• TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    If you want more monster base chalenges leave a like!

  • DRMC Films 2 weeks ago

    I’ve rode a horse

  • Jordan Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    You should have gave it laser eyes

  • Junseo Lee 2 weeks ago

    Horses… like dogs with speed

  • Chuy Gomez 2 weeks ago

    I like your videos but I’m just saying I subscribed but I’m just saying why doesn’t he play like one YouTuber one YouTuber but play one game in real life like Nerf one time

  • Gamerslayergirl 25 2 weeks ago

    I love horses and some day I’m going to ride one

  • shy chaos shiper 2 weeks ago

    Make a

  • shy chaos shiper 2 weeks ago

    Rellim Pennywise

  • shy chaos shiper 2 weeks ago

    Boy I really shouldn’t be smiling that much now I feel like she’s a

  • shy chaos shiper 2 weeks ago


  • Chuy Gomez 2 weeks ago

    the race is my stuff boy I’m saying one thing he might because we all know he needs to stop playing Minecraft is for one day I’m just saying why don’t you play the floor is lava plays on Nerf guns like that why doesn’t you do battle

  • Shannon Williamson 2 weeks ago

    Not is not a horse

  • Miss Renee 2 weeks ago

    do a base black VS red

  • Gabe Ari 2 weeks ago

    You made my grandfather’s pet dog it’s a black Scottish terrier and he’s very fat

  • Michael Taylor 2 weeks ago


  • Michael Taylor 2 weeks ago


  • Marcos Negrete 2 weeks ago


  • ThePugStation3 2 weeks ago

    Cody I am also from New Hampshire the snow is horrible here

  • shy chaos shiper 2 weeks ago

    Find something to where there was a laser coming out of his butt and said Chet and said oh look he’s about to fire out of his

  • Alex Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    More rollplay

  • Wolf Gaming1435 2 weeks ago

    Horses are lovable

  • Savage Kid 2 weeks ago

    unseen horses before and rode one

  • Taven Begay 2 weeks ago

    I love horses U haven’t lived life until u ride bare back on a horse Like if u agree

  • FISHY FISH 101 2 weeks ago

    Plot twist

  • crazy kid 27 Vredenburg 2 weeks ago

    Dream craft 2.0

  • rheeses cupys 2 weeks ago

    You guys are so stupid a horse is a beautiful creatur

  • Wanita Chaisiri 2 weeks ago

    Super cool love the ending where joe becomes a hero

  • Ronin Glenn 2 weeks ago

    Its Said (Doh-G)

  • airdome Justdie 2 weeks ago

    How can I make Minecraft popular again

  • ciaran beast channel 2 weeks ago

    Joe is back

  • Nathan Owens 2 weeks ago


  • Ethan Buccelli 2 weeks ago

    Make IT invasions

  • A and A Rose 2 weeks ago

    Do something with #littlelizard gaming please!!!!!!!!!!! Like if you agree

  • The calm Before the storm 2 weeks ago

    Who else started singing Thanks For The Memories every time Cody said memories

  • Brett Densmore 2 weeks ago

    That’s to funny make it a try not to laugh challenge

  • springtrap fan 2 weeks ago


  • BARBARATIN2007 2 weeks ago

    i sen the old video of you cody and buz when you and buz had first minecraft worl calld atlantis adventures and i fell sorry for you cody becouse buz left and he was jour best friend

  • Will Stevens 2 weeks ago

    what gun mod do you use

  • Nightfight3-gaming 2 weeks ago

    When is Jurasic craft 4 coming

  • sarah mama 2 weeks ago

    We’re Those Heads Of Steves Colored! 😂I saw Green Yellow Red And Blue!

  • Christy Pethel 2 weeks ago

    An I buy the map?

  • Grian Gladiator 2 weeks ago

    Hey Cody I give you 1k you had 999 but I give you ¡ 1,000 ! AKA ¡ 1k !

  • Grian Gladiator 2 weeks ago

    Little lizard gaming what the

  • Grian Gladiator 2 weeks ago

    #FUCKYOU we’re blowing up the mine

  • Alexander Kulig 2 weeks ago

    you a fended me by saying jake cause I have a dog that died that was called jake

  • Alexander Kulig 2 weeks ago

    but still thumbs up

  • antonio diaz III 2 weeks ago

    Your the best you tuber

  • Margarita Aguilar 2 weeks ago

    The base has a mustache

  • H8Games H8games 2 weeks ago

    Attack on titan vs base or dragons vs base

  • Khiem Tran 1 week ago

    You scapegoats he he…

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