Minecraft has a new Roleplay based around Atlantis! Professor Pikalus


  • psybreon the cyborg umbreon 8 months ago

    pikalus think about what you are doing i get that kraken has been terrorising atlantis for years but you are taking it way to far if you don’t stop you could become worse than kraken

  • Jessica Trevathan 8 months ago

    well that down hill fast oh boy tc forever. howel pepper . woof barks Andy . and the other 4. dog’s barks at. you. pepper and tc jess out

  • LASUMMER TODD 8 months ago

    How did u guys make ur logo pls tell me

  • Debbie Henderson 8 months ago

    Im actually with professor pikle on this one cody was stupid enough to free the cracken kid i HOPE CODY LOSES

  • Nikolas Chalaris 8 months ago

    proffesor what have you done you have to accept that cody is the king

  • Veronica Stridh 8 months ago


  • Herobrines best minion 8 months ago

    this even created a civil war in my own team….. good thing they are never woud try to kill, even when they are angry…… now I take this personal -_-

  • Khalid Bushaqer 8 months ago

    i hate u cody u are evil

  • DESPICABLE REN 8 months ago

    Hahaha dawn of the planet of the apes stuff

  • Crossout Player 76 8 months ago

    PROFESSOR, 5 000 000 troops and you can get atlantis

  • Lucas McDermott 8 months ago

    I shall fight for you pikalus

  • UnfitFern0643 8 months ago

    Prof, I’m not gonna suggercoat this, you are crazy and out of control, there would have been a loophole if you didn’t know about the treaty, but you were literally in the same room when it was signed, ruling the Conch Command is turning you into Kraken Kid, just give up, Cody doesn’t want another incident like when he thought he killed Kraken, the longer you make this go on,the worse it will be for you Prof, but if you want to keep becoming Kranken, don’t forget you have Hulk mode, and if you were actually smart, you would not let power corrupt you, and give up to Cody, he is the king/Doctor/Lawyer/Teacher you know, he also pays your cheques, and makes Atlantis a better place for both Hostile and Passive mobs alike.

  • dato farulava 8 months ago

    Well pikalus is dead he can’t beat Cody and kraken kid together

  • Siver The Destroyer S. Sonics Friend 8 months ago

    FIGHT go Pikalus go

  • Heather Harris 8 months ago

    How dare you take over the conch command ,Lord kraken will make you pay for this

  • Nina Jones 8 months ago

    I can’t wait until Kraken Kid comes back and see’s what happened.

  • the rat gamer 8 months ago

    Yow r ded met

  • Sharon Gissel 8 months ago

    take it down a notch bruh

  • Lightning Wolf 8 months ago

    I knew that this would happen some day! And this is my side:

    Profess-or pick-a-lis profess-or pick-a-lis! Go…. Professor! !!

  • flaming tornado 8 months ago

    Those men are killing there brother

  • flaming tornado 8 months ago

    In war the troops consider each other brothers

  • XxXW1LDCATXxX 8 months ago

    Piklis evil now lol

  • melissa rummel 8 months ago

    Hey pik do you set up episodes or just play and film the good parts

  • Amanda Corbett 8 months ago

    Don’t do this pikalus u need to fight the kraken kid not cody

  • lord chanka 8 months ago

    Team pikalus

  • ghostbulldog 8 months ago

    we put Pikalus in jail

  • Prof Kauffles 8 months ago

    I named my parrot Darrel 😐

  • Puppy Pop A 8 months ago

    professor I believe that you will lose this war unless if you do something ellegal like nuclear weapons, chemical weapons or assassination, but there a problem with that the people will not agree with that only in desperate times or make allies to win this war.but the people will change this for all of this will be in shambles if the people are against you and your cause. But remember I’m neutral in this war I’m just here for advice good luck

  • BILL Nye 8 months ago

    Easy way to end war NUKE

  • THE GAMER !!!!!!! 8 months ago


  • Fire Crystal 8 months ago

    pickle: they have built the wall oh good (not exactly what he said)

    *idmealty thinks of Donald*

  • Professer Caimen 8 months ago

    Cody trader🐊

  • ezra casillas 8 months ago

    Lol how he said AMBUSH

  • TAAROC ! 8 months ago

    I went and liked every comment that has to do with helping/saying you can do it and disliked any that say your crazy and stuff

  • Desperado 878 8 months ago

    All hail Professor Pikalus

  • Air Space 8 months ago

    I hope that you die in the rp you have gone mad

  • Air Space 8 months ago

    Platinum armor one shot = hole titanium = 1111111111hits = hole

  • JayDoesMusic Yt 8 months ago

    please stop hating on this video guys 5his is one time thing remember it’s just a roleplay

  • RED FOX 8 months ago

    I can’t believe you guys you to good friends Cody you need to stop and prof pikalus now or I’ll Unlike the vid and Cody to

  • Immanuel Marshall 8 months ago

    your so amazing keep up the good

  • Lilly Rodriguez 7 months ago

    If this keeps on helping leave atlantis for a few day go to the over world and see what happens……… think of it as a experment. ps cody is turning on you pls listen before its to late

  • ian worsham 7 months ago

    i support cody

  • bob ross 7 months ago


  • Austin N 7 months ago

    Sorry to say this but Cody is right you have gone mad

  • Austin N 7 months ago

    I am no longer by your side traitor

  • Austin N 7 months ago

    Kraken kid will make you pay for this

  • rap god 7 months ago

    hey man

  • Selene Karam 7 months ago

    I had you

  • BILL Nye 7 months ago

    U spelled would wrong

  • Justin Cecil 7 months ago

    Cody was right to do this

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