Today we play Minecraft Lucky Dip Modded Battledome!


  • james reese 1 month ago

    jerome give mich a quav next vid

  • King Pancak3 1 month ago

    Where did mudkip go

  • Leo Garaci 1 month ago

    jerome u should mine the gold and diamond blocks at spawn

  • WOLFINOUT Rob 1 month ago

    jerome could you do a battle dome with the witchery mod so you can be a werewolf and vampires

  • Ohh_Ra 14 1 month ago


  • Tyler Roeder 1 month ago

    Jerome get the dark matter or red matter pick and right click to get the ores from the walls

  • deathdragongold 1 month ago

    if they got a silk touch pickaxe and a fortune pickaxe they could put the diamound ore in the emc table and pulled it out and mined it with the fortune pickaxe they would get tons of emc

  • Satch P 1 month ago


  • Satch P 1 month ago

    pet has something for you

  • Legend Ninjamaster 1 month ago

    Who wants risk back like so Jerome can see

  • pigpigpig 2103 1 month ago

    this is battle world there is no dome

  • Raphael Imanto 1 month ago

    Jerome use lucky blocks to get a Lot of EMC

  • Muhammad Diop 1 month ago

    Lucky Dip?

  • Bloons Battles 1 month ago

    Jerome no joke passes about a stack of diamonds!

  • kynmu99 1 month ago

    Is aluminum the one that looks almost exactly like diamond like more than the others??

  • JaydenGAMING09 1 month ago

    This is getting repetitive

  • Darian Farrel 1 month ago

    Jerome try to look to try find a pufferfish pet

  • E Luce 1 month ago

    It is not an ice castle it is patches home.

  • E Luce 1 month ago

    Around 24:00

  • Jeff Gaming 1 month ago

    Jerome you missed sooo many diamonds. Listen to what the stream says cuz no offense but ur colorblind right, so u might want the stream to tell you if you found diamonds or not

  • Dymc_Central 1 month ago

    Where’s tewtiy do y’all not play together anymore

  • Taylor Cassar 1 month ago

    So Jerome How much does mich o u on H4M?

  • Football Hacks 1 month ago


  • the creeper dude 1 month ago

    quick question jerome where did modii go

  • SirFluffy4 1 month ago

    Jerome is or was blade in the military?

  • anthony Martinez 1 month ago


  • Football Hacks 1 month ago

    this is a re upload

  • Dakota Corwin 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome you know Bashur do you know what happened to him I’d just like to know

  • Husky Mudkip 1 month ago

    anyone notice how he forgot about Steve and said alex twice instead #Rem3mberSteve

  • JimboBimbo 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome, I know there are other ores that look like diamonds, but I promise you, you’ve passed diamonds multiple times. Trust me, I paused the vid and took a good 60 secs to confirm those were diamond, you only took a slight glance, and I swear I’m not crazy

  • MurshedFTW ahnaf 1 month ago

    9hrs late😢😢😢😢😢

  • xXThePixelatorXx 1 month ago

    Add a mod to transfer xp to bottles of xp and emc the bottles

  • Shawn-David Miller 1 month ago

    how to use the /heal cammand

  • Willow Meteli 1 month ago

    R.I.P Jerry

  • Carissa Hawkins 1 month ago

    can anyone tell me what the orange ore is

  • Carissa Hawkins 1 month ago

    don’t worry just found out that it was copper

  • matija grgec 1 month ago

    Jerome when u use that catalyst u can put one item in every part of inventory like diamonds and all u need and coble just stays on floor because you dont have any space for it

  • Erik boyden 1 month ago

    Welp he has quit H4M

  • Ko Fr 1 month ago

    hey Jerome when you go back to h4m you should help rob with the war that’s going on.

  • Jennifer Goerling 1 month ago

    you missed diamods dude a

  • Eli Gamefreak 1 month ago

    Jerome is starting to look like his profile picture

  • FirstCast TV 1 month ago

    Jerome, can you plz bring back Mike Myers??

  • Solomon P.Carranza 3rd 1 month ago

    why no h4m

  • First last 1 month ago

    so what happens if Dasha and Alex brake up will Dasha still play with them(Jerome, Alex, Steve, Ben, tewity, and whoever else)????… I hope so

  • Vanshiaaru :P 1 month ago

    do vr minecraft

  • Jacey Parson 1 month ago

    Jerome I sent you a friend request
    my name is BatKid_679 pls accept

  • TNTboomYT 1 month ago


  • Luisa dalluay 1 month ago

    Jerome I don’t know if you wanna agree with this but can you make like 2 videos in a day cause I have school at my country and may time is 6:40 to 4:00pm please agree with but I don’t care if others don’t like it.

  • Hariche Arquissandas 1 month ago

    Turn your diamonds into blocks of diamonds to get more EMC

  • Eata Dik 1 month ago

    hunger deans

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