• Hear This Music 3 weeks ago

    Love you ropo

  • lara Gordillo 3 weeks ago

    Hi jack and donut the dog and baby max and baby duck

  • Sofia Bibi 3 weeks ago

    Its baby duck ho killed baby max

  • Scott Hornung 3 weeks ago

    Ropo you are the best

  • lara Gordillo 3 weeks ago

    Bad baby duck he is a bad duck

  • HashtagFluffy Furry 3 weeks ago

    5:15 the Taxi in the background XDDD

  • Jacob Romasanta 3 weeks ago

    That sound is just like fnaf

  • Jacob Romasanta 3 weeks ago

    Baby max didn’t fall he just go to stairs and lay down

  • fortnie Dokataz best fortnite 3 weeks ago

    I was the 500th like YEET

  • Carmen Subia 3 weeks ago

    I think it’s BabyDuck!😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰

  • saki the daughter of evil Gutierrez 3 weeks ago

    Hey ropo my sister said that you have a big nose and serously baby duck pushed him of the roof for his lunch 😣😝

  • matt beckerman 3 weeks ago

    Baby duck did it

  • Skylar Beyea 3 weeks ago

    Aka I’m first

  • Skylar Beyea 3 weeks ago

    Do more of these

  • Cattianna Sslazar 3 weeks ago

    Can you make a video of life as werewolf in life as ropo in fat jack oh i’m so sorry jack but i’m still uh bully😈because after watching your bulling video i turn in to a bad 10 year old girl so do not ask to go on a date😉 but for real

  • Cattianna Sslazar 3 weeks ago

    Oh P.S please make it tomorrow pretty pretty please with ropo and jack on top because i’m your number 1# fan in my first video i wached in my hole life was ropo turning in to a werewolf i like werewolves any way in ropo and jack you guys are awesome no madder what you guys are super cool 😎

  • Medic The UberCharger 3 weeks ago


  • Jordan Whittington 3 weeks ago

    Now my heart when I was watching this was going a hundred miles an hour

  • Scootch Andrew 3 weeks ago

    Love ropo girls

  • HEY_ITZ_ CLARENCE 3 weeks ago

    Sorry for little club I can’t watch the video of little club make a roblox also is so cute and funny and cool and funny how you been doing it

  • Noe Teodosio 3 weeks ago

    Why do you have a tatu

  • Noe Teodosio 3 weeks ago

    I dont like tatu not favorite now i likepreston and others not this

  • tamara ray 3 weeks ago

    #14thearly squad

  • Tracy Turpeau 3 weeks ago


  • Shaterra Hatchett 3 weeks ago

    Biggest Lesson: don’t for get baby suck’s lunch because he will kill u

  • Cattianna Sslazar 3 weeks ago

    P.S.S do life of.exe but good.exe because i always wanted for someone to do it in i thrusts you guys because your my hoers ropo and jack

  • Rodge Cesante 3 weeks ago

    Hi yoah ropo great videos top 10

  • Cupcake My Kitty 3 weeks ago

    How did you make that. is ist real baby max is gone.😱😰😨😩😭😭😭😖😔💔💔💔

  • Rodge Cesante 3 weeks ago

    Baby duck don’t care about baby max cause he is the murderer

  • Irell Jon 3 weeks ago

    Did he just swear i heard Sh*t

  • Metlagrl Davis 3 weeks ago

    No babe max

  • little mike 889 3 weeks ago

    Baby duck is a terrible actor trying to avoid his murdering scheme

  • SCOTLAND WU 3 weeks ago

    Ropo your the best

  • SCOTLAND WU 3 weeks ago

    No don’t kill jack baby duck wait omg it is baby duck who kill baby max do not kill jack

  • Brooke the Book 3 weeks ago

    How did he manage to turn himself around mid air? XD They way he was facing when he was pushed off should have landed his head closer to the path and not his feet :joy:

  • violent gaming 3 weeks ago

    It is baby duckk

  • Filopateer Naoum 3 weeks ago

    Hello ropo POO

  • Lim Cedric 3 weeks ago

    That is fake

  • psycho boy 3 weeks ago


  • larry ortiz 2 weeks ago

    Wait one second baby duck killed him was because he forgot to bring lunch. Well that’s stupid and dump. R.I.P. ♡ ☆

  • Dan Blue Tongue 2 weeks ago

    Pls do marvel’s contest of champions

  • Pokemon Family Gaming Channel 2 weeks ago

    ropo you now the chareter from a seires called baby prinsses bring her back

  • Rolando Banda 2 weeks ago

    Baby duck is a secret demon

  • death skull 2 weeks ago

    Is that donut but you said he was dead

  • Jordan Jenkins 2 weeks ago

    Don’t forget my lunch.

  • Panther Tulayba 2 weeks ago

    Do it again

  • Timothy Gabriel Caburnay 2 weeks ago

    i love it

  • Mike and Julie Tapp 2 weeks ago


  • Katie Athey 2 weeks ago

    Is it true he’s dead ?

  • Alestair Simon 2 weeks ago

    What is that he clearly seen him

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