• Karen Putnam 7 months ago

    I’m the 747475657474656466364646463646464663737372727374764656565656564647737382828283737746566565743737282881919282838384747475666565656574733748585858858585857676757555774737373737373373774775577447747474747474747474747474747475757575747372717712748485858686868787868585848483838282818284885868687878786878757377372737475657473737273773747575757575757575747377171103577777554211345667575747483 like

  • Caustic 7 months ago

    I’m really surprised you haven’t built an automatic farm in a house or in a secret base! I think that would be awesome and I would defo use it for my world!!!

  • Scorpion Gameer998 7 months ago

    your voice sounds like a robot… but your not cringe

  • FocusST_ConnorE 7 months ago

    Instead of rose bush you could have a small farming area at the two front porches with either carrot or beetroot or potato

  • Agent Chris 7 months ago

    hey rizzial you should do a turorial on how to make a house on a ravine…like this if you agree

  • Dubl33 7 months ago

    I don’t know if you knew but a starter house is made in the biggest part with materials found at the beggining of the game… if you think that I can get that much iron and shears for getting leafes and waiting for like a stack of cobble to “cook” to make stone bricks at the start, I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong. I have a better starter house : a dirt cube… it is enough to survive some days to get some wood to make a proper house and I indeed did. A wall house (house made into a wall with only 3 hand made walls and a wall from the hill I had there and a 3×8 space in the interior.. believe me if you make it near a big space to make your standard house it is enough… maybe you could live in it and forget about the base).

  • Dovydas Prelgauskas 7 months ago

    perfect hause

  • Paul Blyat 7 months ago

    The house is beautiful, but I think I spent most of the time trying to look at the island’s structure. Is it generated or player-made, and if so, can somebody tell me if there is a certain seed or downloadable map that I can find for this island?

  • Georgi Yordanov 7 months ago

    Nice + 1

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  • the SLEEPY MinEr 7 months ago

    hey I really liked your video……….can u subscribe me plzzzz 😍😍😍😍😍 it would be a greate help to grow my channel

  • Gamerwar 13 7 months ago

    thanks a lot
    i love your videos

  • Leonardo Verdiani 7 months ago

    Where is the desert transformation serie? :’-(

  • jacob tigger405 7 months ago

    the house look cool as

  • şevval şen 7 months ago

    I love turkim and your videos very much

  • Emy Emanuel 7 months ago

    Pls can you put the map for download? Or the seed for it? I really love that place.

  • Kajani Reynolds 7 months ago

    great design

  • Cyproduction 7 months ago

    I installed the same texture pack and shaders that you are using, and it looks amazing. Thing is, my world is too bright. Even when I turn brightness all the way down to moody it still is so very bright. What settings to you use to turn it down?

  • ArmageddonxD 7 months ago

    Materials T_T
    Edit : Never mind xdd

  • AlexFTW 7 months ago

    Wow! This house looks great! 👍

  • Nospmohtt 7 months ago

    I’m doing a survival world and I’m building this house for my dogs

  • Sam ZAcey 7 months ago

    What texture pack do you use ?

  • GameZedd01 7 months ago

    To answer your question, if you are able to use a controller on PC you should be able to use a Mouse and Keyboard on Console.

  • Lauren Hein 7 months ago

    does anyone know the seed for this world?

  • Tom Waller 7 months ago

    Its so exciting that we can now build flowerbeads step by step..

  • Niski Chłopiec 7 months ago

    Thank You for video

  • Sydney Williams 7 months ago

    If you are in Xbox Minecraft and you jump on a bed you will bounce a little bit

  • CraftMore 7 months ago

    hey another amazing video rizzial, i just started uploading my own videos 🙂

  • CONT COMET 7 months ago

    hi guys

  • CONT COMET 7 months ago

    hi rizzial you are the tutorials master

  • Gamer DenYT 7 months ago

    Hello I’m is Romanien you is genials buldier!

  • Marwan Ayman Fouad 7 months ago

    this is cool , i love you so mutch

  • Hassan Bisilongo 7 months ago

    Rizzial how do you build so fast?

  • Hassan Bisilongo 7 months ago

    Also how does your real life face look like?

  • Connor Tyler 7 months ago

    Very, very nice house. It reminds me a lot of old English hunting lodges in style, just a bit smaller. The resources seem a little demanding for a “Starter” house though, this seems more like a mid-game endeavor. I still really like it though.

  • Ted Smith 7 months ago

    For some reason I really like that backdrop. any chance you could post the seed + coords?

  • عراقيه وافتخر 7 months ago

    مدري ✌😂

  • Jc Esplana 7 months ago


  • Peter Jiang 7 months ago

    Man he is so good at building

  • Banana Studios 7 months ago

    do a lets play you would be good at it

  • Compilation de Vidéos Fun ! 7 months ago

    Hey please do some savanna houses 😀

  • Radica i Misa Cvetkovic 7 months ago


  • Ivander April 7 months ago

    Rizzial pleasee build sonow house

  • LOLOLandaBOTTELofWIN 7 months ago

    Your house is bad and you should feel bad

  • Glasses Man 7 months ago

    Not bad

  • chat's and rewiew 7 months ago

    you are hacking!!!!!

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  • Redstone Engineer 7 months ago

    What Is The Seed Of Ur Land

  • Arham Yar 7 months ago

    Hello My Name is Rizzial Today im going to fullfill everyone request

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    I like this youtuber

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