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  • ddrght12345 1 week ago

    Where’s 118? Lol. Wut?
    Did you delete another episode?

  • Phaota 1 week ago

    Lost a bit of respect for you Jeff with your fandom for Family Guy and American Dad. Both have never been great series’, especially in the animation IMO. Futurama blows them both away and should have continued going for a few more years, but not as long as The Simpsons, which is really struggling to be good.

    What are you talking about Jason? Harry Potter LEGO sets are still widely available.

  • Antony C 1 week ago

    I’m a real boy with a real job!

  • SplitLocked01 1 week ago

    On Guude’s side with this video. I love Jeff, but some of his ideals are a little…strange. Like Santa. Let the kid have Santa and magic in his life. Because in a blink of an eye, he’ll be just another depressed adult, trying to make it through life like the rest of us.

  • isenhertor 1 week ago

    MAN i feel old watching you again! rl happened and i missed 1.5+ years or so.
    as always thank u for ur hard work guub !

  • isenhertor 1 week ago

    also harry potter was ded for the last 5 years guud

  • MCPrimetime 1 week ago

    If you only watched the first 3 films, didn’t read the books, I can see why you might have given up on the Potter series.

  • Maderyne 1 week ago

    Mickey Ratt!

  • stevetheclimber 1 week ago

    You could use the sponge blocks to speed up the removal of the small ponds, and you can probably use TNT to help speed up the digging process. I think Pak has a TNT supply, maybe you could get him to join you. Also, there will be new Lego Harry Potter sets available starting later this year.

  • Matt L 1 week ago

    Mindcrack is still a thing?? thought it died a few years ago

  • knus1959 1 week ago

    Hi Guude 🙂 I won’t unsub…. ever….. 🙂 i like these relaxing episodes …. 🙂 i have just seen all of the videos from every team from The Hermits…. they are playing hardcore mode in the latest snapshot….. in teams of 3 players each….. collecting all of the items that’s in the game…… (Beef is on the team with Iskall and Rendog) … it’s very stressful ….. hihi 🙂
    I did start to listen to music when Youtube was new….. and in 2010 my daughter did show me the Yogscast’s first Minecraft Video….. and then i brought the game myself….. and ever since that day, i have been on yt everyday ….. watching Minecraft videos ….. hihi (I’m 58, and my daughter is 27) 🙂
    The Harry Potter universe is still going on……. they have made at least 2 movies about the time before Harry Potter was borne …. 🙂 And i’m nearly sure that you are able to get Harry Potter LEGO, if you can find the Danish web side where you can buy previous box’es. If you are interested, i can call LEGO here in Denmark and give you that info. 🙂
    BTW….. I agree with you.. about reading old classic books….. we are, what we are, because of our history. My father did tell night stories for us kids, before bedtime every evening….. and we did hear of the stories from Mark Twain and other exiting books like from Jules Verne etc. and his own life stories….. And Harry Potter books and other stories do learn children to use their imagination and learn that in the real life, there is good and bad…. 🙂

  • Lunar Sovereign 1 week ago

    fuck yeah sliders is the best! family guy is trash though.

  • Trent 1 week ago

    TIL all of literature is irrelevant if it hasn’t been made into a blockbuster movie in the last 5 years.

    Heck, forget literature, apparently pop culture has an expiration date of less than a decade

  • GEC Industries 1 week ago

    I always loved Micky Rat

  • samtherat6 1 week ago

    oof. I’m starting to understand why some people aren’t a huge fan of Jeff…

  • McKay Colleni 1 week ago

    Just because Jeff doesn’t like Harry Potter doesn’t mean that it isn’t relavant. Just like that old literature. The fact that it depicts racism and shows the way people speak in such a way that is unfamiliar for some is THE reason that it is still relevant and important. Almost all important literature depicts super shitty situations, and that gives new perspective to people in the modern day, especially privileged people who have never experienced racism, sexism, poverty, etc. I find it pretty ignorant for Jeff to say that students shouldn’t be exposed to things like that.

  • nicbe 1 week ago

    My middle school students read Harry Potter.

  • Dawson Ridenhour 1 week ago

    “Oh Goddamn what the fuck jeff” is how i react to 80% of what jeff says. I love these videos and I love both of you together but jesus christ his opinions sometimes lol

  • prbaker38 1 week ago

    once a year, my daughter sits down and reads all the Harry Potter books and then watches all the movies She has been doing it since Harry Potter came out and she’s 27 now. Harry Potter not relevant? Harry Potter will be relevant forever.

  • gc2009able 1 week ago

    I love it. This episode made me laugh a lot.

  • phennec 1 week ago

    I mean we all know Jeff has his own ideas about things. but sheesh. He’ll be watching reruns of Family Guy years from now when no one knows what it is and he thinks Harry Potter is not relevant. lol.

  • Nothing But The Austin 1 week ago

    Children’s stuff tends to be relevant for a long time because adults remember it fondly from their childhood (or from their child’s childhood), and children weren’t around when anything first came out, so everything is new to them. A child who is just old enough to read Harry Potter (for instance) now can enjoy it just as much as a child could when it was new because it’s new to them, and then when they grow up, they’ll remember it as fondly as someone who read it when it was new. That’s why it’s so common for anything made for children that still has any amount of cultural relevance to remain popular, while in the adult world, things go in and out of popularity every week.

  • Augustdude Watches 1 week ago

    Harry Potter is most definitely relevant haha.

  • Michael Dehne 1 week ago

    “Oh god dame what the fuck Jeff” 😂

  • bucksnort2 1 week ago

    Jeff doesn’t like Harry Potter?! Unsubbing!!!
    Lol, jk. Jeff’s just wrong about Harry Potter being irrelevant. A new Harry Potter game came out recently for smartphones, Guude has a good point about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and in the next few years we’re getting more Fantastic Beasts movies. #Ravenclaw

  • BGHank 1 week ago

    Netflix probably doesnt get rid of anything,the original right holders are putting stuff somewhere else(mostly their own streaming plattforms).

  • bwractive 1 week ago

    Mannn!! first Jsano doesn’t like santa claus and now he doesn’t like Harry potter, pff he’s such a bore 😛

  • Breon Nagy 1 week ago

    come inside. it’s fun inside.

  • trigel rice 1 week ago

    Get him Guude!

  • lIlIlIllIlIlIl lIlIlIllIlIlIl 1 week ago


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