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    Hope you guys are enjoy this park!! I will be replying to a bunch of you!

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    Pat why are you in creative

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    Hey pat and Jen I’m your biggest fan u guys are so funny and fun I love you guys plz make some more videos also how is cloud doin plz tell me lol OMG love u guys so much love everyone plz subscribe to pat and Jen when I’m sad you guys make me happy pat and Jen when I’m mad you make you make me feel happy I LOVE YOU PAT ANND JEN Jen you make Me laugh pat you make me brave and happy you help me with bullys love u guys EVERYONE SUBSCROBE TO PAT AND JEN #Love pat and Jen

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    Hellooooooooooooo I LOVE your guys vids

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    You said leave a comment here’s one

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    Hi I subscribed 👍

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    For the VR game she just has to walk into the person to get the googles. She doesn’t have to go into another one then teleport

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    There is no “point in staying here”

  • Sharon Jacobs 1 week ago

    pat in part 1 you ride tires

  • Sharon Jacobs 1 week ago

    pat you ride a train in part 1

  • melainakiss 1 week ago

    Pat the Pirate. I dig it.

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    Get a wither drone

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    hola peoples

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    hi pat

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    hi i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hello!

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    Sorry 🙂

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    Get the bike so you don’t have run and it will be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey Pat! I love your videos! This Christmas I hope you and Jen make some awesome videos. And can everyone wish me some luck in my family? Because my parents are not getting along with my brother and I need support. Since my brother is going off to college next year, can you please wish for a Christmas miracle for me and my family? Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!😊

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    I love you guys so much!!!!!😍😘💛💙💜💚❤💋💓💕💖💞💘💌💌

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    Merry cristmas Pat and Jen

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    OMG Pat I love chocolate Donuts too

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    I love this serious❤️🖤💛💚💙💜💓💗💖💘💝💞💕❣️

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    Pat buy the toaster it shoots out toasts

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    If you respond I’ll find the command for more pointsss

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    Plz do more episodes

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    This theme park is AMAZEBALLS

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    At 15:27 pat got hurt

  • Kevin Mota 1 week ago

    Oops at 15:25 pat got hurt

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    Pat u should get the bike or headphones

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    Hi :3

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    🎤🎤😍😜😔8 I played this and I got the wither drone pro its awsome

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    Make more it cool 😀😀😀😀😀

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    pat you can use this:
    /scoreboard players add @p Credits 1000000000

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    Fact thirty traditional bnubsdl faculty hard real hopefully position mechanical.

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    I just went to a fun fair 2 days a go now hero fair ep

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    Pat there is something called train ride which brings you trough the whole MAP

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    Whenever I feel blue pat and Jen brighten up my day

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    Part 3!!!!

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    Hero fair 3

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    buy a toaster it shoot up toats

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