• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    This is truly the most insane block in history now!! No joke!!

  • melainakiss 1 month ago

    I can’t wait to see this in the challenge games or something.

  • Samuel Gill 1 month ago

    touch execute training aids photograph trap handsome birthday.

  • Ayla Kesoler 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice that pat said chest plate instead of leggings?

  • Frodo Faggins 1 month ago

    This lucky block vs like Godzilla or something ridiculous like that

  • Natasha Archer 1 month ago

    Two go in and one comes out! =3

  • Colten 221 1 month ago

    Pat you need to look at what effects you have

  • Ahmad Hadif 1 month ago


  • Taaniel Boltovsky 1 month ago

    play star wars force arena it is a very good game i am enjoyng it

  • Antonio Smith 1 month ago

    on the top left Jen was still laying down on Pat,s screen like she was still dead.

  • Antonio Smith 1 month ago

    at 4.41 Jen stood still but it looked like she was still running.

  • Antonio Smith 1 month ago

    Jen,s game crashed

  • Antonio Smith 1 month ago

    at 6:41 Jen was on fire and dead on Pat,s screen on the top left

  • The infinity mod also lets you do infinite attack dmge.

  • Nep Pendejito 1 month ago

    Wow!! Pat your good at math

  • Azita Abdullah 1 month ago

    use it againts a rare king if any body like that would be awsome

  • Speed Ninja Gamer 1 month ago

    That lucky block is insane !

  • Daniel Whittleton 1 month ago

    Hi mmmm what

  • Omar Omg 1 month ago

    Bald a house

  • Karina Rojas 1 month ago


  • Prettygrl nene 1 month ago

    pat my sister in subbed to you sadly but idc imma sub again: her little sister!

  • marina constantin 1 month ago


  • Renata Baez 1 month ago

    It’s funny that Pat calls the block’s diarrihah

  • Olivia Li 1 month ago


  • Mark Allman 1 month ago

    Can the legendary shucker sword kill mobzilla in 1 hit?

  • Terran Eagar 1 month ago

    Can you please do more droppers? Those are my favorite to watch because you to rage so much!!

  • Sumayyah Abdul-Hafeez 1 month ago

    ( In a weird voice) Hellllllllllooooooooooo

  • Ethan Salyer 1 month ago

    3:49 twss

  • Mathilda Harvey 1 month ago

    You octimus prime.

  • Randy Dearlove 1 month ago

    You guys are so funny😅

  • Ethan Huynh 1 month ago

    Fight The Strongest Mobs And Use This Block

  • Ethan Huynh 1 month ago

    Make The Trade Expenise

  • lego gamer studios 1 month ago

    Jen’s avatar is broken 4:32

  • some person 1 month ago

    U can kill the king in one hit with that

  • Strawberry Waifu 1 month ago

    It’s pronounced ‘die-Ross’

  • {:Lilogirl_ Gaming:} 1 month ago

    *”Accidentally“* flies a *little* bit….. Mmhm Pat yeah…

  • Colten 221 1 month ago

    Pat wow you win no matter what you can win ez

  • DemonBerry36912 Fire 1 month ago

    Kewl you just earned a like

  • Colten 221 1 month ago

    Try like Godzilla and have only one very weak piece of armmor but it is unbreakable and use only one Op weapon easy as that

  • Lizbeth Corral 1 month ago


  • Lizbeth Corral 1 month ago


  • DemonBerry36912 Fire 1 month ago

    I love this DO MORE

  • Galaxy Chan 1 month ago

    ” wait i think i see the jupitor! ” – jen 2018

  • Victoria Peters 1 month ago

    Hey Pat and Jen, You guys should have a meet and greet (in both The US and Canada). Also, you guys should start opening fan mail… Anyways you don’t have do do these there just my suggestions… thanks for being great YouTubers and posting for all of your fans daily. Love you guys 😘😘. Also follow me on instagram @shnazztastic

  • Poke PlayZ 1 month ago

    You should do it in the challenge games with mobzills

  • Ari Weinshenker 1 month ago

    Jen made me laugh so much during this

  • Techno Gaming 53754 1 month ago

    Red diaria AKA explosive diarrhea

  • THI BICH HIEN LAM 1 month ago

    You Kan meak diamond horse armor

  • charisse cleofe 1 month ago

    why wont you just play a challenge games and be like the bob army and make it ten spawn eggs on one round xD.

  • Mr GlazerBlazer 1 month ago

    Im pretty sure its a gun not a bow….lol

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