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  • BjossiAlfreds 3 weeks ago

    To view 3×3 recipes in the recipe book, you have to open the book while in the crafting table view. Unintuitive and inconvenient design by Mojang, as per usual.

  • delibobs 3 weeks ago

    If you move the beacon down it’d be better for the lowest layers, a full beacon covers a cube 50 blocks from the centre.

  • WraShadow 3 weeks ago

    The best character in Harry Potter is Scorpius Malfoy so yeah, I love The Cursed Child. I’m not including Fantastic Beats or I’d say Newt.

  • r3g3d17 3 weeks ago

    I think the problem with the air conditioner isnt that rain leaks in, but that the evaporator (the thing you called the condenser is actually the part outside on the roof) drain is plugged or kinked or non existent. Water vapor in the air becomes liquid when the air is cooled and if it cant drain out, it’ll make a flood.

  • Caayydenn 3 weeks ago

    Make sure you use Haste II with Efficiency V to get the full effect! You’d be impressed!

  • Womberto Biaggi 3 weeks ago

    Use Efficiency V picks with Haste II

  • Toxic_Waste92 3 weeks ago

    Use your mob farm to get gun powder and make a shit ton of TNT! Why dig when you can explode

  • Meat Puppet 3 weeks ago

    I’m surprised Jeff didn’t figure that the docking station might be fried when the first laptop worked when unplugged then broke again when plugged back in…

  • susane galdino da silva 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft eu sou seu fã eu quero te conhecer muito

  • Bufferzz Mr. 3 weeks ago

    To get seeds fast, put seeds in *off* hand, bone meal in *other* hand. Hold right-click, and break when it’s grown like this:

  • Bufferzz Mr. 3 weeks ago

    I think you are mistaking the crafting-book for a *recipe-book.* It’s really meant for *faster crafting of mundane tasks.* Like iron blocks, slabs, boats, etc. Just hide all the “red” items. Example:

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments 3 weeks ago

    The wither is significantly harder in the bedrock edition.

  • dead channel

  • To0ker Ham 3 weeks ago

    Is the (minecraft videos) in the title for views?

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