1.13 is VERY Close to being fully out – and the pre-release added a


  • Stunts5 , 2 weeks ago

    Hyped as heck at the end made me laugh so much that was so funny

  • Red Bred 2 weeks ago

    Is PS4 java or bedrock?

  • HeadlessHorsemanMC 2 weeks ago

    When does it come out?

  • Chaotic Peace 2 weeks ago


  • Alex The railfan 2 weeks ago

    Will bedrock edition get a new title screen?


    What update will be next? reach for the Update Sky, Update Desert, Update Tiaga?

  • A Random Commenter 2 weeks ago

    The menu screen causes a big fps drop for me so they gotta fix that.

  • Matthew Cottrell 2 weeks ago

    Why is the switch havon maintende ln mc?

  • Richy gaming 2 weeks ago

    I don’t have time for the research. I have toy cat for that! Thanks for this information my good man

  • EmptyPringleCan XD 2 weeks ago

    better be soon

  • Bruce The Dude 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft keeps crashing on my PC☹️

  • CoolAid Man 2 weeks ago

    Wanna play MC – XB1 Edition? Add me 🙂 – Kira Makarov

    I hate Cross Play Edition dont you?
    Comment Down Below Why You Hate It^-^

  • sillycheesecake 2 weeks ago

    What about switch

  • Poison Wolf 2 weeks ago

    My computer wont do Java for some reason its on bedrock uhhhh

  • Gymnasticsgirl7878 2 weeks ago

    So excited for the update!!!!

  • Ystampylongnose 2 weeks ago

    I like the new title screen

  • Send Oats 2 weeks ago

    I think i have a problem on my earphones cause you sound like Xiumavoid

  • Star Chaser 2 weeks ago

    I’ma miss the old Java Title Screen

  • Jared Telford 2 weeks ago

    The Aquatic Update on Windows 10 Edition is beyond words. It is impressive how fun it is to swim in water that you can see in clearly. And you can hunt fish with an axe if ya want, haven’t tried the new fishing mechanic yet, I’m sure it is Lit

  • Prismarin 2 weeks ago

    *well, this is worst.*
    *it’s first time when i just don’t want to update. 1.12 was ok. but DON’T TOUCH TITLE SCREEEEN!!*

  • *_The Person Who likes Legendary Content_* 2 weeks ago

    That new backround is stunning

  • Fred Krazé 2 weeks ago

    Meanwhile i still cant fly and grass doesnt work ffs they havnt fixed these glitches for like 2 updates now!!!!

  • LD depthstrider 2 weeks ago

    Hey Guys, I do MineCraft Bedrock Edition on the server InPVP! I would really appreciate if you could subscribe! It means a lot!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🙂🙂

  • Andrew Brouillard 2 weeks ago

    oh yeah, i play java more often, just feels better to me i guess. the only times i’ll touch that one new edition that’s supposed to be the main game now is whenever i can’t play with someone due to different devices

  • Minecraft and Pokémon fan 1000 2 weeks ago

    Is this for console edition too ?

  • Teddy Walsh 2 weeks ago

    So what’s the difference between a Minecraft pre-release and a release. Since Mojang gives us access to the snapshots

  • Captain River 2 weeks ago


  • ComputersCinema 2 weeks ago

    I still play Minecraft alpha

  • basically coolaid 2 weeks ago

    My sister is really confused and she wanted me to ask is the update coming to 360??

  • Zachary Khan 2 weeks ago

    Don’t get me wrong I love the new title screen, but does it have a chance of being the previous one when you start up the game or is it once you’re in 1.13 you have the ocean screen?

  • Jeremiah Michaud 2 weeks ago

    it’s been 84 years…

  • MATHPC 40 2 weeks ago

    Soon release = 20 years later

  • TheGoldenGapple 2 weeks ago

    I need optifine on this as soon as possible

  • takumi mirisho 2 weeks ago

    Can it be played on cracked minecraft like mineshaft or something

  • Cookie Joe 2 weeks ago

    Are the bark textures on the top a bug?

  • painterjosh 2 weeks ago


  • Alex Lauriano 2 weeks ago

    Javre edition

  • Gamer Phantom 2 weeks ago

    is it avilable for xbox yet

  • Johnpaul Kun 2 weeks ago

    And so we set sail to the unknown ocean

  • Marsmolow ! 2 weeks ago

    is it available at Cp?

  • Marsmolow ! 2 weeks ago

    is it available for Cp?

  • jonathan 0.3 2 weeks ago


  • Super Star 2 weeks ago

    Is this for wii u to?

  • Marko Jovanovic 2 weeks ago


  • Chaser DOT Com 2 weeks ago

    OMG YES.

  • Soulless Banana 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft took the road downhill. I miss old minecraft. So long, childhood. I’ll never forget the good moments.

  • Bimbo DLD 2 weeks ago

    Wtf happen to Minecraft updates in PS4

  • Claire Pendragon 2 weeks ago

    Every time i spend months working on a custom map, they change SOMETHING that makes me have to start over.

    Now my friends cant play my current map w/o going back to 1.12
    i swear to god…

  • Robert Russell 2024 2 weeks ago

    I’m still waiting for it to come out on console if it comes out for console

  • CorporalPig22 2 weeks ago

    I’m just wondering about the Bedrock Edition…. WHEN IS THE 4K UPDATE _EVER_ GONNA COME?!

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