days ago

    Python I love ur vids keep up the great work but I have an idea maybe u should create a tower next to flora valley so u can travel a farther distance

  • Jimi Powell 6 days ago

    You could make a drowned spawning platform in one module that would let you get an infinite supply of tridents, just an idea, love your videos man, keep up the good work!!

  • Murasakibara Kun 6 days ago

    Python you missed another chest at 19:28

  • teunes weening 6 days ago


  • Simon Williams 6 days ago

    Really enjoyed this video ,bit dark watching it on my tablet though ,keep the great videos coming.

  • Francesco Mejia 6 days ago

    Hey Python, I suggest you turn up your brightness. btw I luv your vids

  • Theophilus Renton 5 days ago

    Great video, again; I hope you get to see this comment as it’s quite late after the video went out. Might I suggest that when you are raiding the fortresses, that you put the wither skeleton skulls in the Ender Chest – that way, if you die and lose your inventory you will still have them in another Ender Chest elsewhere … unless you prefer to live dangerously (which, admittedly, adds spice to the videos)!

  • Sherry Mohammed 5 days ago

    Hi Python loveing the episode but you should build an nether reactor ore

  • AROS DYAR 5 days ago

    Download a wait point mod ok

  • Rasconza L 5 days ago

    Hi python, maybe you could implament the aquarium to under the courtyard and with random glass in the courtyard floor. Or mabye make a underground bit to it so you can have a side view curling round it!By the way I love your videos and am asking if you have a channel for parkour?

  • Gaming With Rocky Win 5 days ago

    Oooooh this episode is amazin

    EDIT: Dont Touch read more

    Why did u touch it ?

    Why did u click it

    Why did u touch it?

    Why did u click it?


    Why did u click it ?

  • Nick Sykes 5 days ago

    Hey Python, I’ve been working on making Tango’s Wither Skeleton Farm, and just from making the farm I have gotten about 13ish skulls (I have a looting III Smite V sword so that helps). So if you’re going to make one its quite profitable.

  • Toni • 5 days ago

    Hey Python,thank you for keeping me smile,you fill me with the good vibes,thank you so so much,keeo doing what you are doing!! Much love man ❣ p.s. your survival is awesome 🙂

  • DeadShot Games 5 days ago

    How long are you gonna keep this “season/episodes” going for?

  • lt.LolzGaming 5 days ago

    Love the Videos! Keep up the great work <3

  • Ethan Alberter 5 days ago

    Love the videos! Maybe you could build a nether storage room in your new mansion!

  • Ethan Alberter 5 days ago

    I know you have one in Flora Valley but it would still be cool! You could do the exterior of the room somewhat the same as the other rooms, then do the interior of the room to look almost like a nether fortress! (Maybe without the lava! 🔥🔥)

  • you should make an unlimited gold farm, my brother and i did it like 2 years ago so i dont know if it is fixed but you have to have a lot of obsidian which you would make a huge cube out of it, and to keep the zombie pigman inside you would have to use trapdoors and then you make a drop, like for the mob spawner, and you hit them once and you got gold. love this series by the way.

  • METV 5 days ago

    I was afraid when I saw you go into the nether with the comment book, you almost lost it!!! Right?

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