• ChrisGamingDK 8 months ago

    Hello grian can you please make a tourtorial on how to make wizard towers in minecraft

  • FaukSlayer 8 months ago

    dont you think that’s a little too much cobblestone? it’s hard to get accustomed to the house when such a harsh texture is repeatedly shoved in your face. since everything was cobblestone on the path, the chimney looked like someone literally just griefed your house and spammed cobble on the top. use different textures like stone bricks and mossy bricks or something like that. it’s like staring at a house made completely out of one shade of wood.

  • KRAAKBEEN GAMES 8 months ago

    I saw you yesterday on hypixel

  • Casey Brown 8 months ago

    Can you transform an end city?? Like if you agree

  • AwesomeJWiz Overwatch PLayZ 8 months ago

    I would really like that Grian because watching your videos are all amazing and I just don’t know how you got so good at building, I wish I was as good as you

  • Ryan Ouimet - Middlebury PS (1656) 8 months ago

    Grian, I love you so much you’re video Are Just FANTASTIC thank for this great great content😀

  • Saturn • 8 months ago

    that’s a hill

  • H an L Channel 8 months ago

    Village please

  • Beaver Toast 8 months ago

    A style of building I really like is called Neo Mediterranean it’s an Italian style and I cant find any good tutorials for it so can you do one?

  • Volcanic Rose AJ 8 months ago

    You should really make the town! It would look so cool. I love your vids by the way

  • Pani1z1lewiatana 8 months ago

    Hey Grian, have you considered making an interior to your builds like this? I know it’s double work but it would be so cool!

  • Anxami Monster 8 months ago

    yes i would love to see town

  • A Gaming IL 8 months ago

    Grian, First Of All, I LOVE Your Videos… And I Have A Question, Why do not you prepare a download link to your worlds? While you want to let your viewers do the work, it will help you see the structures you make in your videos. And I think I’m not the only one who thinks it’s true, hope you’ll answer me ^-^

  • Invisus 8 months ago

    would you consider using shaders?

  • Ap0c4lyp5e 8 months ago

    Build a whole city Grian!! You’re the best Minecraft-Youtuber there are.

  • MistTheCat AJ 8 months ago

    he doesn’t show us block for block

  • Logan Strano 8 months ago

    Grim said a bad word

  • The Skelie Gamers 8 months ago

    Dear Grian
    I would love to have you build a giant town full of normal houses you would find on your streets. ive been wanting to do a big minecraft roleplay in a LONG time (shh dont tell my viewers) and it has been a pain in the butt to build and yeah thats about it.
    Yours truely

  • Captn Noname 8 months ago

    yeahs a whole town please grain

  • Naia Osborne 8 months ago

    Hey grian, can u start doing minecraft pocket edition videos? Teach us to build things on Mcpe

  • Dr. Chaos 8 months ago

    Do it! You

  • Ronald The Ant 8 months ago

    1:52 “I’m going to making a very simple box house”…

  • Rebecca Rhean 8 months ago

    Please make a whole town

  • RussAbeJr 8 months ago

    Build a whole town, that would be the greatest minecraft build in the universe!

  • Philipp Reichold 8 months ago

    build a nice looking dirt house

  • GD C1rculatum 8 months ago

    you should upload the worlds so we can download them

    like so grian sees this

  • (Meric) 8 months ago

    1. Amazing build
    2. Thats a mountain?

  • RainbowDashi 8 months ago

    pls subscribe to my YouTube channel

  • cloud BirB 8 months ago

    Stop calling it a tutorial!!! It’s a speed build!!! You’re not teaching us anything!!!

  • Aaron Barto 8 months ago

    pls make entire world like this 😉

  • Jack Ballantyne 8 months ago

    Do it Grian! Build the town!

  • Grants awesome Hazelwood 8 months ago

    I wonder how many worlds he has?

  • Sans Bonebrother 8 months ago

    plz…town…PLZ…TOWN…PLLEEAASE!!! TOOOWN………!!!

  • Kameraden 8 months ago

    Disappointed. Dug up much of the mountain instead of using what was already there. Still looks great though. Almost exclusively build on hills/mountains. Safer on survival though takes a lot more work. hehe

  • Luke De Guzman 8 months ago

    Sup grian it’s lj

  • Farhan Khan 8 months ago

    very nice you just earned a new subscriber keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Togrul Aliyev 8 months ago

    please share

  • Jeremy Healey 8 months ago

    absolutely i would love to see how that would look and maybe, if its, possible consider doing more village/town builds id love some inspiration and to learn how to put it together

  • Jelly Darts 8 months ago

    Plz make the town

  • Reapercussion 8 months ago


  • Grace R 8 months ago

    ‘ in its undetailed state, it doesn’t look very good’ WELL ITS STILL TOTALLY BETTER THAN ANYTHING I COULD DO!!

  • Jack of all trades 8 months ago

    Make a whole town! It looks amazing!

  • Ardan Arman 8 months ago

    Grian,use shader

  • Use the faithful texture pack pls

  • Stellar Penguin 8 months ago

    Please build a town, that would be amazing!

  • coco butter 8 months ago

    this is why Minecraft is aids+cancer

  • BLACKBEARD 8 months ago

    wish i could do roofs like you grian

  • Nadav 5506 8 months ago

    Yesss please make a tune from this stail 😃

  • Alois Trancy 8 months ago

    dooo it

  • Tony Leo 8 months ago

    “Dont cuss Grian. Don’t say bad words Grian.” BOI, he’s an adult, not a 7 year old kid.

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