More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and are working hard to


  • YourCoal / cole5446 4 weeks ago

    Two episode 120 nice

  • Breon Nagy 4 weeks ago

    To get a shit ton of seeds, you could create a micro farm, using some observers, dispensers and and a bunch of bone meal.

  • Magic Vojtko SVK 4 weeks ago

    COOL VIDEO 😀 ..Good luck

  • C413B 4 weeks ago

    Is Guude gonna do this whole thing without TNT?

  • Eddie 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like Jeff thinks you and he should code a new EHR system and make bank.

  • vinc179 4 weeks ago

    he should use tnt make it a lot easier

  • XOtube 4 weeks ago

    What you up to Guude..?

  • XOtube 4 weeks ago

    Got some cobble, bro?

  • PActionHD 4 weeks ago

    Wäre mega nice wenn ihr vielleicht mal bei mir vorbei schauen könntets. Eine meinung könnts ihr natürlich auch da lassen.

  • Wimbley Morrison 4 weeks ago

    TNT would make this job go a lot faster.

  • CoasterHero 4 weeks ago

    As a viewer that is currently employed by Cerner, this video was very hard to watch. I feel as though we have let Jeff down. I wish I knew exactly where he works so I can find out who I need to talk to about resolving the issues.

  • Shiz arp 4 weeks ago

    A beacon with haste would have been nice.

  • mindcraftyD13 4 weeks ago

    Have you thought about having easycgi record the building of the farm for an overhead time-laps?  Could be cool.

  • scott shepherd 4 weeks ago

    Beacon. Eff V w/ Haste II. No ceiling on open air area. Glass ceiling under ocean.

  • WraShadow 4 weeks ago

    Need help? lol

  • WraShadow 4 weeks ago

    I know a lot of developers who limit the queries to avoid having to deal with either outdated cache or big overhead slowing the system, so I can see that happening…

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