➜Minecraft: How to Make a Modern House – Tutorial
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  • Yusuf Pixel Gun 3D 3 weeks ago

    Omg ur back

  • we love CARS 3 weeks ago

    You built a great house…good job👍👍👍

  • Lawrence Bautista Jr. 3 weeks ago


  • WiederDude 3 weeks ago

    Thank You Guys so so much all the love and support!
    More houses coming soon! =)

  • חוסאם מחלוף 3 weeks ago


  • Redyar Barzani 3 weeks ago


  • KateChan Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Finally u upload a video I tough ur ded

  • Asmita Barvaliya 3 weeks ago

    Simple and modern…simply great

  • ENDERBOY VN 3 weeks ago

    Nice 😗

  • Bdcrafter Games6 3 weeks ago

    Amazing house! 😱

  • kansne Youtube 3 weeks ago

    Nice come back!

  • TJ Gamming 3 weeks ago

    Bro I love all of the houses I will try to never miss any of the videos and it makes my Minecraft worlds look cool #keep up with all the AWESOME!!!! Work

  • Nthuyen 3 weeks ago

    1 месяц одно видео

  • CeSuR OyUncU TR 01 3 weeks ago

    muhteşem olmuş abi saol senin yaptıgı evler harika

  • CeSuR OyUncU TR 01 3 weeks ago

    5 m abonen olut youtubede

  • secret craft Negrvan- 3 weeks ago


  • Noah - DawgNation 3 weeks ago

    WierderDude idk if you remember me but I love our house <3 when I need one I come here

  • YshowY Gamer 3 weeks ago

    *great…carry on ❤*

  • Croyden Benny 3 weeks ago

    Where you should put the door

  • Croyden Benny 3 weeks ago

    Cool 😎

  • Croyden Benny 3 weeks ago

    Nice house

  • Mark Van Tilburg- 3 weeks ago

    Pls make a sleek modern house

  • TheLiam TV 3 weeks ago

    hi wiederdude i just want to thank you for all your tutorials

  • Bence Baráth 3 weeks ago


  • sw1tch 3 weeks ago


  • Sideneide Gomes 3 weeks ago

    sou brasileiro e assisto seus videos. amei essa casa.like °•°

  • Boss zero 3 weeks ago

    Yes you are back
    After a month

  • The Hero 3 weeks ago

    thx for this house is a good👍👍

  • Dnieto Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Cool perfect for me and my sister 😀

  • PS4 VIDEÓK zalán 3 weeks ago

    Jó kis ház 😀 (ugye nem baj hogy magyarul írok?)

  • Dorka TheWolf 3 weeks ago

    nagyon jó lett!! ment a like

  • Zonda 3 weeks ago

    Hát visszatértél 😀

  • aldo bitri 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for starting making houses like this

  • aldo bitri 3 weeks ago

    Please use flow hd please

  • Bryson Livingston 3 weeks ago

    I can’t help but say your name 3 times fast. Wieder dude! Wieder dude! Wieder dude!

  • PRO HACKER 3 weeks ago

    Are you buy minecraft pocket edition from play store

  • PRO HACKER 3 weeks ago

    Are you playing minecraft p e on pc?!!!

  • Hugo Boström 3 weeks ago

    God video

  • Eclipse-Gaming Z & R 3 weeks ago

    hey great vid 😉 – and what texture pack do u use? a.k.a resource pack.

  • JM Channel 3 weeks ago

    Thanks… You’re back !

  • fluffyjim 3 weeks ago

    Another win for WiederDude and another reason why he’s one of my favorite youtubers. I love your modern house designs and I also love building them. I cant wait to see what you make next and I cant wait to build it either! good luck from fluffyjim on your nest house 😀

  • Sarah Boles de Boer 3 weeks ago

    absolutely fucking love your tutorials and channel my favourite one yet.

  • PreDator -X 3 weeks ago

    finaly.. hiss back!!!

  • Joemarie Palattao 3 weeks ago

    WeiderDude whats your shaders??

  • Caleb Huckelba 3 weeks ago

    I love your tutorials, and how do you get those shaders?

  • Johnathan Gutierrez 3 weeks ago

    it has been a while since he made a video XD

  • max mahlangu 3 weeks ago

    No problem

  • Hallmacker 3 weeks ago

    Finally you uploaded! Great tutorial as always, Wieder!

  • vuong ngo 3 weeks ago

  • MiNECrafT WorLd 3 weeks ago

    tell me the name of your shader pack plz!!!

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