• Logdotzip 3 months ago

    Hey everyone! I hope you all super enjoy the second MNU show!! We applied some of your feedback from the comment section last time! Keep it coming, it means so much to us to have your input involved with the show!

    Don’t forget to leave your COMMUNITY CHALLENGE in the comments below. And Send any fan creations you might have to fans@logdotzip.com 😁

  • DavieJones1111 3 months ago

    When is not rude when he troll because the persons he troll get gifts and also they get really happy because they met him. So not that rude I think

  • Junel Pasayon 3 months ago

    You look rk

  • Bojan Kovács 3 months ago

    This got a bit cringy real quick…

  • MarioRavioli 3 months ago

    2010 was 600 years ago?! where have I been all this time?

  • Quintin Bott 3 months ago

    Try to mine diamonds, but only diamonds, so you can give yourself an iron pickaxe

  • BTSully 3 months ago


  • KeltuziaYT 3 months ago

    I just wish drumstick was back

  • Oweenoburrito 3 months ago

    woowzie, I can’t believe that MineCraft is ancient. Am I right my 8 yr old buddys???? 💯💯😂😂😂😂

  • ScoutChris 1st 3 months ago

    i want to hear the news but i cant stand him…

  • Roush Hawley 3 months ago

    we need wireless redstone transmitters with like infinite channels where you enter the channel number into a box )like in a command block) on the transmitter and reciever and they will only communicate if they are on the same channel.

  • KJTGamer1 the emereld ninja 3 months ago

    3:23 better trolling then clickbaiting

  • MaceTheGamer17 C 3 months ago

    Create a new world and try to die 5 different ways in 5 minutes. No cheats. no /gamemode 1 at the beginning to prove you dont have cheats enabled. NO CHEATING AT ALL!!! And no other players too.

  • BlackPanther5000 3 months ago

    Try to kill the Ender Dragon with a wooden sword

  • Mr Masterouse 3 months ago

    So this is why theo don’t have phones laptops etc….

  • William Plush991 3 months ago

    No it isn’t just because it’s block shape doesn’t mean it’s related to MC

  • FE2 Productions 3 months ago

    Wow i thought 012 was the dumbest person of YouTube -_-

  • Ethan Orzo and Sam 3 months ago

    make zombies kill you when it touches you, and kill 4

  • MineDodge 3 months ago

    Cam here? Go to 9:53 to get what you want

  • Rocas 3 months ago

    the actual game was made is 2009….

  • Schuyler Cali Faner 3 months ago

    Fvcc yah dude ur the best Minecraft news/update announcer!!.

  • Game_dude_tube 0998 3 months ago

    Is he Canadian or Americans

    I am Canadian

  • EnderDude124 3 months ago

    Heres an idea for a challenge, Normal Minecraft, but the world is upside down!
    Your goal?
    Get to the nether in any way possible. You get diamond tools, iron armour, and several buckets. You can use any seed.

    If you know how to use mods, I recommend the mod “up, down, and all around” for the challenge.

  • Zuper- Terraria 3 months ago

    you should challenge 10 creepers in a 30 by 30 arena with only a gold sword or two

  • Allen Apostol 3 months ago

    Make a news channel

  • TET gaming 3 months ago

    beat the ender dragon with no armor

  • AdhesiveOlies Games 3 months ago

    Mojang is in from Capital of Sweden, Europe

  • The_ MCRuler 3 months ago

    try to fight a horde of enemies with 5x attack rate, and kill 5 of each mob

  • Team EAK 3 months ago

    Retexture the netherrack block to look the same as obsidian. Start with five netherrack and a diamond pickaxe in your inventory. With netherrack and obsidian scattered randomly across an area, continue mining until the amounts of each block you have collected are equal (for every one netherrack in your inventory, you must have one obsidian in your inventory).

  • The Relentless Naxi 3 months ago

    I am so jealous

  • Abe Garcia 2006 3 months ago

    Happy 2 million

  • Captain_Supernova 3 months ago

    The allosaur was based on The Isle’s allo

  • ARTnGames 3 months ago

    Think of how many series he never started then he came up with this 🙃

  • Camflht 3 months ago

    Kill 10 zombies that have a full god set

    With a iron sword


  • Rock Radiance123 3 months ago

    Next video
    Send for doni bobes

  • Cal Quitzau 3 months ago

    I hate jappa

  • the crew of cool 3 months ago

    Defeat the wither starting with nothing but random items drop from the sky

  • Fizz Gaming 3 months ago

    There must be more biomes and temples and secret caves !!!thumbs up if you agree

  • Gamer929andminecraft W.I.P. 3 months ago

    Doni also does banning vids

  • ThatOneLaserKid Azotillo 3 months ago


  • Interceptor_YT 3 months ago

    here’s a challenge.Beat 2 withers with olny leather armour stone tools, 10 gaps and 2 god aps

  • NeoForeverGM 3 months ago

    I live in sweden .-.

  • Joshua Bright 3 months ago

    wow, maybe there could be…..A COBBLE-STONE AGE!

  • Swish Drpig 3 months ago

    please take on the wither while riding a pig!

  • Chakrey Anuntaumporn 3 months ago

    Kill hostile pigs?

  • DrqgonDuck 3 months ago

    Logditzip: “He who must not be named!”ME: VOLDEMORT IS DEAD KNOW YOUR FACTS

  • sharif chandio 3 months ago

    kill the ender dragon with snow balls

  • Ninja Legacy 3 months ago

    make every tool you get only lefy with one hit

  • Naatteyy 3 months ago

    _”minecraft copied roblox”_

  • Kaci Begley 3 months ago

    Get EVERY single mob hostile and try to survive for a day and for a night BUT u can only have wooden or stone tools and 2 stacks of any meat (plz notice me) Ur the best and good luck u will need it 😁😊

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