• jerald gaming 10 months ago

    ryan change his skin

  • IT'S ME NIMRHOD 10 months ago

    Ryguy can u sub my channel

  • Benjamin Smith 10 months ago

    I missed this by over 13 hours because of a storm

  • SnoopSloth 10 months ago

    I didnt know tony the tiger was there 6:14

  • Julissa Ortiz 10 months ago


  • Cameron Lamarche 10 months ago

    Ryan should make a season two after this one ends because this is like the best season ever like if you agree

  • YNOT five 10 months ago

    plz ryan do more LIFE

  • Assassin Hider 10 months ago


  • PyroIronyx j 10 months ago

    What party

  • Shameka Anaya 10 months ago

    in the next daycare video you and tina should get married like when you did when shark and sabre were still at daycare

  • Bianca Jernigan 10 months ago

    Yay more Life

  • Jordan Sieracki 10 months ago

    I want to Ryan and Aaron fight loved the video

  • DragonAlley64 10 months ago

    Does this mean that ryan can control the sun theat means when its a cloudy day ryan can make it sunny

  • Atwoodboys Atwoodboy 10 months ago

    plz more life and sooner like if u agree

  • ParkerPlayz Pokemon 10 months ago

    What mods does he use

  • PyroIronyx j 10 months ago

    Does anyone else think this is based off an anime

  • jovy raniel 10 months ago

    Aphmau is beter but low videos

  • zozo zozo 10 months ago


  • zozo zozo 10 months ago

    It’s funny

  • Soul DIY's 10 months ago

    Ryan you are my favorite youtuber ever!!!!!

  • Gei guy likehotdog 10 months ago

    Lazybones Tori:Toriel resets in the mirror
    pappy :papy.pap papyrus
    Why does this roleplay feel like Undertale to me

  • Isa Kroezen 10 months ago

    I like these videos but i can’t join… i only have minecraft pocket edition… thats a bit sad… i hope one of you guys come in the video

  • Isa Kroezen 10 months ago


  • pvppanda 10 months ago

    Can you do another pirates episode tonight please

  • double drago 10 months ago

    Anyone notice Ryan skin changed when he was fighting tori

  • A Raymond 10 months ago

    i love this series

  • Frelted 10 months ago

    Guys, Does ryan look wierd to you?

  • Blue Ender Pho3n1x 10 months ago

    I can’t get enough of these episodes I don’t no y I’m just strange

  • zolder 12 10 months ago

    i smashed the the like button so hard i broke my pc

  • Vickie Harley 10 months ago

    Your hair looks different ryon

  • Sameh Mostafa 10 months ago

    why the f*ck is tori not talking boi

  • Sameh Mostafa 10 months ago

    i guess he wonboi

  • Sameh Mostafa 10 months ago

    why it takes long time to make but only ten mintus can ryan make them longer

  • 3d fireboy 10 months ago

    blazes and ghast on aron

  • close close 10 months ago

    Pleas bring derp,Tina and shark AND sabre PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS! Ryan’s piggy ——>🐖

  • Jessica Campbell 10 months ago

    Sure it was soada 😉

  • ducky_BOI_doge 10 months ago

    Wut happened to Tina the tiger from daycare,recess,and dat highschool one

  • Herbert Harrington 10 months ago

    You will find in most countries MC ALT’s without spending a dime it can be secure as well as gets results plus.google.com/u/0/+MineCraftyAcc/posts/SqyCKq4NPXj

  • Jasyha Jackson 10 months ago

    Ryguyrocky can i join Minecraft life pls

  • Jasyha Jackson 10 months ago

    I play Minecraft

  • Jasyha Jackson 10 months ago

    And my Minecraft name is frost

  • Jasyha Jackson 10 months ago

    If i join can i get ice power

  • Maribel Rocha 10 months ago

    Meggan is lexi

  • Kray Kay 10 months ago

    Wow ryan trying to kill your crush

  • Trenage Alston 10 months ago

    Love the new skin

  • Pokefusion Master1930 10 months ago

    Did ryguy change Ryan’s skin

  • Pokefusion Master1930 10 months ago

    I liked the new skin 🙁

  • JSGamingPlays YT 10 months ago

    I really liked all the episodes and it came to here all of videos where amazing 😎

  • JSGamingPlays YT 10 months ago

    And Epic

  • Vyle Ruzgal 10 months ago

    Well…not to be rude…boys allways win but this
    is to harsh

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