Today we play a modded Minecraft Murder Mystery!
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  • Jurassic Jaw 2 weeks ago

    The first 15 mins are broken

  • rocky dachy 2 weeks ago

    BRUH: the vid is broke

  • Abhiram Gudimella 2 weeks ago

    The only video they talk abt Alex’s gf. The vid messes up….

  • Cathy Vance 2 weeks ago

    It’s skipping seconds

  • Smokey Ironsmile 2 weeks ago


  • Piggy Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Plz do more tower hour

  • jacob stoica 2 weeks ago

    Next time you play modded battle dome use Space click in your chest hold down space and click left click at the same time

  • Nick Laws 2 weeks ago

    Why the skipping

  • Connor Patterson 2 weeks ago

    I’m no HAPPY!!!!!!!!

  • eric w 2 weeks ago

    has this video been EDITED?

  • teamer543 2 weeks ago

    To bouncy what’s happening

  • noodlevendor20 2 weeks ago

    Horrible fucking edit

  • Flamincactus 2 weeks ago

    Fix please

  • kernal korn 2 weeks ago

    This video is all types of messed up. It skips…can you resend somehow but fixed?

  • choas knight 2 weeks ago

    Alot of skipping parts

  • River Brook 2 weeks ago

    The jumping stops at about 15 minutes.

  • Anton Lindhe 2 weeks ago

    Sooooooo buggy

  • Baronplayz 2 weeks ago

    Why was it rewinding and skipp
    ing parts of the video

  • Shadow Flame 2 weeks ago

    When Jerome was the murderer I died laughing

  • Reuben Abraham 2 weeks ago

    Bounces far too much for me to keep Track.

  • Benjamin Urquhart 2 weeks ago

    I thought the jumping around was my iPod, then I read the comments…

  • Thebosslin 2 weeks ago

    the video is so messed up

  • mark tom 2 weeks ago

    Why do the thumbnail looks like cops and robbers?

  • kibstar1 2 weeks ago

    skips so much i can’t even watch

  • LEO BAIRD 2 weeks ago

    the video is skiping ramdomly

  • Francis Himsworth 2 weeks ago

    Hacksource, the name sounds familiar…

  • Why ur skin changed

  • Pizza munchin Wolverine 2 weeks ago

    Jerome do a mike Myers

  • Darian Ramlochan 2 weeks ago

    Miniidear has boobs

  • Ultimate Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Play more Murder mystery on the version 1.12

  • Fireball18 2 weeks ago


  • MDR MakZap 2 weeks ago

    play the assassin mode

  • Dill pickles 2 weeks ago

    Not for me

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 2 weeks ago

    Bork 190

  • Za Meme *pun* 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, you do know /party private is a command right? You could have a completely empty lobby all to ur friends and u

  • Blackwolf07 2 weeks ago

    How come every time he streams something Austin is laughing hysterically

  • JcTitan i 2 weeks ago

    Jeromeasf is the best youtuber I’ve ever seen

  • Gamer Creates 2 weeks ago

    R u a wolf

  • Bluedoggy Dogg 2 weeks ago

    More plz

  • Taylor Culpepper 2 weeks ago

    At 30:47 I literally jumped 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Capt_Boomerang-minecraft 2 weeks ago

    jerome you should troll yr dad with creative mode

  • Party Zombie 2 weeks ago

    If they die they should be quite

  • 16sizzles 2 weeks ago

    Game Idea Minecraft skin contest 10 min on creative get armor and something in your hand then dashanator judges

  • Jeremy Dailing 2 weeks ago


  • Cringe Jellybean 2 weeks ago

    I got a d- on my test on. Wendays

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