• super kitten 4 weeks ago

    I ❤ ldshsdow lady and you guys

  • KillerAceRctc Reagan Cao 4 weeks ago


  • Bailee Gray Andrews 4 weeks ago

    Hi can you subscribe please 😀😀

  • Shipon I 4 weeks ago

    Im sowy~

  • Nicole Mcdonagh 4 weeks ago

    Pat: Were trying to get to a happier place!
    Pat: * sees zombie head on fence*
    Me: …..

  • Ruby Velazquez 4 weeks ago

    make Jen a map pat

  • Annabel Carter 4 weeks ago

    i saw the text at the bottom of the screen pat………

  • DerpyWolfGirl120 YT 4 weeks ago

    Somebody better animate that scene of Pat making out with the zombie head!

  • Aadya Jain 4 weeks ago

    a bow made of peicies of old wood

  • Subixel 4 weeks ago

    Try not to get near me when im wacking this d#ck loooool

  • alex lightspeed297 4 weeks ago

    Lol this map sucks

  • Israel Velazquez 4 weeks ago



    If you actually opened this I feel bad for you have a good day

    You’re still reading this I thought u would’ve left by now plz stop going down





    Ok fine you want to hear me secret? Keep scrolling



    I like to eat pizza, there my secret is out, btw if you actually see this you are very patient and are the best person and I hope I brightened your day 🙂 and if you need help you might ask

    You:who I gonna call?

    Me : ghost busters😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Drewtazy 4 weeks ago

    Those zombays are hilarious

  • Enkhmandakh Jargal 4 weeks ago

    “Why did you make it so hard? You’re not very skilled . That was a joke kind of” Jen 2018 🤣

  • Nancy Curtis 4 weeks ago

    Loved the inrto

  • Nancy Curtis 4 weeks ago


  • MSolis 03426 4 weeks ago

    hi pat

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  • Grace Phillips 4 weeks ago

    you are amazing

  • Gaming Zeus 4 weeks ago

    Inside the chest was a zombie XD

  • Hettla Better 4 weeks ago

    damn..I found out about you 4 years ago. Actually I started really watching youtube 6 years ago. I’m 12.

  • Dante Lutinski 4 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen I’m a 15 year old male and I have been watching your channel for 5 years now I love it you guys make me laugh and you guys make me feel better about myself when I’m feeling down about myself I would really appreciate it if you guys would give me a shout out I’m a big fan and I love all of your videos thank you and keep making these videos cuz they make people happy

  • B & E GAMING_live 4 weeks ago

    Nice roast jen ha ha

  • Leticia Mejia 4 weeks ago

    You guus are the best youtubers

  • Gina Galope 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for your help with this man

  • Monette Williams 4 weeks ago

    Are you good at fortnite

  • Joshua Williams 4 weeks ago

    omg pat is an amazing map creator please tell me why he quit lol

  • supergamers 123 4 weeks ago

    Ow an awwrow 🤣

  • Sari Rivera 4 weeks ago

    He spelled pieces wrong! XD

  • Rainbow Donut 4 weeks ago

    Sometimes, when I read the comments I feel like there is a minority of this community who uses proper grammar and are mature. A very small minority.

  • The Diamond Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Pat, calm down on the cussing!

  • Bharatanatyam Girl 4 weeks ago

    Lizzy is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • parth mehta 4 weeks ago

    As usual Jenn Is Sooo Dummmm


    It’s wierd how he wrote cuss words but he doesn’t say them. I know it was long ago but I just wanted to say that he has changed

  • Bella Lopez 4 weeks ago

    Yay Lizzie!

  • Edward Lim Animations 4 weeks ago

    0:08 I thought its real Jen XD

  • Benjamin Corral 4 weeks ago

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  • David Ramos 4 weeks ago

    ._. I was laughing when pat was talking about the arrow

  • Angelina Yap 4 weeks ago

    i love ur thumbnail for this one

  • Carey Waters 4 weeks ago

    Jen’s whacking her stick

  • DragonGirl Gamer 4 weeks ago

    Did he really write “disks” instead of “discs”?

  • The Gaming Galaxy 4 weeks ago

    no ofense pat but your map needs an update

  • Muhammad Rauf 4 weeks ago

    hello gen 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈

  • ShakeAndBake 4 weeks ago

    I feel like I’ve seen this map before…..

  • Quantum 98 4 weeks ago

    Maybe you should make another map…

  • Mo Lee 4 weeks ago


  • Mo Lee 4 weeks ago


  • top eleven 4 weeks ago

    pat and jen do a fill the will

  • Joanne Wadey 4 weeks ago

    Part 8:23 to 8:40 Pat:Don’t go in don’t go in!,!! Jen: walks in pat :what are you doing Jen:I’m sorry I thought you said to go in ME: slaps face 100 times

  • Mo Lee 4 weeks ago


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