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  • Ak 47 3 weeks ago

    do only cartoon challenge

  • Muhammad Firman Taufik Prawiradilaga 3 weeks ago

    cool bro…………..

  • Joseph Flores 3 weeks ago

    New minecraft=fortnite

  • Sevian Halls 3 weeks ago

    no spam clicking challenge

  • XxIts MikxX 3 weeks ago

    Black and White Challenge!

  • XxIts MikxX 3 weeks ago

    No Change Floor Challenge! By the way Jerry and Harry I love your Videos!

  • AaravOPR 3 weeks ago

    Only 1 colour challenge

  • Screaming Turtle 3 weeks ago

    When they missed one block and never fixed it..

  • The Amigos 3 weeks ago

    You guys could make the leaderboards in teams in build battles keep up the good work Jeff and Harry

  • Cristian Berinde-GAMING 3 weeks ago

    Make this challange:Only votting blocks (use only: poop, super poop, ok, good,, epic, legendary)

  • Geraldine Rivera 3 weeks ago

    Eating an Banana while watching Jerry&Harry build awesome stuffs

  • the arya player 3 weeks ago

    7:16 omg

  • CN channel 3 weeks ago

    12:21 First time you’ve voted epic.

  • TheLimeglass 3 weeks ago

    You guys should do other content besides Build Battle, I can tell you’re getting tired of it. I will watch anything you guys make. Also I see ItsJerryAndHarry channel is dying.

  • the fhelliks box heads 3 weeks ago

    Guys challenge only colorful build challenge pls my first time

  • GamingNoob 3 weeks ago

    i knew they would put some pics of Wall-E

  • the wolf girl 3 weeks ago

    I like your building pixelart

  • Ian Coenradie 3 weeks ago

    He guys, at the first build of you, you had to use item frames in the hotbar

  • Mr.Phantom Evil 3 weeks ago

    At the end you said pixel battle

  • Epp Bender 3 weeks ago

    Only pink challenge

  • Mimi Mimi 3 weeks ago

    What is the name of the intro song

  • Rich Cham 3 weeks ago

    Nice building skills and good job you guys are good builders

  • Ardell Vito 3 weeks ago

    Too many pixel arts!

  • Rhino Garcia 3 weeks ago

    can you speak filipino???

  • GreekGamer kots70 3 weeks ago

    This is so funny because he says episode 2008 and the vid is 20:08

  • Jc DRkWOlF 3 weeks ago

    Can u do animals only pls or only cartoons

  • NonTOO short 3 weeks ago

    I think that fortnite is just gonna last like 2-3

  • BlueSSkyy Blu 3 weeks ago


  • Riley sines 3 weeks ago

    Fortnite is already dieing

  • DMX74 3 weeks ago

    You guys are good builders!!!!!

  • hungry gamer 3 weeks ago

    If you guys do quit please do a face reveal, don’t just leave us with an “okay we quit bye”!

  • Ich bin ein Yoshi 3 weeks ago

    Guys i have a Problem i get banned on your Server but i dont have hacked my Name joshua1243
    I Hope you See it

  • Galaxy Wolf 3 weeks ago

    you shall do no vote challange with only 2D builds

  • Nosyaleksander817a Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Only Gold Challenge!

  • Brenda Pratte 3 weeks ago

    Ssunde is baaaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!

  • سالم سالم 3 weeks ago

    can you guys play Roblox?

  • JC PARAS TV 3 weeks ago

    Can i get 1 like?

  • The Hand 3 weeks ago

    Me: Wow, a Jerry and Harry video! (hit the like button).

    Jerry and Harry: PUBG is dying.

    Me: WTH? (Hit the like button again and then hit the dislike button).

    IJK love you Jerry and Harry~~~

  • AnimeBoyXD YT 3 weeks ago

    only glass challenge

  • CRAZY SHARK - MINECRAFT 3 weeks ago

    ur mom gay

  • ItsWoofless 3 weeks ago

    I challenge you to do a whole episode in an English accent

  • Elf boe 3 weeks ago

    i Love your videos 😉 good job guys 💖

  • Fart City 3 weeks ago

    You should have done this minecraft in minecraft in minecraft in minecraft in minecraft in minecraft in minecraft

  • James Battson 3 weeks ago

    ITS A REVERSE TRASH CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Purple Panda 3 weeks ago

    You guys are pro builders good job! 😀

  • Jasmine La 3 weeks ago

    Dang ur good at building

  • Jorjaleigh Desnomie 3 weeks ago

    my mom has “Moana” on and its really loud so i cant hear what you guys are saying

  • DrealPro 604 3 weeks ago

    link of texture pack they using

    hope this help you 🙂

  • Jonathan Pangaribuan 3 weeks ago

    Nice bulid

  • ImFineThankYou ! 3 weeks ago

    Luv yu guys

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