Today we open the worlds biggest Lucky Blocks!
Jen’s Channel!


  • PopularMMOs 1 week ago

    Now this is the best Lucky Block EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ssundee shoota 1 week ago


  • melainakiss 1 week ago

    Will you really be using this for the challenge games?!

  • Mike Hunt 1 week ago


  • ChShadow Girl 1 week ago

    Lol what are l day lumps haha 😂😂

  • dark wolf 1 week ago

    “I’ll save you!! And just kills her <3

  • Unicorn Puppy’s 1 week ago

    I like your videos I might start making videos

  • Essence Seda 1 week ago

    Cool asome Pat call 😍😘😍😘🤥😇😇❤️💖💗💝💚💜💛🖤💞💝💟💙💗

  • Essence Seda 1 week ago

    Call me pat

  • Starhero239 Jamie stubbs 1 week ago

    Please give me a shout out my name is Starhero239 Jamie stubbs

  • LmaoerXD 1 week ago

    i remember watching you when you had 100k years ago man 13mil fucken a man gg

  • ESAR Holding 1 week ago


  • Cathy Cao 1 week ago

    Jen was. So mean

  • ESAR Holding 1 week ago

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan-Morgan Griffith 1 week ago


  • Hi5 Events 1 week ago

    use the terraria mod for minecraft

  • Henry Koski 1 week ago

    Ok so I haven’t seen this channel in like 3 years and woah man you haven’t even changed the slightest bit
    Keep it up I guess?

  • Adam Mercer 1 week ago

    We’re did u get dis madness

  • MICKY 57 1 week ago

    Hi nrb

  • Bizstru 1 week ago

    (∩╹□╹∩) ━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

  • bryan garcia 1 week ago

    Pat and Jen,

    read the first three words

  • Poop Poopy 1 week ago

    Pat “died” because his boots broke and the sudden loss of health made the game glitch out

  • Justymusty 123 1 week ago

    Pat you and Jen should have been ant man for it

  • YOUSSEF NALUZ 1 week ago

    Go on Go for the use it to be able the best way of getting a great way for me. I have been in the next day. .

  • YOUSSEF NALUZ 1 week ago

    No, not just the thing that I am a man from the airport. It is intended for the use the same as for the use the same as for the use the same as for the next couple of years ago. The may not necessarily those with an average, but it was not the only way I am looking to buy the ticket. I am not a good idea, and I have been a bit. I’m not sure if you are looking for a while. How do we do have any comments on my blog and a bit. I’m a

  • YOUSSEF NALUZ 1 week ago

    Go 7, I have a

  • YOUSSEF NALUZ 1 week ago

    Go for a while

  • rebecca delamare 1 week ago

    hi pat please sub to me cause i sub to u <3

  • SN gaming Boys 1 week ago

    Up and the best of me to make me a hero I love it man that is my hero my man and my dream hero dream man and my heart up man and my heart and I will always love him more and I love it and he has to be the dream hero I dream that I can be the best man of the dream hero who has a man and I will be a man and that will always love love and my heart will always love me to love me and more and he always will be the dream man and my dream hero dream man and my heart is my dream man that man will be the best hero and my dream man I dream that he has

  • James Scobie 1 week ago

    Pat papa jake was my favroute youtuber but now your are I watch you 5 times a day and13 times a night

  • unicorn family 1 week ago

    I subscribed and liked because you are the best in the world

  • Alex Rocha 1 week ago


  • Elijah Buendia 1 week ago

    Below the lady lumps 1.21

  • Elijah Buendia 1 week ago


  • Beryl Sweeney 1 week ago


  • Florida Ancheta 1 week ago


  • ImagineAstorm 523 1 week ago


  • Aisha,love & dreams 1 week ago

    U should totally fight the giant worm (unkillable boss) in the challenge games with this block!

  • Cesar Biscocho 1 week ago

    Re what did she say ‘dick’

  • Trevor Arendse 1 week ago

    I like pizza

  • Mj Navarro 1 week ago

    why is pat super generus when jen is not

  • jack turl 1 week ago

    when i do it the weapons are not big why?

  • tripledots 1 week ago

    When bomby takes the world

  • tripledots 1 week ago

    Also pls play jailbreak

  • MARVIN FLOR 1 week ago

    Poor farm was destroyed by the giant lucky block :'(

  • Letty De Rueda 1 week ago

    ITS RAINING TACOS i mean diamonds

  • Letty De Rueda 1 week ago

    Ah too bad

  • Powder Puff 1 week ago


  • Ctell Sanfors 1 week ago

    Rip to Pat’s world

  • Cynthia Herrera 1 week ago

    Yeah pat

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