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  • Prasoon Singh 2 weeks ago

    Where’s Subnautica on the second channel?

  • Soaring Rex 2 weeks ago


  • HexerGaming 2 weeks ago


  • why no uncut :((((

  • עדן רביצקי 2 weeks ago

    As a minority I demand the uncut version, where is it?

  • Gabrielle Padovani 2 weeks ago

    Where is uncutttttttttttt

  • firealex379 2 weeks ago

    Where’s the uncut version

  • DolanProductionz 2 weeks ago

    10 minutes of unboxing

  • Shifting Waves 2 weeks ago


  • Dfox44 2 weeks ago

    I’m still waiting for uncut but for the people who want this series to die. I’m sure it’s almost over with the campaign stuff and level 50 is max level until prestiege(nothing special). It probably wouldn’t be too many more episodes but I personally am enjoying it. More of the uncut then cut though because too much gets cut out personally.

  • Christian Ballado 2 weeks ago

    When half of the video is an unboxing video

  • Ashlee Clifton 2 weeks ago

    Need the uncut!

  • eXovenom733 2 weeks ago

    these entire episodes is opening shit

  • Heroshyn 2 weeks ago

    Eventually skybounds episodes will turn to just crate openings… its already pretty much 1/3 of the video at this point, if not more xD lol hope they just edit it down to him just getting the things…

  • StickPenguin 2 weeks ago

    Sparklez coming out with the new unboxing video

  • HerpMahDerpFlurpleDumunumuh 2 weeks ago


  • Ethan Robison 2 weeks ago

    125 mil stars but 53 combat level smh WEAK

  • MooMoo Monster 2 weeks ago

    Omg the sktdrop carry strat is very common between high levels due to neot being able tp kill many people without it

  • MooMoo Monster 2 weeks ago

    Also that swor dis high key trash

  • Sam R 2 weeks ago

    Jordan Bring back Hunger Games!! It’s nearly been a year since your last episode!

  • UhhhSomeone and/or SpicyMeatball 2 weeks ago


  • Alec White-Cheshire 2 weeks ago

    love the skybounds video updates!! keep the vids going Jordan!! excellent content!

  • _xXDanyXx_ 2 weeks ago

    Play more now minecraft mini games on hypixel

  • This episode was uneventful.

  • Javier Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    I unlocked a flower ikit 🙂

  • SoulDefier 2 weeks ago

    When is subnautica coming back?

  • Jesse Sugarman-Weir 2 weeks ago

    Why doesn’t he soulbind the Hercules boots?

  • Tag UR A Gamer 2 weeks ago

    You didn’t need to run from that fight 🤦‍♂️

  • AdvisingUser 2 weeks ago

    Your the best

  • Josh Vanguard 2 weeks ago

    Ya sorry , i like your vids , but this series is kinda lame. You guys do the same basic thing over and over again. Watching you two play minnie maps that have a end goal is much more entertaining.

  • Ashton Montanez 2 weeks ago

    11 minutes of opening stuff

  • Dejae 2 weeks ago

    It hurts so much that they don’t know how to play skybounds lmao

  • You're Wrong 2 weeks ago

    Yeah, mob arena sucks now

  • natejell aka captain jelly 2 weeks ago

    yay the graphics say hd and so do my eyes!

  • Krotoxx 2 weeks ago

    What I dont understand is that sparklez is fine fighting that guy who used the sky drop. he almost killed him. he didnt need to run really. they dont pay attention to their health or the enemy health at all it seems

  • Jack Corrigan 2 weeks ago

    Who else saw it as The Leprechaun in notifications? What is this Jardon?

  • Skrubs_N_Bacon 2 weeks ago

    Tip on pvp bring 16+ bat bombs, flash heals, dispels and ender pearls. And bring at least 4+ god apples.

  • Intelletivity 2 weeks ago

    What was that ad about the video game where you fight to win all your desires, what was the name of the game?

  • fire stone 2 weeks ago

    I lost over 1 million on this server lol

  • This episode felt short

  • Snakemgr12 2 weeks ago

    Nice Shout out on Bejeweled, the OG matching game!

  • Ducklover Gaming 2 weeks ago

    When I first saw the title I thought it was massage quiz

  • BATMAN 2 weeks ago

    when sparklez says thousand but means million lol

  • Isabelle Rodriguez 2 weeks ago


  • Bernard Kenny 2 weeks ago

    Sparkles there is a texture pack you can download that makes mystic timbers so easy, I dont have the link rn but you can find it on the savage games forums

  • Jude Waide 2 weeks ago

    Half way in to the video, they finish opening shit. JARDON PLZ NOT SPEND SO LONG OPENING CRATES! THESE VIDS JUST BECOMING UNBOXING VIDS :p

  • TheEliteGoldfish 2 weeks ago

    Has he done the coast to coast challenge yet? If he recorded it, can someone tell me what episode it was

  • Justified Gamer 2 weeks ago

    What if sparklez killed that 3500 level guy? His level would go up so high!

  • Phong Pham 2 weeks ago

    Funny how he tried to take the immortal shard from the spinning thingy

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