More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and are working hard to


  • Vharc 3 weeks ago


  • SpearMKW aka ζρεαr 3 weeks ago

    oh god, rigging the search engine on a daily basis

  • Greg Giroux 3 weeks ago

    how many 110ep can we have at once

  • Dagoth_Bob 3 weeks ago

    To be fair, Justin doesn’t know of anything unrelated to punk in New York in the 90’s.

  • Life With Teens & Other Wild Things 3 weeks ago

    You guys crack me up. lol All these sit coms I’m vaguely aware existed at some point in time but never actually saw. (no cable as a kid)

    J… dude… Y ou need to go to a book store… A real bookstore, not a Barnes & Nobles… or a library with a really good kids’ section. Those google-eyed dino books that people pick up off the supermarket shelves? Ugh. Try some good Karma Wilson books- Bear Snores On, or something. Get your kid something that won’t rot their brains. Please, as a writer and as a fellow parent, I beseech you. lol Buy that poor kid some good books.

    Also, Guude, please send JSano “Love you Forever.” The rant after reading his kid THAT book would be epic. (I happen to love that book but I can just HEAR him going on about it, and I’m laughing already.)

  • patrick duffy 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft Mindcrack Video!

  • Badgerconda 3 weeks ago

    I know exactly what Perfect Strangers is. Of course, I’m almost as old as you are, and I’m probably the oldest person in the comments, so….

  • Bonez 3 weeks ago

    it’s episode 111 not 110.

  • Carla Cole 3 weeks ago

    I personally love Dr suess books my favorite being 1fish2fishredfishbluefish. That said green eggs and ham has a horrid underlineing message at least to me I may have taken it wrong but first time I read it in was oh… so stalk and bully someone enough annoy them till you break their will. They do what you want….nice message. Cuz like you know even if dude hated the green eggs and ham he’s be like yeah man love it I’ll eat it all the ways with all the things yes yes just please Sam let me be . Cuz that would be the only was Sam I am would leave you alone. Since dude asked then demanded and finally broke and begged Sam to stop and go away. Rant over

  • Mark Jones 3 weeks ago


  • SHIVAM PATEL 3 weeks ago

    Now I got to say cowabunga at everyone at my school

  • Fred Gassit 3 weeks ago

    Whats a Microsoft store ? I don’t think I’v ever seen one. I know what an Apple store is, there all over the place but I didn’t even know that a Microsoft store was a think.

  • CedricBale 3 weeks ago

    This was a fantastic Minecraft Mindcrack Video! Thank you for making this (Minecraft Videos) for us to enjoy. 😉

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