GOOD NEWS! We managed to escape the planet where all the villagers


  • Matthew Pugh 7 months ago

    DID YOU MAKE A DINO BABY!?!? *EDIT* DINO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *excited noises*

  • Adamdaman678 7 months ago


  • Blizzard 7 months ago


  • The Dark One 7 months ago

    Rik…. Don’t do anything to Meatball…

  • thunder tamer101 7 months ago

    +Stumpt make big Dino
    Big Dino good
    Big Dino protect
    Big Dino cute

  • Rhea Byrne 7 months ago

    I’m so worried for Meatball

  • Mlg Dr Lion 7 months ago

    Why do I feel like that meatball is going to turn into the spaceship like a transformer

  • extraterrestrial gd 7 months ago

    I’m kind of hoping the next modded survival has the morph mod in it. (The 1.8 one)

  • Heather Constant 7 months ago

    Love you people’s XD

  • alona ser 7 months ago


  • clem3806 7 months ago

    I like how the robot T-rex goes “omnomnomnom” in a robotic voice when you feed it.

  • fuchilen 7 months ago

    I wonder how long it will take rik to kill all the dinos accidentally

  • Waffle 7 months ago

    Great intro 👏🏻

  • Garuu Spike 7 months ago

    “Have you downloaded your dreams off the internet, Rik?”

    I actually lost it

  • GoGo Gaming 7 months ago

    tword the end of your series it seems much more scripted than it was before

  • Bryson Murray 7 months ago

    To get t-rex parts you have to wait for a laser creeper who is riding a t-rex and kill the creeper and the t-rex

  • Susan Monk 7 months ago

    If its a girl risk try having kids ok pin her up a wall
    And do it please

  • GoGo Gaming 7 months ago

    (posted before end of vid btw )what if its like the prince and princess from orespawn and if you feed it to a grown up it becomes evil

  • Boy83gaming 7 months ago

    The next world should have the Jurassic park mod or what ever it’s called

  • alix firth 7 months ago

    So what’s up with Rik’s dream? I feel like it’s got something to do with that deal he made at the end of the last series…

  • zack qwartz 7 months ago

    I’m getting flash backs of ashs zoo

  • Michael J. Caboose 7 months ago

    Rik, you should repair you helmet or else it will break, btw Meatball is the best name for a Robot T-Rex

  • Chris Divine 7 months ago

    Pls do a super hero series

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