• Christian Reeves 1 week ago

    Myers is back!!!!!!!

  • Thequeenofcats 1 week ago

    How to get subscribers!!!
    1.subscribe to me
    2.reply done
    I will do the same

  • Blaiz Condict 1 week ago


  • Kk Cooper 1 week ago

    Alex and Dasha fight like a married couple

  • nick thiel 1 week ago

    Giant Hammer, aka The Infiminer is an instant-kill.

  • Ugly God 1 week ago

    5mill subs and can’t reach 100k views. Haven’t watched this channel in years, sad to see that. FeelsBadMan

  • nick thiel 1 week ago

    Fricken tests tomorrow, yay for 3 hours of nothing to do -.-

  • Zicirado 123 1 week ago

    I’m glad this series is back 😀

  • SlothzPvP _ 1 week ago

    2:17 – 2:20 Jerome started weirdly speed up 😐😑😕😮

  • Kaegan Hayes 1 week ago

    Jerome, just use a custom game on Fortnite and set rules for those who aren’t Mike Myers like you’re only allowed to use hunting rifle, pickaxe, or deagle until the third circle when you can use ARs. Mike Myers should be allowed to use any gun. Only heals for victims, no shields.

  • Elliott Strong 1 week ago

    Jetpaks n fertnit

  • Dudez Random 1 week ago

    i don’t like potato salad because it has mustard and potatoes

  • Chandler Proffitt 1 week ago

    Rip twised towers

  • mighty militia 1 week ago

    Keep play mic

  • Gibson Bellgraph 1 week ago

    Fortnite hunger games

  • YABOI JEFFY 1 week ago

    Is Jerome going to minefair

  • Jesus Marquez 1 week ago

    Sad part is when you have your volume on full blasts and you just finished a quite video and hear ooooooooOOOOOOhhhhh BUUUUDDDDDYYYY!!!

  • FiveXTrouble FXT 1 week ago

    I really like his idea

  • Tom Payne 1 week ago

    I still having spring break

  • Weirder Gamers 1 week ago

    Is Dasha The Queen of Nastiness After this stream (*.*)

  • creeper girl 1 week ago

    At 19:30 to 19:35 Ben was cheating how did he know all 3 of them was in that tower

  • Ryan Baladad 1 week ago

    play modded hide and seek

  • Banana Bombs 1 week ago

    I love the Titled Towers

    Read the Description…

  • Birdy Thunder 1 week ago

    I’m on spring brake

  • minecraftlegoleo 1 week ago

    I suggest you talk with a member of the realm of Atlantis (Atlantic craft). They have a mod with a storm that shrinks

  • Vool 268 1 week ago


  • Clorox Bleach pls 1 week ago


  • RVKID Venmore 1 week ago

    I’m still on school break 😀

  • Light Yagami 1 week ago

    I think there is a thing called copyright law

  • Carter Man 1 week ago

    U should play with Atlantic craft they have a map with a working circle and modded guns

  • Star Con 1 week ago

    Im still on spring break

  • TheCaffeinator 1 week ago

    I should be editing right now, but this is more interesting 😛

  • Ashton Souza 1 week ago


  • DJ MEX 1 week ago

    I have spring break for another week

  • Herobriansleader 1 week ago

    Itsa me DONDO 😆😆😆😆

  • A Dank Meme 1 week ago

    This is aids.

  • Bob Fitzgerald 1 week ago


  • Harrison Adams 1 week ago

    Ha I’m on spring break

  • MegaBlueWolf 1 week ago

    I was listening to this on the bus and you saying OHHHH BUDDY scared like half the people on the bus 😂

  • Rebecca Flynn 1 week ago

    My ears

  • kevin rathburn 1 week ago

    I haven’t had spring break yet

  • JJ-roblox and more 1 week ago

    I guess trollpack is gone. My FAVOURITE series by far. Unfortunately gone.

  • theo officiel 1 week ago

    Salut j’aime trop t’es vidéo et abonne-toi a ma chaine comme j’ai fait

  • 132GodMode 1 week ago

    I’m gonna be honest- I just watched this because of Preston.

  • phoenix mccolman 1 week ago


  • Redinator OP 1 week ago


  • Trevor Gonda 1 week ago

    Jeromes idea for the fortnight Minecraft is easy just get a Fortnite map made and activate world border

  • KL65 skateboard 1 week ago

    When did Preston donaye

  • Dogemaster1111 L 1 week ago

    This has to be the most clickbaited video I’ve ever seen

  • Maceyloves Youall 1 week ago

    It my bros birthday

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