• FIRED SKULL 3 weeks ago

    Where are you from please

  • Fantasy Novel 3 weeks ago

    Good to see you pull that breeder out of your belt and attach it to another build 😉 Do you plan on digging around the entrance to the collection chamber and finding the zombie spawner/chamber? sounded like you had a bunch of them next to the steps during the day time. If you do please remember your zombie repellent would hate to see you loose your face….would make for awkward videos in the future.

  • chip and dip 3 weeks ago


  • Martin Haller 3 weeks ago

    Hey Avo!

    Great tutorial, eventually I am going to get the Java version going on my computer. The better together edition still has Redstone issues, so been in the old version of Minecraft Xbox One Edition. Doesn’t have the new water mechanics.

    My suggestion for your breeder is to make a mini farm and stock it with more villagers, more breeders make more babies. Also give them all seeds until they can’t hold anymore, brown coats. Plant an farm. They will self feed. No need for the dispenser. Add many more doors to the “village” 8+.

    These are things I have gleaned from several YouTubers.

    I will get you that seed soon for the igloo with XY coords.


    Make a sheep breeding pair in each of the 15 colors. You will be able to get unlimited colored wool and therefore carpet by growing babies. They will have the color of one parent. So each color needs a same color pair.

    This is also an achievement to gather all 15 colors of wool.

  • Joe Ungerer 3 weeks ago

    Awesome. I also just wanted to remind you that, come 1.13 with the updates, you might have to fix some of your farms. Because the rails may get reset to default positions

  • dave tonge 3 weeks ago

    Oddly enough there was a bit of discussion on quarrycraft last night about iron farming. This should help.

  • DOPE Sauce-MLBB 3 weeks ago

    I’m new to avomancia can you do a world tour on ep 25

  • Me, My Life and Everything 3 weeks ago

    Woohoo I’m in the mates base 😀 thanks buddy. And no… No other names… Well….. Ive been called a few other but that’s not for here :s lol another awesome vid man and as for console lava.. I will test that later but I think its 👌

  • Ryno Van Appel 3 weeks ago

    Lol. I was just thinking of adding an iron farm to my world since i need iron for rails to add to my Nether railroad and I come to check out what you’r gonna do in your latest episode just to see that you also decided to make an iron farm. That’s just amazing. Thanks a lot, you really are making things much easier for me.

  • Pineapple Freddy 3 weeks ago

    Heyy Avo! Btw its still fredbear i changed my name again XD

  • Jay Reedy-Mead 3 weeks ago

    Hey Avo,
    Pigmen spawning from portals have their own spawn cap. Lighting up caves won’t affect the rates. Best thing to improve rates is more portal spaces. You could add a moat around the iron farm and flush them all to a single kill chamber at your AFK spot for free zombie XP farm on the side.

  • Benny Boi 3 weeks ago

    Wheres my shoutout lol

  • Nicole Ziebis 3 weeks ago

    You really should have more subscribers & views, nice video😉

  • douglas coulthard 3 weeks ago

    I thought that green villagers didn’t breed

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 3 weeks ago

    That was fun. Cool seeing both these farms on survival. Great start to the Easter weekend.

  • Porche119 Playz-minecraft 3 weeks ago

    #1.13 is coming in september

  • Brian Schoenrock 3 weeks ago

    Hey Avo, I have this iron farm in my realm – I built it soon after your original video showcasing it. For the most part it works, but I am having a problem that you don’t seem to have. My villagers almost always gather in one location and are constantly opening and closing the doors. They gather so much that they appear to be shoving each other up onto the door ledge and I occasionally end up with a villager flushing down into the lava blade or, more rarely, a golem out in the water trench where the villagers are. Any idea why they are so hung up on that location? And how do I stop them from banging the doors so much? I’m thinking about lowering the farm section a block or two so that they can’t reach the doors.

  • Ed Bates 3 weeks ago

    I like these small(ish) achievable builds. It’s something I think I can do. Thanks!

  • Kevin Price 3 weeks ago

    Why do you need infinite villagers? Did you make that villager transport just for giggles? Why not use a detector rail and activator? It will dump them off automatically inside and then with an active rail it will bounce back and go get another.

  • glastonburied 3 weeks ago

    Up at 7am on Good Friday? YOu’re barmy! https://youtu.be/a4GdWK_WoNs

  • Ben Creole 3 weeks ago

    Great vid Avo,Happy Easter

  • James Brink 3 weeks ago

    Another great on Avo. By the way, if you are walking around in broad daylight and start hearing growling, it means that there is a cave below you. That may be why everything is spawning so slowly.

