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    *WELCOME BACK TO JURASSIC WORLD! I’m happy to announce that I’m doing a Jurassic World series with some fellow friend youtubers! Also make sure to leave your minecraft IGN in the comments to be randomly added to the…. YOU GUESSED IT IF YOU’RE AN OG FAMOUS FILMS FAN, THE SUBSCRIBER GARDEN IS BACK GUYS! Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the channel if you’re new!*

  • McKenzie Rowe 1 week ago

    Yay a new series but also can you pls make a new crafting dead episode soon

  • Okami Sukai 1 week ago

    OMG. This is one of the most best Jurassic World lest plays that I would just sit and watch and that’s very rare for me. Can not wait for the next episode. Oh and my name is KageSukai

  • Sve4mc MC 1 week ago

    MC IGN: Sve4mc

  • Yuki Deathlove 1 week ago

    Mc name:YukiDeathlove,
    I love all the vids you make and you inspire me to think of new things in minecraft

  • Summer Netherton 1 week ago

    I love Jurassic world thanks so much for doing a rp

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    Hay! i really want to be in subscriber graden im new here and i love you roleplays. P.S my I.N.G is PianoBeret28588

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    Yay i love Jurassic Park and my in game name is lovehopefaith99

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  • Kevin Stoker 1 week ago

    I subscribed and liked another notification

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    Thebestalchemist is ign. Have subbed and liked

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    Minecraft name wolfsnightmare

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    Yes yes yes yessssss I love Jurassic Park and thank Lord one of my favorite YouTubers is doing a series about Jurassic Park I love you

  • DragonNixy 1 week ago

    Plz chose me Alex_dragonite

  • Bradley West 1 week ago

    I liked the video and my IGN is Bradley West

  • Joemnex 1 week ago

    This is going to be a great series

    MC IGN: Joemnex

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    hi my minecraft Ign is Savegeremasterd

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    Xbox is werewolfnamekai and Minecraft gamer tag is big_sissy2003 but call me werewolf or kai either one u want to call me by.

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    Yeah Jurassic World series

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    My ign is : KingSahvavvy

    I just subscribed and I already really like your channel owo.

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    Yay I live the Jurassic world movies and seeing an rp like this I love it

  • spike the bat reactions 1 week ago

    I just subbed

  • spike the bat reactions 1 week ago

    I’m spikethebatFTW

  • Adalyn autumn fether 1 week ago

    anyone missed me im sorry i was gone for 5 weeks or less

  • noam k 1 week ago

    Pretty sure you all ready did 2 other Jurassic world rolplays

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    RazorBlazor_GRT Or just Razor thx!

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  • N Taylor 1 week ago

    I sub and liked and put click the bell

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  • Eli the Gamer 1 week ago

    Great video you now have a new subscriber

  • gaming sharknado 1 week ago

    Mystery shark83

  • Christ Dee - All for One-One for All & AfOOfA 1 week ago

    Chance Cubes

  • Sweet Surender 1 week ago

    Minecraft name shadowfox92 I love this new roleplay amazing job I love it

  • Hshsh Shhss 1 week ago

    What about my werewolf boyfriend

  • Gavin Burson 1 week ago

    My IGN is RebuiltBug39 please put me in the subscriber garden and I love your FNAF 6 Minecraft roleplay series and I also liked the video

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    Crazy Caleb left like

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    200k here we go

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  • Katie Holley 1 week ago

    I love your videos you are definitely the best YouTuber and have the best videos I hope you don’t think I’m sucking up… My favorite dinosour is the raptor btw

    My Gamer Tag: khsparkles

  • FreezerPopGames 07 1 week ago

    I dont have minecraft yet but i really want to be so i am going to beg to get minecraft!

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    Awesome I love your channel and I love xylo channel so you have made this perfect or at least for me

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    Love the vid keep the good work

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    Hi famous Films

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    DaltonPlazs 😁 I love ur vids!!!!

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    i love your channel!! -gabby

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    Fun fact spinos are bigger than t rex the scientists coulding find more fossils so thought it was smaller then the t rex

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