Run for your life from these disasters!!
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  • PopularMMOs 2 weeks ago

    Time for more epic disasters!!!!! Enjoy guys!

  • Vanessa Cortes 2 weeks ago

    My classmate in school is as fat as that meteor AKA fat Cameron he calls him self

  • Official Sampson 2 weeks ago

    you sock

  • Massimiliano Coceancig 2 weeks ago

    So what was spelt incorrect

  • Jano Velasco 2 weeks ago

    My ear is bleeding😔

  • Gloria Reyes 2 weeks ago

    I have a challenge do every disaster

  • Gloria Reyes 2 weeks ago

    At one time 😥

  • Michele Cornack 2 weeks ago

    AmaZing Vid Plz Sub to my channel i need 50subs also can i get 10 comment likes

  • Inkgamer 1325 2 weeks ago


  • enas alshekh 2 weeks ago

    Hi gen

  • Темный Монах 2 weeks ago

    12:30 it’s housetanic

  • Eileen Mae Perez 2 weeks ago

    when pat said im scared jen said i am trying to that means jen is tryind to get scared i think

  • Israel Rodriguez 2 weeks ago


  • Hunter Martin 2 weeks ago

    Pat plz accept my friend request on ROBLOX

  • G-Mann Coize 2 weeks ago

    That Means Jen Is Homeless?

  • G-Mann Coize 2 weeks ago

    Pat And Jen Did a Hilarious Intro

  • King Mamaril 2 weeks ago

    A a a a you you you guys are cool

  • Daily Vlogger 2 weeks ago

    Hi “Yo Boi” and “Bobette” ilysm 🙂

  • Ugandan Knuckles 2 weeks ago

    You should change your intro. How many times have you abused Herobrine? XD

  • Gabriel Ogle 2 weeks ago

    hi pat and bobette

  • Corgii Slimez 2 weeks ago

    pat: Its perfectly fine, you will be safe.
    **volcano erupts TNT*
    Me: Yea…. its perfectly safe…..

  • Maliwan nammontree Ahlin 2 weeks ago

    no kiddin you know that YES PAPA thingy there was an add like that but with cookies :O

  • Rose Hopwood 2 weeks ago

    The best part was when there was a flood I thought you’re my crappy for the nice phone you inflicted on you ha ha Ha

  • Dana Nikkelson 2 weeks ago


  • binthegod123 2 weeks ago

    Play they have a disaster minigame

  • keith jelfs 2 weeks ago

    how many times have you said the same intro

  • Harold Muñoz Vélez 2 weeks ago

    Love your vids❤❤

  • BlockerBoyCraft 2 weeks ago

    I lost my dog today. 🐕

  • Beatrix Landkroon 2 weeks ago


  • cloudgamer XD 2 weeks ago


  • Beatrix Landkroon 2 weeks ago

    Pat,jen i wish i cauld see you guys asin be your naybur ya know how fun that would be for me too bad i am a bitt sick at the moument

  • Lisa Trueman 2 weeks ago

    OMG Pls make remake the Titanic again because that was hilarious!

  • Purple Girl Kawaii 2 weeks ago

    Light it up up up I’m a fire!!!!!

  • Adele Royer 2 weeks ago

    Why are they changing their intro? I miss the “heyyy guysss” that jen said 🙁

  • WolfieHere!!! :p 2 weeks ago

    Pat, I know you probably won’t read this but can you do more epic proportions thanks:) that’d be Epic

  • Ariana Queen 2 weeks ago

    I found you an intro: Light it up up up light it up up up i am PAT!!

  • Kiza Da Mata 2 weeks ago

    Why did you have 20 tnt

  • Rica Yzaguinne 2 weeks ago

    Yeah you need a new intro

  • Edwin Siaw 2 weeks ago



  • Kevin Bajala 2 weeks ago

    More roblox also they have Roblox Titanic

  • LucasDoesAnimation 2 weeks ago


  • ducky 123 2 weeks ago

    He just wants more money

  • Rica Yzaguinne 2 weeks ago


  • Foxela Gamz 2 weeks ago

    I put a raspberry in my mouth then heard that intro… (cringed)

  • Abanindra Singhdeo 2 weeks ago

    Put game mode 1!

  • black menace 2 weeks ago


  • Julianna Wiecek 2 weeks ago

    Pat you have your own music vid it’s called goodbye

  • Sarah Whiting 2 weeks ago


  • Oscar 16261 2 weeks ago

    Leave minecraft to play roblox

  • raed alfarra 2 weeks ago

    14:31 is that a burning tnt or a torch

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