More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and are working hard to


  • Jeremiah Sherman 1 month ago

    I was NOT first i swear i have a life

  • GEC Industries 1 month ago

    i clicked this because of the “Videos” in the title

  • murphy88 1 month ago

    have us subs name your videos when you look in the comments 😀

  • Emily Teare 1 month ago


  • Sakana McLetsbuild 1 month ago

    More derp! lol.

  • Immindragon 1 month ago

    Just imagine how much more stuff you’d be able to get if you brought a shulker box with you…and then lose at the end of the episode.

  • Dagoth_Bob 1 month ago

    Just name all your videos “Minecraft Mindcrack Let’s Play Video Dab On Em”

  • Robert Gibbs 1 month ago

    I love Guude’s closed minded statements. “No! I can’t see where they are coming from!” This is how Hitler got his start.

  • Fiveoaks Green 1 month ago

    This was not the video I was searching for 🙁

  • algomoo2 1 month ago

    My hospital is also a big maze it’s horrible

  • Dewanna Tillman 1 month ago

    Lol y’all are funny

  • Bufferzz Mr. 1 month ago


  • Hunter Baker 1 month ago

    You talked about how “Video” got more views and subscribers, “Video” was first on my recommended instead of this. I actually ended up skipping “This” and watched the three videos after “video”

  • megan rickit 1 month ago

    Guude I need to know what happened to the guy renting your aunts house. I feel like that story needs finishing.

  • megan rickit 1 month ago

    Best VIDEO yet.

  • Die Veganenburger 1 month ago


  • Jo Wh 1 month ago

    Didn’t know this was a video until I saw the title.

  • ChickenPaul 1 month ago

    1. If you get your stuff back, turn the lapis into lapis blocks.

    2. When caving or adventuring at all, be sure to push F3 so that you have your coordinates and can find your stuff (or Jeff can find it).

  • cauã murilo 4 weeks ago

    Vídeo rim

  • Villy 4 weeks ago


  • WraShadow 4 weeks ago

    Video about video! #video

  • Whicker493 4 weeks ago

    ROFL, this video ended the same way as the previous. XD

  • hivebrain 4 weeks ago

    Ah, a video. Just the thing I was searching for.

  • Mary Bell 4 weeks ago

    When I had my appendix out a few weeks ago they had a code pink. But they just said that there was a baby missing. They found it though.

  • phennec 4 weeks ago

    These cliff hanghangers. Will he or won’t he get his stuff back. Stay tuned for the next “Mindcrack Minecraft Video” to find out.

  • cavity1010 4 weeks ago

    oh no

  • John Laird 4 weeks ago

    The Video thing seams to be working.

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