➜Minecraft: How to Make a survival House / Tutorial
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  • Kimberly Duke 8 months ago

    Ok, I know that your builds are amazing, but uhh.. they’re a little long buddy ;P

  • ZeuszMode 8 months ago

    i builded it in mcpe 🙂 Have a nice day!

  • Alex Pereira 8 months ago

    very nice build but wouldn’t call this a survival build

  • oNfireLOL 8 months ago

    in survival you cant bcs you have to breath underwater right ?


    can you subscribe I’ll sub back

  • That Girl 8 months ago

    I have mcpe..how to make black stained glass?

  • Axel Gómez 8 months ago

    eres bien puto copion

  • Axel Gómez 8 months ago

    no tienes creatividad o que pedo

  • ralph luaren 8 months ago

    all your channel to build the is beauty and awesome i like your house will subs

  • Nam Tong 8 months ago

    Wieder Dude can you build a big morden house pls

  • Ammon Janey 8 months ago

    30:55 wats the song

  • Yohanes Syaputra 8 months ago

    play survival pls

  • l Am The Dark 8 months ago


  • Attila Kiss 8 months ago

    Légyszi wiederdude majd csinálj nagy fa házakat mert csak te tudsz szép faházakat építeni

  • Mốcc Trọngg 8 months ago

    why dỏm u use /fill while you are filling grass block

  • SaladGaming10 1blocky combat swat and minecraft 8 months ago

    just started watching your vidoes and now i think there awsome keep making vids!

  • Gold Gamerz 8 months ago

    bro i thought you are great but you are more great and your tutorials are so cool.
    Can you please make a tutorial on big survival house.

  • ~GirlyGamers 8 months ago

    you should do a speed build

  • 박채경 8 months ago

    Can you do how to make library
    And your building is awesome.

  • Mira Abie 8 months ago

    kamu itu jelek

  • Etsem 8 months ago

    i subscribe

  • salwa santosa 8 months ago

    so beautiful house

  • Muhammed Thowfeeq 8 months ago

    Can I please meet you your builds are so awesome

  • Rüzgar Sevim 8 months ago

    good i love englısh ım turkısh ım from istanbul like dude you good video

  • michael Cordova 8 months ago

    edit the video😖😝😪

  • michael Cordova 8 months ago

    oh and add supports to the bottom of the house so it doesn’t look like its floating

  • Ahmad Wildan 8 months ago


  • RedSector_7 7 8 months ago

    redstone plase

  • Brontolone gaming89 8 months ago


  • Jam box 8 months ago

    all it takes i 1 enderman

  • Viggan 050821 8 months ago


  • Max games Minecraft and More 8 months ago

    WeiderDude I love ur channel soooooo much!!!

  • Ouss Ama 8 months ago

    Hey wirded dude I’m really enjoy this video
    Amm can you show us more trucks in minecraft because this truck ( using bouns to grow a tree or plant ) I’m never see it before so please do a full video showing us more trucks and thank you ❤️

  • PierreGamer 8 months ago

    How to build Sky House!!

  • Hoshi /oPuvc 8 months ago

    What PC do you use? cause I think I’m gonna buy it.

  • Theflymars_YT 302 8 months ago

    Dude sponge its can get it in water temple

  • Alvito Ali 8 months ago

    that a cool house man

  • Putu Wiryanti 8 months ago

    what minecraft is this

  • SaltyTorb 8 months ago

    IT took you over 40 minutes to make a house and a underground waterbase omg..

  • رضوان علي 8 months ago

    Best Channel. Follow up from Iraq

  • Joseph Dean Espinosa 8 months ago

    nice jobs 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • ZaoZ MAJiN 8 months ago

    creativ House nigga🖕

  • ZaoZ MAJiN 8 months ago


  • Tem Flakes 8 months ago

    I hate to ask but whats your accent. Like where are you from? Just wondering because yours is very unique.

  • abdul muis 8 months ago

    tolong bikin rumah di lahar

  • MinyTiger 8 months ago

    is he german??

  • Jamie Walker 8 months ago

    You should really speed it up when you’re filling things in it takes forever

  • Joseph Wheatley 8 months ago

    don’t talk enough. 90%building 10%talking. 😡it should be 50%talking 50%building .😡😡😡.talk more.

  • NDNG-Resan NDNG-Resan 8 months ago


  • sylviapaul 8 months ago

    anyone can build that

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