More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and are working hard to


  • MRYOSHILOVER 1 month ago

    Two banana bitch.

  • musepsycho 1 month ago

    Fight a Wither – get Haste II…

  • samtherat6 1 month ago

    I didn’t know what Shark Week was until this video. TIL

  • samtherat6 1 month ago

    Ehh, I may disagree with Jeff on a lot of things, but I’m gonna have to agree with him here. If you go open air, I think you’d be lucky to finish by 2020.

  • FiberCaps 1 month ago

    TNT… a few of those in your pockets can sometimes do wonders

  • WraShadow 1 month ago

    This project will suffer from Mindcrack syndrome: It’ll never be finished. lol Even if you get insta mine with Haste II and Efficiency V, I dont see it happening. Still good stories to listen to whilst working. Keep it up.

  • Azeranth 1 month ago

    Guude, do the multilayers, but after you’ve done it to bedrock, continue layering it up to the build limit

  • Jhakri 1 month ago

    GLASS ROOF is a must

  • lorthros 1 month ago

    your body produces citric acid naturally to there’s probably something else in fruit that you are allergic to.

  • Lord Tazman 1 month ago

    Mountain Dew is love, Mountain Dew is life.

  • Johnhitbox 1 month ago


  • JDR 720 1 month ago

    Ideas to speed things up:

    TNT, use villagers to plant the crops, get a haste beacon.

  • ElectricDiscord 1 month ago

    You could use the sponge from the ocean monument to clear the water more easily.

  • Phaota 1 month ago

    Agree that Mountain Dew is crap, possibly since it contains the nasty brominated vegetable oil, which is also used in fire extinguishers. Prefer Mello Yello.

  • SangheiliWarrior 1 month ago

    Man you guys made me so hungry. When i was really little I hated all veggies, but once i turned 8 and i learned how to cook I started loving veggies so much more and i love a good bologna sandwich. And i dont even drink soda anymore because soda is really expensive where i live. But Powerade costs 49 cents where i live!

  • Phaota 1 month ago

    Leave the terrain over the whole area instead of removing it and you won’t need to deal with the ocean at all. It’s still going to look cool when you gaze down the long sloping tunnels and you won’t need to do so much ground removal.

  • Mary Bell 1 month ago

    Literally just watched Battle Bots a few days ago. If you fast forward through all the talking, it’s pretty enjoyable. Also, you should dig it all out, but don’t make two layers.

  • Peter Pancraft 1 month ago

    You’ll need about 100 Farming villagers to replant, or else the replant time to your farm will take an entire episode.

  • Spectre 6 1 month ago

    Guude has a gf now? I’m curious.

  • Jacob Pepin 1 month ago

    Try organic bananas. Some people can have a reaction to the nitrogen that is sometimes used as a preservative. That isn’t used for organic bananas.

  • animeking1357 1 month ago

    I couldn’t stand eggs as a kid. Thought they were the shittiest food ever. Now as an adult I can’t get enough of good bacon and eggs.

  • mindedsix 1 month ago

    I stopped watching all of youtube one of the first videos iv watched in a long time. I thought guude had a wife?

  • And here I thought Guude’s gas sounded just like his giggles.

  • Kaos Warrior 1 month ago

    When we are young we can eat so much crap and our body can just take it. Now I get can get overweight even if I don’t use sugar, drink any stupid soda or eat fast/trashy food. It only takes sitting too much for work or studies and plenty of cortisol from stress! Also, I still thing Brussels sprouts are disgusting, even cooked fresh ones, but bananas with ketchup or BBQ sauce I’m not so sure is that bad! I really like my radioactive (potassium decay is a thing) Brazilian bananas and easily eat at least one big one per day, maybe more!

  • Nothing But The Austin 1 month ago

    I agree so much about frozen brussel sprouts. I only ever had frozen brussel sprouts as a kid, and I hated them. Then one time when I was like 17 or 18 I tried them again and still thought they were gross, and when I said that I still didn’t like them, my dad said he bet it was just because they were frozen, so he got some fresh ones, and he was 100% right.

  • Sontath 1 month ago

    Yes! Computercraft series please!

  • Nothing But The Austin 1 month ago

    You could put glass on the ocean floor and then not sponge out the ocean.

  • Hint Shade 1 month ago

    Dr. Pepper and Diet Mtn Dew is still my jam xP

  • Ali Kriegel 1 month ago

    Leave it to open air…. At least for the top layer >:3

  • Vance Moreland 1 month ago

    Battle bots are back

  • Luke Knott 1 month ago

    Is this modded

  • 2Arcticwolves 1 month ago

    Just leave one or two rows open to the sky. 🙂

  • Filter_Select 1 month ago

    Hey Guude, what’s with your website?

  • MrPilinpalin 1 month ago

    if you move the hole dig site back like 100 blocks you would overlap whit stuff you have allredy dug out and you would not need to worry about the ocean

  • Orxenhorf 1 month ago

    Yes, glass floor the ocean and leave the water in place, or just stop digging all the way down when you get to the shoreline.

  • Breon Nagy 1 month ago

    Open to air is silly. Just glass roof the the part under the ocean.

  • Luna Light 1 month ago

    In the next video put a poll so people can vote

  • ModdedFodder 1 month ago

    Please use dynamite

  • Zaecus Celestis 1 month ago

    Bananas are actually supposed to be good for gout. I have no idea why you’re not supposed to eat them.

  • Badgerconda 1 month ago

    Sugar makes a huge difference to weight gain, but so do general levels of carb intake, and when you eat. Cutting carbs and intermittent (less than 24 hour) fasting will help you drop weight. Check out a doctor named Jason Fung.

  • phennec 1 month ago

    I wonder if you will finish before 1.13 comes out.

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