  • Frilioth 3 weeks ago

    Nice one Avo and Happy Easter. How close is the Breeder to the Iron Farm?

  • Lee Daniel 3 weeks ago

    this is actually very cool

  • Everyone_ Counts 3 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas! Wait… What’d you mean it’s not Christmas?

    Happy Easter I guess then.

  • Landed Toast 3 weeks ago

    Couldn’t you put a fence next to the cactus?

  • minecraftshotgun123 3 weeks ago

    Cool vid and how do u get better at ytube

  • Noah Lusk gaming 3 weeks ago

    Make a replay good xp farm.

  • Kendall Brast 3 weeks ago

    Another great vid, Avo. Love the fact that you show us “real world” Minecraft. You don’t edit out your mistakes and present a perfectly polished product. We can relate to you so much the better.

  • Ignis Ursulus 3 weeks ago

    You’re the Bob Ross of Minecraft and it’s 👌

  • Troy Hildebrand 3 weeks ago

    LOL… Iron Phoenix… TangoTek, not Xisuma 🙂

    Wouldn’t the infinite villager breeder breed faster if you provided food to the two villagers?

    I agree with the other guy who said “real world Minecraft”… I like your approach and honest presentation. Thanks!

  • Korey k. 3 weeks ago

    Great video Avomance

  • PittCougar 3 weeks ago

    Hello Avo! Hope you are enjoying your Holiday. Great video as always. I love that you keep the not so perfect parts in. I learn more about Minecraft from those than anything else. Two recommendations…
    1st – grab more villagers from the town (at least 2-3 more) and put them in the (Berry White voice) “Let’s get it on!” area. Statistically speaking, more villagers in a small area equals a greater chance of two villagers wanting to breed at the same time with each other.

    2nd – as far as I understand, villagers do not despawn. So odds are that a zombie did get to it as the villager is being pushed into the corner and cannot run away. To prevent that I would put blocks 2 wide x 2 high x 1deep in front of the Rails. Hope this helps!

    Edit – I just rewatched the video again to try to catch things I might have missed the first time, and was thinking about your villager and Cactus issue. Could you make the cactus one tall and put glass above it and next to it? I’m not sure if you need the cactus to be that tall to break the minecart.

  • T Brem 3 weeks ago

    So, the real question here is did you get potatoes this time so you can finally breed pigs, or is that something that you’ve done off video earlier?

  • Exavier Chilton 3 weeks ago

    For your pigmen farm so that u make gold while ur not there u can place lava at head height to kill them automatically

  • New York Rose 3 weeks ago

    I still love your voice

  • Exavier Chilton 3 weeks ago

    Also you can move the cactus up by one and place a block so that they can’t get in the corner of the cati

  • Legendgamer321 3 weeks ago

    Great job,this is really useful

  • 1 Man 1 Game 3 weeks ago

    Nice video man… thats a brilliant setup for the gold farm. Going to be adding that into my world for sure 🙂

  • Rick Clark 3 weeks ago

    I built your iron-xp farm (sans the xp part) and it works really well. I have a steady supply of iron (and poppies) and a good selection of villagers for trading.

  • Stanley Pantin 3 weeks ago

    Great video again, Avo.
    I’ve no need for a third iron farm. Original one you did and another with a farm area inside. I’m spending most of my time next to the second one, as I was finishing up my guardian farm, but have had the villagers despawn and I don’t know why. Even a tagged farmer.
    Working on the blaze farm now but have died twice already. Once taking a swim in lava.
    Keep your bow at the ready

  • RedstoneGaming 3 weeks ago

    Love your lets plays Avo! There really good, I love all of your videos! 😀 you have such good quality in your vids as well! 😀

  • Great video Avo! You probably haven’t seen me around on your videos for a while, but now I’m back. Does anyone know if these designs work on mobile? (Btw I’m formerly Iffy 100 but I changed my username)

  • Sid L o T F 3 weeks ago

    Hi Avo. i have been putting carpet over the water in the iron farm otherwise my villagers think its a swimming pool. i also put hatches above the carpet.

  • Drevexx cornett 3 weeks ago

    Amazing as always Avo 🙂 can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • Carter Coombs 3 weeks ago

    Get rid of that villager that is stuck it might be able to get hit by a zombie and turn into a zombie villager and wiped out your whole Iron golem farm👍

  • Shashi Jain 3 weeks ago

    Traitor , I trusted u

  • The Arcade Dad 3 weeks ago

    Another awesome video man. Keep up the awesome work and love the survival series!!

  • tomo0190 3 weeks ago

    Nice video Avo, love your snowman agro’n the pigmen, I installed this on my world on Xbox and works lovely. Loads and loads of gold now 👍👍👍👍

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