• Facbook11111 11 months ago

    This is my idea of an upgrade sees through walls for 5 or 10 seconds.

  • Noel Laurente 11 months ago


  • Never give up Gomez 11 months ago

    Invis pot

  • Chemrocky 42 11 months ago


  • GuineaPvP 11 months ago

    The killer can give hiders blindness for 3 seconds

  • hussain waheed 11 months ago

    Do more murder run

  • Juan Castillo 11 months ago

    there should be a disable power up for the murderer

  • Mini Scout Gaming 11 months ago

    Right click a paper to get the nearest players coordinates.

  • Argiris Anthimos 11 months ago

    do particles instead of redstone for blood on the death animation, it lags less and looks better

  • Ignacio vasquez 11 months ago

    I an going to have nightmares i saw ssundee

  • MJcrafting 11 months ago

    ssundee sucks at hiding lmao

  • Pandiegamer 655 11 months ago

    u shud ad music wen the hunter is near a player

  • Johnny Ryburn 11 months ago

    I love this 🙁

  • Gianni Nicolini 11 months ago

    plz do a dbz version of this

  • TheTrendingTeam 11 months ago

    Ideas for things the killer can buy:

    1 : traps such as slow traps, glow traps(just like what the hiders get, and freeze traps

    2 : the ability to fly for 15-30 sec.

    3 : A tracker for 45 sec.

    4 : A throwable potion, speed for his or herself, a slowness, poison etc.

    Like so SSundee can see

  • shadow wolf 11 months ago

    Speed and a player tracker

  • Nereida Felder 11 months ago

    you never had more fun murdering the others?!

  • Trevor Davis 11 months ago

    derp SSundee: do you think I’m buteful.(turns to murder minion) how about now. me: yes expecily now

  • jeremiah obray 11 months ago

    Plz do sonic.exe mini game please?😥

  • Paul Kim 11 months ago

    mini minions that attack

  • Matthew Griesser 11 months ago

    Dear Ssundee on your server Pokefind i have been encountering a lot of hacker could u please lok at tring to get an anticheat running

  • Corey Francis 11 months ago

    thea needs to stop screaming like a little baby

  • eugene Bartolata 11 months ago

    well i am going to have nightmares so thanks you jerk

  • guys the creepy minion looks better than durp ssundee

  • PVP MASTER Gamer MC 11 months ago

    Beutiful of course! …….. ahhhhhhhh!!?!!?!??!

  • MICHAEL STERRETT 11 months ago

    True fact, the minions in real life are slaves but look the same in the movies but there human forms not little idiots. The minions were some sorts of slaves for the Chinese militia, they were men of war. (MoW)

  • Pro Gamer 11 months ago

    You can let the killer have spawn egg so the mobs can track down the hider

  • Ehsan Hussein 11 months ago

    can u make another vid like this

  • Crazy Bacca27 11 months ago

    they should do a teletubies episode

  • Rick Tay 11 months ago

    Ssundee?Why do you go and have a peek?!

  • Blank Sword 11 months ago

    I think that you should add a buff to where you can see all traps for like 5 seconds also make one where you hit the hider with an item and it blinds them or slows them down

  • invisibleity potion

  • Fr0sty 11 months ago

    Ssundee be like to his child “school is good for you”
    Meanwhile mum and me will be working
    Plays minecraft

  • Rakso25 11 months ago

    plz do pixelmon

  • Will Remington 11 months ago

    what mod is that ,that you move for real

  • Veil Raptor 11 months ago

    Mortal kombat

  • Veil Raptor 11 months ago

    That should be the next theme

  • block head 11 months ago

    3 sec xrayone use only

  • JTS360 TMC 11 months ago

    be perfect if you go for a demon horror game

  • DUKE BUBO 11 months ago

    is that a monster

  • Ligaya Diabordo 11 months ago


  • Kayven Howell 11 months ago

    no not a billon millon thousend years

  • angry bird 11 months ago

    gameing lemon is best u

  • Taro Yamada 11 months ago

    I think derp ssundee is handsome (derp ssundee puts on scary mask) Hollllly Marrollyyyy

  • Lightning MB 11 months ago

    Ssundee can you please make troll craft back with just you and Crainer?

  • ShinyRayquaza9 11 months ago

    darn I thought he was playing trouble in terrorist town on a minions map, not running from a low res image

  • ElijahGamerTV / / EGTV 11 months ago

    1 liek = ti moik ae spellijg rieght :* – (

  • Ken MCRP 11 months ago


  • Saiyan Elite 11 months ago

    the murderer could have a power that makes them immune to 2 traps and the 2 traps the murderer runs over while the effect is active will be destroyed

  • Thede Tshabalala 11 months ago

    do smart things ssundee

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