• My nicknames Shadow 1 week ago

    what the hell how do you still play Minecraft and still get views I thought it died out

  • MC_Dandelion526 Gaming 1 week ago

    Wow ur ugly! Btw, I only watch you because Thea and Crainer now you 👹

  • David Xing 1 week ago

    Nice Channel

  • Isaiah Jordan 1 week ago

    Play more clue

  • Flying Noobz 1 week ago

    Unpopular opinion: i dont like the forest

  • Dark Starz 1 week ago

    Try creating gold blocks and use the one enchant to make it a diamond block than make the diamond 😂😂😂

  • Jody Anders 1 week ago

    Given I’ve been playing this a lot, some of Ian’s ideas on what things are hurt haha. 1) enchant cleanser wipes enchant, but does not give it back to you. 2) no such thing as uncommon crystal and you can only up the crystal percent with the crystals of the same type.

  • Br1An50 1 week ago

    What about the derp SSundee intros?

  • Blake Morrison 1 week ago

    cleanser deletes the enchant for good

  • Scott Day 1 week ago

    Hello Ssundee, I was born with Hypo-plastic Left heart syndrome. I have had 3 open heart surgery’s and Thursday im going to get my pacemaker surgery to replace my battery and your videos remove all of my stress of surgery. So thank you for keeping me from stressing all of the time.

  • Beep Beep 1 week ago

    I want you to do another 1.

  • Bue Bollman 1 week ago

    Where’s derp ssundee

  • Trollzor 911 1 week ago

    theres no uncommon

  • THE GAMING KID 2.O 1 week ago

    remember Ian said “Stick to the end for the crystals” but… HE DIDNT DO THEM

  • Alphie 1 week ago

    i umm got banned from that server… 15 hours till i can grind MORe!

  • Evan. Bowman 1 week ago

    He said he was gonna use a cristal

  • MasterCrafterGamer 57 1 week ago

    SSundee I always wanted to ask why do you have those ear pieces in your ears?Did you get a new job?

  • Kethium A 1 week ago

    I miss Mr. Chang ;-;

  • Solar Flare 1 week ago

    Since you don’t lose xp in prisons, then you can use an anvil to repair your tools for cheap. Just need the materials.

  • Solar Flare 1 week ago

    Also, you want the Stop That enchant cause it spawns a villager that when killed will drop rewards. I’ve only gotten 1 diamond each time so that may be it,

  • Wachirawit Baothonglo 1 week ago

    question how in the heck did you get in the prison in the first place

  • Wachirawit Baothonglo 1 week ago


  • BTD Crow 1 week ago

    Ssundee: 26% sixsex

  • Time To Catch TV 1 week ago

    I’m gonna go watch season 1 of jail break now

  • AwsomeCraft126 1 week ago

    I miss the factions series!!!!! Plz play it again

  • Nora Najera 1 week ago

    Make a live stream

  • Basement Dweller 1 week ago

    Can u play ww2

  • TRIPLE ACE 1 week ago

    the forest

  • Mister Laugh or die 1 week ago

    Make mister Chang join jail break

  • Katie Lujan 1 week ago

    You liar

  • 4sharkbait 1 week ago

    MORE MURDERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lupo Family 1 week ago

    What if you place the gold back down would you still be able to turn it to diamond if so you could place gold in your cell and break it with alchemy you would have diamonds for days

  • Edward Roggers 1 week ago

    Do Part 4 Quick

  • Offline 1 week ago

    ssundee said suc-sex

  • Rrek 1 week ago

    FlyingTerd2 if u see this… omg xD

  • Ethan Barrett 1 week ago

    Ssundee you should make a 1.13 snapshot video or vanilla series! 🙂

  • Endless gamer P 1 week ago

    Anybody else cringing because ssundee is smelting his gold instead of placing it and using it to get a bigger chance of diamonds because he’s getting ore so he can place the ore then mine it with his alchemy pick

  • Michael pastovich 1 week ago

    Troll craft 2 ?

  • Phantom Axe 1 week ago

    why are you not playing fortnite with crainer anymore?

  • packerandcubsfan 1 week ago

    I have no idea why I am watching this series. I haven’t watch a MC series in years. But here I am

  • Robert xD Grajo 1 week ago


  • Why Smile 1 week ago

    Upload jailbreak series every other day

  • Cookie monster 315 1 week ago

    You rat, you said you would enchant at the end of the video |:(

  • Yusa Nishimori 1 week ago

    Ehm ypu promised us that ypull use the rare crystal ~cOuGh~

  • Lexicon 1 week ago

    Use the Golg Ore in your cell with the enchanted pickaxe endlessly until you get diamonds….exploit?

  • The Ugly Duckling 1 week ago

    ssundee your a gold digger

  • Second isBest 1 week ago

    Where is Derp Ssundee

  • Lyrani Arzano 1 week ago

    Visit my Minecraft gaming channel ^_^

  • Radioactive Gamer 1 week ago

    I remember when Ian only uploaded minecraft videos. those were good times. the day he posted a non minecraft video,the beginning of the end began.

  • Drastic Coast 1 week ago

    Book gang whole lotta gang shit

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