• Krupy 2 weeks ago

    some good builder should download this world and remodel the world and show it to python

  • Dinesh 2 weeks ago

    Make a fishing area for fishing and fill the area with coral etc…

  • Minecrafter001 Klein 2 weeks ago

    Ru going to make pixle art in there series time-lapse

  • Malachi James 2 weeks ago

    On the 50th episode you should put on shaders.

  • Charles Plays 2 weeks ago

    Python can u gimme a shoutout because ive been here for bout a year subbed and notifacations on KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LOV YA PYTHON!

  • Charles Plays 2 weeks ago

    WHOS WATCHING HIM THROUGH 2020-2025?!? ‘-‘

  • david winter 2 weeks ago

    U Should really make a Drowned farm mann i’m really looking forward to it

  • Ulamila Kurai Wragg 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python , you can build resorts on the islands in a future episode

  • Austin Wiseman 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python, I think you should make a enderman farm in the end to harvest enderpearls.

  • Max Lygo Gaming And Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    So looking forward to the world download. Hope I can get it on bedrock. After the map release, you should make a globe room, because in 1.13, you can put maps on the ceiling and floor

  • Ben Shwartzman 2 weeks ago


  • AceTrainerSam24 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python please make a Ice/Snow biome settlement area with igloos and other stuff so basically a Snow Village! Please..

  • Rainbow Slime 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python, I have a suggestion for this world. Make a logo that symbolises Python Industries, then you could build a cargo ship out at sea and put that logo on it to represent Python Industries. This is a pretty good idea from me. Btw love your series, keep it up

  • George Gizas 2 weeks ago

    Hey python! I love your vids. Continue like this. I have 2 suggestions for you. 1) obsitian generitor 2) start decorating the nether

  • Tony C 2 weeks ago

    How can you download the map???

  • Darknight Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Hi python i am new to your channel and I love your vids 😀 keep up the good work 😀

  • DAME TU COSITA 2 weeks ago

    Love the series my dude

  • Nihal Bin Sagir 2 weeks ago

    Hey python please release the 50 episode cause I am going to the countryside so I wont be able to download the world so please.

  • Sushiii - efx 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python!! Why don’t you combine both the tridents? And make the volcano on one of the islands.

  • hanna 2 weeks ago

    Python your elitra is almost broke.

  • gx gamer 2 weeks ago

    Hey python you should do adventure episodes i mean kida gets boring

  • Rolf s 2 weeks ago

    Actually python baby zombies cant spawn in 1×1 holes because they can only spawn where a regular zombie would be able to spawn

  • Jesse West 2 weeks ago

    Im so excited about episode 50 😃

  • Krishna Valluru 2 weeks ago

    Python please can you upload more often( one video a day) thanks !

  • Jhun Manzie 2 weeks ago

    Het phyton if you have a pet name it anaconda couse your phyton and his anaconda

  • Phyton you need to make a map table and maby a map room for the mansion

  • Evan McGraw 2 weeks ago

    Hey python u can replace the trident at the eventual zombie spawner and drowned XP grinder

  • Nate Coad 2 weeks ago

    How long does it take to make, upload and edit a video?

  • benicio harryson 2 weeks ago

    can you finish the manshon please

  • Dungeon Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Make a Under Mountain house – Hobbit house

  • The Minecrafter 2 weeks ago

    Please also make the download available for mcpe also python please and very good video as always. Congratulations for 50 episodes

  • McJedi102 2 weeks ago

    Flora Valley is beautiful, I gotta say. I’m definitely gonna use the seed, and build my own base there! Who knows, maybe I’ll do a SSP as well! But again, Flora Valley is terrific.

  • Animator 005 2 weeks ago

    hey python,

    you can make volcano on island :}

  • Pulsendary 2 weeks ago

    Dear python, will u make Hawaii theme island settlements I think it should be considered

  • Legojack Rewews 2 weeks ago

    Hellu!!! In the flower wally you should a magican house couse that would look REALLY cool love ya😙

  • Bomby T 2 weeks ago

    Python I think you can make a coral farm by the ocean sincerely, Malaki

  • Sarah Helm 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python! If the jungle stops lagging than maybe you could go there and get pet cats and name them after the kittens you have in real life! Btw love the vids

  • Rachel Atherly 2 weeks ago

    I completely just binged your entire series in like 4 days. Now that I’m caught up and can’t watch 10 episodes back to back I don’t know what to do! Keep up the good work!

  • Ethan Alberter 2 weeks ago

    Love the videos! You should make a map room in your mansion with a cartographer villager to get the different explorer maps! After you get a Woodland Explorer Map, you can conquer a Woodland Mansion! I’d love to see that! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Thomas Engel 2 weeks ago


  • Kittens life 2 weeks ago

    Where’s the video

  • grigori mihali 2 weeks ago

    I think that when you finish the mansion and the industries you can make the Carital City of your world. It can involve Big Flats Hospitals Pocilice and Fire station, metro and bus station other super markets. It is a big project but I think you can make it.
    Keep up the good work. peace ✌

  • Shadow Jennings 2 weeks ago

    Could you put in like a easter egg that we don’t know about like a surprise love the videos

  • David Navarro 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python why don’t you make a statue of yourself somewhere in the ocean like your own Statue of Liberty

  • MysticalCoolman101 2 weeks ago


  • MysticalCoolman101 2 weeks ago

    Beutiful python

  • Brisbane Boys' College Rowing 2 weeks ago

    The map wall will stay the same buuut is will not be YOUR world. It will be the world before you pruned it. P.S. SUPER hyped for the world tour + map download! 🙂 P.P.S Only 1K more until 50K subs

  • XxsecretxX 2 weeks ago

    Why is episode 50 a private video??? 😭😭

  • TTGamingFox 2 weeks ago

    Try to build a modern city

  • Manisha Patil 2 weeks ago

    ep 50 is private ?

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