Today we play Minecraft Lucky Dip Modded Battledome!



  • Crocodile Creek 8 months ago

    When you make the base with the obsidian can you make a rule where you can make the base out of obsidian but it can only be one layer and the block they need to break is something weak like dirt

  • CandS Nash 8 months ago

    Jerome play party panic

  • eoghano920 8 months ago

    is it me our did the audio go out on 26 mins in

  • Rommel Marajas 8 months ago

    hi Jerome plz play bingo

  • TheGamer 10 8 months ago

    BRING BACK RISK FACTIONS PLEASE (Since you never play it i think ur all cool headed now or calm XD that’s what i’m assuming anyway)

  • Assassinplayz Pro 8 months ago

    I know pinball wizard it is really old song really old classic song

  • rana thakkar 8 months ago

    its so funny it sounds like jerome is talking to himself

  • mixer 4love 8 months ago

    rock is theweeknd

  • Angelo chan-AC 8 months ago

    I keep say Jerome you miss a island in the sand village in the sky

  • Jamie Baudinette 8 months ago

    Does any one else see the floating island I the top of the screen at 28:29

  • Harmanmeet Singh 8 months ago

    do pixelmon

  • knight squad

  • Banana Eaters 8 months ago

    I know pinball wizard

  • tspatrick02 8 months ago

    What keyboard do you have in jersey?

  • eman kuttner 8 months ago


  • goblin studios 8 months ago

    Bro Wars

  • Ben Shine 8 months ago


  • ENDERET 8 months ago

    You guys should start another piedmont season

  • rygetlost rygetlost 8 months ago


  • Nathan Minaker 8 months ago

    that first second was amazing

  • Hy Hh 8 months ago

    Hello Jeramy salami ur awesome and neat

  • Andrew Yu 8 months ago

    Jeromes kill the bobs in order to get their diamond armor to use as emc

  • Rocket QT 8 months ago

    Lol jerome im 23 as well and listen to mostly hip hop but i grew up listening to the who cause of my parents. I will agree pinball wizard is a classic for sure!

  • Mr Melon02 8 months ago

    build the end portal and put the portal from the portal gun above it

  • Litlle Rock 8 months ago

    Play speed runners

  • Gaming Franchise 8 months ago

    Do gang beast

  • BaconBoss 2020 8 months ago

    because of the discord it sound like Jerome was talking to him self most of the time

  • The Destroyer Ryan 8 months ago

    were tewtiy

  • AlexPlayzMc 8 months ago

    0:00 Video Inception 😮😦

  • Sarah Rayner 8 months ago


  • Ghost02888 Alcaraz 8 months ago

    well I turn 18 soon and I’ve been watching you since you played the hunger games videos

  • Eric Lee 8 months ago

    They should’ve mined the anvils from the anvil trap from the Lucky Blocks that they broke.

  • Dylan Cloud 8 months ago

    jerome makes so much money lol

  • Fliper Boi 8 months ago

    adventure capitalist

  • Briggan Thewolf 8 months ago

    Its ok Jerome we all love you

  • SpeedGuyInfinity 8 months ago

    More mc who’s your daddy

  • Angela Chamberlin 8 months ago

    4th of july

  • Matthew Baloga 8 months ago

    Who else names their ghastly,haunter,or Gengar purple booty when playing pokemon?

  • Flaming_Marshmallow 12 8 months ago

    Mettalica anyone

  • Keegan 8 months ago

    He’s a pin ball wizard
    There has got to be a twist
    A pin ball wizard,
    S’got such a supple wrist

  • Braden Cosier 8 months ago

    Florbs were in a mod long before Rick and morty

  • Connor House 8 months ago

    I am 47

  • Dankness Man 8 months ago

    The audio issues were terrible

  • Kristine Arax 8 months ago

    I know

  • The gaming Bananas 8 months ago

    Slimey eat god apple

  • will daubard 8 months ago

    I have pinball wizard

  • Poltinga Yee 8 months ago

    I love pinball Wizard 😍

  • Roman Swensen 8 months ago

    Uranium fever has gone and got me down

  • TCNT gaming 8 months ago

    dying light

  • BaccaKing 4000 8 months ago

    Pin ball wizard an amazing song and a good time period for music just look at my logo thingy I love ACDC my favorite band!

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