• Harlem Slade 3 weeks ago

    Your Roblox video

  • Elijah Pulver 3 weeks ago


  • jesse Davids 3 weeks ago


  • simon and george and more 3 weeks ago


  • Виктория Лазарова 3 weeks ago


  • Jesus Flores 3 weeks ago

    If mc naveed loves his fans hi will Pin this comment

  • Rachel S 3 weeks ago

    Love your videos

  • Todes Ninja 3 weeks ago

    The bigger ones

  • MD. RAFIQUL ALAM 3 weeks ago

    Do noob mod

  • Gota. Io Good 3 weeks ago

    Jou is coul

    😂😂😂you are amazing at this game bro

  • Jonathan Web 3 weeks ago

    Do you know were you got the military base from the mc heli mod showcase

  • Dustin Small 3 weeks ago

    I made a video game in the Minecraft server. Its a 8 hr horror game with updated mods. Graphics. Guns. Etc. You give me ideas for my game and I can’t thank u enough. I spent 7 years on my video game and still not done. I can’t wait to publish it but I need your help. Money will be involved so if we could hook up on googlemail or Fb or whatever suits u that would be great. Im offering you a job so reply to me please.

  • AlbertoGamer 3 weeks ago

    Lava is like a sauna

  • christy wilson 3 weeks ago

    Love uy

  • Charles Aiosa 3 weeks ago

    make a wither monster mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Aiosa 3 weeks ago


  • EricJimena GamingTV 3 weeks ago

    tengo un sorteo https://goo.gl/bzwFXH de 1 cuenta premium con 2 códigos minecraft windows 10, participa y sé el ganador! es muy fácil participar!!

  • Syed Gamer 3 weeks ago

    I am your 801th viewer and 16. Commmenter

  • Giannis Bitsanis 3 weeks ago

    1 st

  • Mc naveed rules planit earth

  • Oneida Clarke 3 weeks ago

    Mc naveed i don’t know you take offer but i love the vids and i think you are great the greatest

  • Oneida Clarke 3 weeks ago

    please do a portal to heaven as jesus flores said if you love your fans please pin love your vids and you

  • Jeremiah Milner 3 weeks ago

    Both of them

  • Don Pepe Ron 3 weeks ago

    HI naveed my name is keane i live in the philipines

  • Jude Ulan 3 weeks ago

    I’m the big monster

  • Babydagul Basal 3 weeks ago

    the big

  • yehlene aguirre 3 weeks ago

    Don’t kill them! There my favorite!

  • yehlene aguirre 3 weeks ago

    I like how you spawn them. Do not kill them!

  • willoughby sadsad 3 weeks ago

    biger monster but do not kill them all

  • jerry parlindungan 3 weeks ago

    Gamemod 1

  • Sitinurul Othman 3 weeks ago

    I like this video

  • Faiz Khan 3 weeks ago


  • Faiz Khan 3 weeks ago

    I love you MC naveed and your videos

  • Andrew Hopkins 3 weeks ago

    Cool 32nd comment

  • Gerald Putong 3 weeks ago

    i thought mark is dead because of that volcano you accidentally spawned near him

  • Lyvia Lord 3 weeks ago


  • Warrior4 Zoli 3 weeks ago


  • Brandon McNulty 3 weeks ago

    You said the s word

  • Marvin Sánchez 3 weeks ago

    Naveed how do you have npc

  • Anna Williams 2 weeks ago


  • Euis Setiati 2 weeks ago

    you don t lava monster my like

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