• The Other Side 2 weeks ago

    You should be a nature documentary narrater

  • Talrean Aras 2 weeks ago

    wow amazing 🙂 what dedication. Tolkien would be proud.

  • RAUGEKLIS LTU 2 weeks ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo More Civilazation 6

  • Matt Kwikest 2 weeks ago

    This is beautiful! Well worth watching. And I don’t even play minecraft… But I’m disappointed there was no Moordor.

  • Saul Paxton 2 weeks ago

    This has been long awaited

  • dragonborn2709 2 weeks ago

    The best minecraft builder on youtube has returned. Lets hope this isn’t a one off video…

  • shade_grey 2 weeks ago

    This was awesome! Didn’t get to see Osgiliath though…

  • mapthor 2 weeks ago

    Ark at the beginning was the best

  • roflwaffles 2 weeks ago

    Keralis, please do some more of the minecraft inspiration series! Great vid BTW! :)))

  • Jeff Blake 2 weeks ago

    One world to rule them all. Awesome job.

  • MattiasStudio 2 weeks ago

    hej hej!

  • Bradley Nathanson 2 weeks ago

    Cool, i work on there!

  • Mad Ting 2 weeks ago

    Holy shit the cringe is unbearable lol

  • Dom Lindstrom 2 weeks ago

    This is a dream come true

  • Jody Resnanda 2 weeks ago

    I think pixark does something to keralis 🤔
    But yeah i dont blame him, there seems to be too much of an effort required just to build properly in pixark with those blueprints and leveling system, i know that creative mode is coming to pixark but it just has different charm overall.
    I had an eye on pixark, but it definitely can’t replace minecraft for me.

  • GreenAppelPie 2 weeks ago

    This IS the pinnacle of Minecraft.

  • MannTDC !TheDiamondCookie! 2 weeks ago

    I hate keralis… cuz whenever he makes an inspiration video… I try doing big projects but… then I quit cuz of laziness….

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    Jk I don’t rlly hate u

  • twix 001 2 weeks ago

    what is the shader

  • 吳佳叡 2 weeks ago

    This is insane ~~~~

  • Monica Watkins 2 weeks ago

    it would be amazing to get enough people to role play the movie lol

  • Monica Watkins 2 weeks ago

    This is amazing kudos to the creators!!!

  • Karl Jenkins 2 weeks ago


  • Nobody 2 weeks ago

    Check out ardacraft Keralis. Intensely amazing builds over there, also LOTR themed. Just look up some pictures or other videos to be convinced

  • flummi zockt 2 weeks ago

    docm and keralis and minecraft? fuck yeah!

  • ENGLAND CITY 2 weeks ago

    holy cow!

  • Samuel Therrien 2 weeks ago

    this is clearly the greatest map ive ever seen on minecraft

  • Viden 2 weeks ago

    Jesse Cox did it better. Jk, jk

  • Νικος Παπαθεοδώρου 2 weeks ago

    just saying imagine a Game Of Thrones map …

  • Iwan DerRusse 2 weeks ago


  • Joren Basyn 2 weeks ago

    Keralis has finally made his way to MCME im very glad that a lot of people get to know us! 😉

  • Caleb Cason 2 weeks ago

    Finally man I’ve waited for Minecraft forever

  • Jasper Rauhanen 2 weeks ago

    Hes Back!

  • Lenni 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft 😀❤❤❤❤❤

  • Emperor PooMan 2 weeks ago

    Bit disappointed he didn’t show you the caves of Helm’s Deep

  • Blue Melody 2 weeks ago

    Cringe intro lol😂😂✌💖💗💕

  • MG222 2 weeks ago

    Glad to see this server is still going strong. I think this is the best minecraft build ever. From watching older videos on this, the cities are 1 to 1 ratio and the countryside is 1 to 3 ratio so it’s a huge server!

  • Joseph W 2 weeks ago

    I remember when I worked on this project YEARS ago. I was so exited to see that it is still going and doing so well. It almost makes me almost want to re-download Minecraft and build again.

  • SVR DIVINE 2 weeks ago

    That was the most epic thing I have ever seen in my Minecraft-History. Just one of those places you visited would be good enough but then you fly over the whole world and it’s literally every place in middle earth!

    I love your Minecraft videos Keralis! Keep going and thanks for taking my word 😉

  • Fuya Hanabi 2 weeks ago

    Love how LotR nerd these guys are. It’s amazing.

  • Reiner Zufall 2 weeks ago

    This is truly amazeballs!

  • Lucas 'N'evil 2 weeks ago

    do stream from this

  • trex 185632 2 weeks ago

    Hey keralis can you start doing house tutorials again please I’m begging you 😌

  • Dylan Procter 2 weeks ago

    Have loved and respected MC:ME for years, would love to see a tour of Westeroscraft too! 🙂

  • Benson126 2 weeks ago

    So much work was put into this, I really admire the dedication put into it. It would be awesome to just do a stream if you walking the whole 5 hours (if you had the time)

  • xXxKEVINATORplaysMCPExXx 2 weeks ago

    Is it just me or would anyone watch the shit out of a Minecraft remake of the LOTR??? With a simply massive amount of people role-playing every role, voice-acting, epic shaders…..the whole thing??

  • Gerg C 2 weeks ago

    I dont like the grating, not uber relaxing voices that have become the standard in your recent videos. They drown you out.

  • Block-by-block tutorial pls.

  • Wendy Jean 2 weeks ago

    OMG that is amazeballs!! :O Sweet heavens I got memories flowing through my head from the movies <3 so awesome!

  • delco2035 2 weeks ago

    dat intro haha

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