• 0epicEthan0 bethkate 1 month ago

    hi moose can you say hi to Unspeakable

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  • Ashlee H 1 month ago

    10 hours???

  • Jack Hill 1 month ago


  • Tony cortes 1 month ago

    So, when i was in chat, i saw someone called Moose Craft, people actually thought he was the real moose except, His name wasn’t golden. And he had no vids, and those dumb dumbs thought he was real while the real moose wasn’t there. only me and like 3 other people tried telling those 5 year olds that he wasn’t the real but they didn’t listen. you gotta admit it was funny to see how easily those people were tricked

  • james le 1 month ago

    i subscribed

  • james le 1 month ago

    moose army!!!!! i love moose army!!!

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  • Dan Flames 1 month ago

    But not good quality on this…

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  • Karson Gaming 1 month ago

    Minecraft is life I love Minecraft Pocket edition

  • Silva Silvija 1 month ago

    moose det moose
    Where did you get it

  • TMothaFuckinBreezy 1 month ago

    moose army whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! moose milk

  • GALAXYwaffleCAT Dragon 1 month ago

    I have no subs……probably cuz I have no vids😹

  • Nami Noms 1 month ago

    NO IM TOO LATE!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!! 😢😭

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  • Mlg12 Minecraft and more 1 month ago

    shout out to u moose

  • Dylan Breakfeast 1 month ago

    I already did

  • Brice Hair 1 month ago

    i subscribed and turned on notification

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    I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • John Cena 1 month ago

    Boobat999 did he gave code

  • blaze craft 1 month ago

    I need moosemilk

  • Mariah Thomas 1 month ago

    we love you

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  • Aaron Sanchez 1 month ago

    hi moose,I know what to trick Nathan,do something like he opens a chest and falls to the void…enjoy the fun…😉

  • Savage Dare taker 1 month ago

    I sure am

  • casey workman 1 month ago

    build the house in a tree

  • Karina O'Donnell 1 month ago

    tell nathan i love ur daycare vids

  • Steven Carbajal 1 month ago

    hi moose

  • Ebony Fudge 1 month ago

    love u guys add me on roblox its kadefromteam10 do it please

  • rxmcspc 1 month ago

    btw moose jeff looks like you

  • Xx_The_Hunter_xX 1 month ago

    for sure I want the see you on mcpe I hope to see you mose and Nathan

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  • Antonio Sibayan 1 month ago

    moose why you and nathan not having anymore survival….

  • SAMYAJ GAUTAM 1 month ago

    so long video but I like it

  • Mikko Cuevas 1 month ago

    I liked and subscribed moose ya proud

  • Idrift4Fun 1 month ago

    If thats funny only for you it’s not funny moments

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  • teevro_ 1 month ago

    add my isntagram @tee.vro

  • Tamika Sanders-Boston 1 month ago

    moos you should get glasses for your person but i still love you

  • The Squid Master 1 month ago

    who watched all all this

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  • DA ULTIMITE DERP 1 month ago

    Just kidding but I subscribed

  • Mrcrainer 2 1 month ago

    First 😉

  • Code 4567 Trick 1 month ago

    Hey mooss

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