• Casual HD 6 months ago

    Behz don’t hold ur Diamonds coz u may lose them if u catch an L 😂😂

  • HawkPlays 6 months ago

    When/If u have finished need for speed and you enjoyed that type of game I recommend forza horizon 3, it’s pretty much the same with more cars and a bigger campaign

  • Sprilabs Gaming 6 months ago

    Whats the server link?

  • Zak Smith 6 months ago

    Behz just got a couple of things, with your mine shaft put stairs on the way down so you don’t have to constantly jump 😉 and make the roof of your mine (going down the steps) 3 high to avoid smacking your head! But anyway such an amazing EP!! Loving the series

  • Messi Monkey 6 months ago


  • Will Alonso 6 months ago

    Keep grinding and Vikkastle will look minuscule next to CASA BEHZ

  • Weird Foot 6 months ago

    Behz I still think my £2 on that 3rd round helped with that kill!! Good job, and great stream <3 All love.

  • Keiran McDonald 6 months ago

    Ethan don’t always sell all your gold because you can use it to create gold & god apples

  • Mayecastillo7 Castillo 6 months ago

    Leave a like for behz!

  • why do you not hold ur jump button while running instead of single pressing it? everyone can catch up to you

  • J.C.267 6 months ago

    When behz isn’t playing a rage inducing game he’s actually really chilled out and an actually pleasant person, subbed.

  • Jack Honan 6 months ago

    Is florian a youtuber?

  • cristiano ronaldo 6 months ago


  • afernplayz 6 months ago

    This is fucking great

  • LegacyDesigns. 6 months ago

    what ethan plays minecraft
    i am confusion

  • Rebecca Harris 6 months ago

    Im still laughing at your reaction to getting that kill😂😂 quality content as always🙌🏻

  • I forgot my name 6 months ago

    1 kill!

  • The Mining TNT 6 months ago

    Great episode

  • Friend Request 6 months ago

    Hey behz what PC do you have?

  • CHEWY MINTZ 6 months ago


  • кяож 6 months ago

    I have not been on Youtube for the past month and this?

    This surprised me…

  • HUNT's Gaming 6 months ago

    I didn’t realise how bad behz is 😂😂😂

  • IPlayz Apple 6 months ago

    love you

  • Amraj Gill 6 months ago

    if anyone’s wondering where behz kils raf it’s at 50:20

  • Ollie Coe 6 months ago

    Start the forest again with Simon

  • Lord Razaq 6 months ago

    My YouTube glitches out so I didn’t get the notification for this stream 😢

  • Fraser Downes 6 months ago

    Make a sword and sell it instead of selling plain stone or plain gold. It might be worth more money.

  • Ulrich288 6 months ago

    Thx for fixing screen

  • thomasgrant0609 6 months ago

    went and got minecraft because i’ve been watching the series and love it, keep up the good work on this and all your great content dude!

  • CmGaming 6 months ago

    Loving this series

  • i swear to fuck stop saying L

  • flawpie 6 months ago

    imagine behz if he played h3m

  • Jake medcalf 6 months ago

    Make a cow farm

  • joel sollergård ed 6 months ago

    What is this game mode called?

  • try press f11 to go fullscreen for no black bars

  • InsanePlayz-Minecraft& more 6 months ago

    Yo Behz, instead of clicking and draging, just Shift left click and then it will auto put it into the inventory.

  • Kane Strevens 6 months ago

    Vik missed an iron helmet

  • Kane Strevens 6 months ago

    Bez I wish u killed side and u could have came 3rd or better I would have been so happy

  • Fox Wolf 6 months ago

    Vikk is sick with a bow

  • Drew Madigan 6 months ago

    Behz make a river/stream that goes all the way to your house so you can boat all the way there

  • Nicholas Sandoval 6 months ago

    Minecraft fucking sucks

  • Destiny Hicks 6 months ago

    hey behz! you should look back on Vikks h4m series, ep. 2 to be exact, he does some cool stair case builds that you should try to incorporate into the house to make it less “flat” looking from the outside! But besides that great job on the series! Keep up the good work!

  • Fraser Downes 6 months ago

    Do another hunger games/skywars

  • Miny Minecrafter 6 months ago

    What’s the ip

  • Daddy xQc 6 months ago

    Idk why im getting triggered when i see the view-like ratio in this vid, maybe it just DEFINITELY deserves more likes

  • Heinrich Bause 6 months ago

    ethan please try and make this daily otherwise your ganna be behind

  • Aaron D 6 months ago

    Behz says to Vikk it’s not that hard to sell when he was baffed himself!

  • Adv3rt1sed f1sh 6 months ago

    Can u pls make your face cam bigger 🙏

  • ICEMAKER24 6 months ago

    Lol behz teaching vik how to play minecraft

  • Ollie Coe 6 months ago

    Sick video behz

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