• James Foxx 3 weeks ago

    I would build a big golden apple house

  • wyvernfall gaming 3 weeks ago

    Anyone want to know what the largest explosion in minecrart modding history is try guessing is it the rival rebels tsar nuke the icbm Mod antimatter missile the hbm ivy Mike the too.much tnt meteor nuke or none of the above

  • ShawnMichael B.Sergio 3 weeks ago

    Adventure time tree house

  • FritzieYT. 3 weeks ago

    I cannot build that my sister can build a pro house to

  • FritzieYT. 3 weeks ago

    Oh and Naveed I love your roblox channel

  • Conrada Celestial 3 weeks ago

    Your cool

  • Jay Sylvain 3 weeks ago

    I would build the hole tatawin.villigers= farmers and skeletons = tusking raiders

  • SuperRyanA 3 weeks ago

    This is the first vid that i see naveeds face!

  • Rolando Canoza 3 weeks ago


  • QuartzTutorials 3 weeks ago

    Why are you building inside of a Building…Get some Space

  • gamer 557 3 weeks ago

    I will build a dragon🐲

  • bhawmik pomal 3 weeks ago

    Make a video of Bugatti car’s

  • kenson jhenfrix yngoc 3 weeks ago

    I like your face cam

  • Tayab Khan 3 weeks ago

    NC my brother is a big fan but now I don’t like you any more now I like unspeakable,mosecraft,rageilexr,09aharkboy and 100000000 more but don’t cry my brother still like you 1 like for grandma

  • Oryza_ Pavita 3 weeks ago

    Yey you use a facecam

  • exlite 3 weeks ago

    I love everything of the house

  • Mustafa Khan 3 weeks ago

    Cool i love your videos so cool

  • Red Devil 3 weeks ago

    u look like you woke up from sleep

  • james decker 3 weeks ago

    Dantdm lab

  • Adem _XD 3 weeks ago

    فلسطين حر حر

  • Kevin Momoh 3 weeks ago

    im moving into a new house! it has 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and 3 living rooms and a basment and up stairs and a kitchen and a laundry room… not to brag

  • Mine Oli 3 weeks ago

    how you create mark?

  • Nicolas Eduzin 3 weeks ago

    Algum Br , i love you Naveed

  • Elizabeth Prock 3 weeks ago

    i would build a mansion based on the white house

  • MoMu Miko 3 weeks ago

    I would build a kylo ren house :3

  • What happen to your hair

  • Asheer Ishti 3 weeks ago

    I just started watching and Already love it keep the great content up

  • Al Fharez 3 weeks ago

    Yuo noooooooooooooooob

  • valenteijn poecke 3 weeks ago


  • Jonathan Hatch 3 weeks ago

    this guy noob

  • Gracie Price 3 weeks ago

    Defanently a 15 story mancion and i chalange you to biuld one

  • Erdi Pajaziti 3 weeks ago

    Cool face cam

  • icarly lover 3 weeks ago

    I would build the zoey101 logo

  • Kenny Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Can you build me one of these please your my favorite YouTuber

  • Natalia Ilczuk 3 weeks ago

    your so bad so fuck u

  • euan honda video's 3 weeks ago

    I love everything iam naveed

  • Johnrussell Pascual 3 weeks ago

    wow its so pro hous

  • Bebie Clerge 3 weeks ago

    Hfhj TV jtjn th tju red jhfhc Hu fhfjj f jtjuruvh TV uruu ft c I poo

  • Kingoftheslime 3 weeks ago

    Your the best!!!! AWESOME VIDS!!! 😀 I’m subbed on both of my channels!!! AMAZING!!

  • Nasrullah Khan 3 weeks ago

    McNaveed I just subscribed , I hit the bell button and I also hit the like button.

  • Dm Budd 3 weeks ago

    Cool 😎
    My dad loves star wars
    To NAV ☺

  • dead inside 3 weeks ago

    I hate the way you talk it’s if you think all your viewers are all little kids please has real reactions and be yourself you have a act and it’s dumb

  • Lokolos Jr. 3 weeks ago

    I would build a 2000 story mansion

  • Rafa Aditya 3 weeks ago

    i. want. battle. ship

  • London Cole 3 weeks ago

    Ohhh I just love ❤️ ur accent sooo much ahh! 😁

  • Seth Hesling 3 weeks ago

    Arrrrr me Harty

  • Cy Plaza 3 weeks ago

    I subscribe

  • SpongeBob games 3 weeks ago

    Like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Robin Diener 3 weeks ago

    i love you videos and i kan not english. I kan german

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