Today we are playing Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 5!


  • Elijah Joaquin 4 months ago

    If romeo become jeese romeo will be a girl

  • The Enderman 1 4 months ago

    pat can you plz subscribe to my channel plz it would be an honer

  • ShadowKnight _YT 4 months ago

    Pat it’s the admin not Jen so I got clickbated but I like the vid wait no I LOVE ALL UR VIDS

  • rene jade 4 months ago


  • epicpug243 4 months ago

    I swear everybody else’s videos makes it look scary and creepy but jen and pat make it funny and better I love they’re videos

  • Austin Kelly 4 months ago

    At 9:54, it kinda looked like Petra’s Head was detached, right? It did to me.

  • Dawn Butcher 4 months ago


  • Puppy Gamer316842 4 months ago

    0:23 New new new new new

  • Jade S 4 months ago


  • Emmanuel Awe 4 months ago

    thats mean Radar’s nor a loser you muthaFucku

  • The Uni - Pug 4 months ago

    If you changed who you brought then Xara would still be under the bedrock and would not come to stop Romeo and Romeo would clap leading to champion city exploding to pieces and for some reason Stella hating you and blaming you saying you ticked him off and caused it

  • Candido Nava 4 months ago

    i feel bad

  • Jade S 4 months ago

    Totally hugged it

  • xiuer zhen 4 months ago

    Pat thats the real Axel!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candido Nava 4 months ago

    plase hace sesión 3 of mincarft srtary mide

  • Candido Nava 4 months ago


  • xiuer zhen 4 months ago


  • JESSE PEREZ 4 months ago


  • ryanizer11 4 months ago

    I hate that the save keeps getting corrupted because it keeps chasing the outcome I liked how it originally was compared to this one since the other admins is dead

  • Sanity Rice 4 months ago

    blockstarplanet pleaze

  • Traceese Hamilton 4 months ago

    No no just…just no

  • Savage Productions 4 months ago

    Lol 14:22 look at the background

  • AwsomeGamer 200 4 months ago

    Oh no evil Jen is back !

  • Minty kintune 4 months ago

    21:01 did petra just ride chuck

  • SuperCringyGamer 4 months ago

    Olivia sounds different

  • Claudia Anorve 4 months ago

    How do they have lluna and wasnt jack that was the admins friend for a while

  • Claudia Anorve 4 months ago

    Also nerm was with them

  • Claudia Anorve 4 months ago

    Why would u push ok that is why Everything is different now

  • Hhaah Y 4 months ago

    Did anybody else notice that Petra is now wearing the red suit instead of Jack ?

  • popular eye 4 months ago

    why did you startover this episode sucks 🙁

  • Adrienne Flateau 4 months ago

    listen closely at 16:55 😲

  • popular eye 4 months ago


  • MegaEnchantedbow 4 months ago

    aka pat did something wrong with Jen’s answers because she had a fight with jack not Petra remember

  • popular eye 4 months ago

    same axe;

  • ProNoobGuy 4 months ago

    Axel is the same Olivia is different

  • godzilla 2017 4 months ago

    Pat Jen could u f stopping it plz

  • godzilla 2017 4 months ago


  • Kimberly Puentes 4 months ago

    Epic proportions or Crafting dead

  • Liksi Diwa Daclan 4 months ago

    Hello guys just yesterday I sprained my wrist and I know what you are thinking ohh he is just saying this for likes but I actually got hurt Im not asking for likes just saying that I sprained my wrist

  • Some Random Person 4 months ago

    Imagine the Admins lied like The Old Order Of The Stone

  • Maia H 4 months ago

    Okay Okay, Axel didn’t sound too much different it was Olivia I thought sounded completely off…

  • No0 Name 4 months ago

    Is the auto choices the real right choice for the whole story. I mean cannon

  • PhoenixRedFlower Cute 4 months ago

    I farted im sorry you smelled my fart when we was hugging and yes I actually farted.Tmi? Tmi! (too much information)

  • hot dog butt weener 4 months ago

    Pause at 21:03 petra is riding jack!😂

  • DriperTDM 4 months ago

    Legend says that Chuck Norris is so tough that he does not have a chin under his beard just another fist

  • Ray Chong 4 months ago

    I actually cannot tell if Axl’s voice is the same. Seeing Beacon Town again reminds me of Reuben. 😶😮😯😦🙁😓😔😳😣😢😭

  • A Banana 4 months ago

    Nell is female

  • lilly luxray 4 months ago

    Why do you guys hate redar he is my favourite I love how he like a fan girl

  • Alpha Dream Wolf 4 months ago

    Yea, the voice actors changed, for axel and Olivia

  • Chib-Dipped Blue Flies 4 months ago

    AWW, you got the bad end with Stella. Ffs.

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