Today we play Minecraft Call of Duty Zombies!
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  • MEMES NEVERDIE 8 months ago

    im sad he didint say what do you want me to do bookem

  • Ashley Ang 8 months ago

    at one point when it was ben left i skipped 10 secs and apparently thats how long bem survived. Ben lifetime during apocalypse.

  • Suasage Biscuit 8 months ago

    omfg Tewtiy’s laugh sounds *so* demonic XD

  • Crystal Forth-Hill 8 months ago

    Do more zombies

  • Noah Kowalchuk 8 months ago

    I just made it to lvl 25 with my brother and his friend

  • jonathan williams 8 months ago

    you should play more of this I love it 😀 keep up the good work

  • Jack Tilton 8 months ago

    it is bombie

  • Nate Schoonover 8 months ago

    7:54 Tewtity has almost 9k Gold???

  • king gamer the 1st 8 months ago

    hi people in comments I is dog

  • Austin Chase 8 months ago

    do more of this game

  • wweprogamer gaming 8 months ago


  • Turtle Happiness 8 months ago

    Last ark it was beam, this time it’s mixer

  • David Boyce 8 months ago

    You can buy in this writing piece MC ALT’s without charge their healthy and also works best

  • Lee Bear 8 months ago

    #blame ben

  • Ahmed Ali - McKinnon PS (1318) 8 months ago

    Do MORE! I left a like!

  • Mahdeen Islam 8 months ago

    Did anyone notice the fact that tewtie got over 8000 points randomly and then it dissapeared?

  • JadeWolf IRL 8 months ago

    Please play this again it was very entertaining

  • Ominous Flare 8 months ago

    Jerome please play zombies on one of your channels, would love to see it!!!

  • Simon Susko 8 months ago

    you didnt buy the rifel

  • archer extreme 8 months ago

    I don’t like anime ether

  • TheBestGamer 8 months ago

    i just beated it!! yesss this is hardddd btw u need to get to 30 rounds for the win 3 bosses 😀

  • Emma Baker 8 months ago

    Jerome your awesome I’ve been a big fan for a year and you keep inspiring me to become a YouTuber some day thank you!

  • Joshua Brown 8 months ago

    Do more Pokemon brick bronze

  • truthism 8 months ago

    But it’s more like sas4!!

  • attacker420 gaming 8 months ago

    yall should do more of this

  • Fery Brillianto 8 months ago

    ypur gace like a minecraft VILAGER

  • Spike spikemaster89 8 months ago

    Hey Jerome, for zombies I’ve gotten to round 20 using this strat: Buy office round 6 buy shotgun round 6 when you can open gallery and power station but don’t turn on power. open rooftop and buy armor by round 10/11 open appartments and get iron leggings then turn on power. perks you should us are fast revive, quick fire, and flaming bullets. open hotel and garden. ultimate your shotgun. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, I hope this helped you, or anyone else. Keep up the good vids, always love your enthusiasm.

  • Luke Morgan 8 months ago

    jarom I love this do it more!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirito 8 months ago

    Yeah the game mode is amazing

  • dona de animais 8 months ago

    i love this minigame e go play see you later

  • Star Gaming 8 months ago

    Dantdm subscribed?!

  • Star Gaming 8 months ago

    The hotel has a place where u can’t get killed

  • merome's baby 8 months ago

    play again

  • Deividas LTU 8 months ago

    It was so loud i heard it even if Bean was muted

  • Xavier Fields 8 months ago

    “I think headshot give u extra gold guys, head’s up”
    2017 jokes

  • #proudtobeblack 8 months ago

    Just get iron gear

  • Ewan Phun 8 months ago

    Jugnog mulekick quick revive speed cola and double tap the ones that I remember

  • Eslot Takenis 8 months ago

    yeah Bomby is his friend

  • Seany Dog 8 months ago

    #pizza for the win

  • lil_mandude 8 months ago

    Technically accordingg to science, we’d only have to survive in the zombie apocalypse ffor 2 or so years, because after about 2 years of decaying, the organs turn to mush, including the brain, which is what keeps them alive. At that point they would slowly die off.
    Also, its not a clip. Its a MAG. An AR uses a mag, an mg uses a mag, an m1garand uses a clip, a pump shotty usually uses a TUBE.

  • trevor otts 8 months ago


  • ANGEL DELGADO 8 months ago

    best intro

  • Camila 8 months ago

    You should play this more, it’s so fun please 💓

  • MARVIN RIVERA 8 months ago

    whats minecraft?????

  • Charchargaming21 8 months ago

    ooo buddy what’s going on it’s Jerome

  • Rookcraft Offical 8 months ago


  • XDangerous_Pichu 8 months ago

    y’all should do more

  • MaJay 8 months ago

    i finished the game for zombies with my friends shiny jesus and acidic on discord it was so fun

  • MaJay 8 months ago

    the shotgun is to overpowered xd

  • MaJay 8 months ago

    jerome btw bombie doesnt do any damage to u so dont use ur guns use ur swords its a waist of ammo 🙂

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