• Jim Jester Mayuyo 3 weeks ago

    This is the best!

  • Minecraft Lover 3 weeks ago

    Thanks so much. I am going to upload a video soon enough and it would be because of you….. you inspired me to make a video 😁🙃😊

  • Cameron Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    i built the same thing BUT added a another floor and added a farm LOL

  • علي قيمر - Ali Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Thank’s very much ❤️

  • charlie gaming 3 weeks ago

    can you make a modern mansion pls

  • • Viny • 3 weeks ago


  • I love Pat and Jen! 3 weeks ago

    i love you

  • Letholdus the Lionhearted 3 weeks ago

    Finally! Been waiting so long for another vid!

  • John Smith 3 weeks ago

    pin meh

  • IzzyTube 3 weeks ago

    I wanna make videos!

  • Manoja Dharmendra 3 weeks ago

    You are the master of Minecraft.

  • Stefan Dascalu 3 weeks ago

    I’m Roman and I look at you!

  • Kakak Si Ocong 3 weeks ago

    Hai alls

  • AlanXDrive 3 weeks ago

    Rizzial Vs Grian

  • Frann 3 weeks ago

    Can u make a shiphouse? With a Sail and etc. Thx! Keep up the great vids lov u rizzial

  • Nuxze 3 weeks ago

    31th like oh wait thats dislikes

  • pixel 3 weeks ago

    Fuck off viva l’Italia

  • Rihan Fitriya 3 weeks ago

    great tutorials👍👍

  • Alex Kim 3 weeks ago

    Make ANOTHER video how to remodel desert village well, farms, lamp, and roads

  • Mahi the cool gamer 3 weeks ago


  • Gamer77 Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    NICE BASE I LOVE IT!!! BUILD MORE!!!(new subscriber!)

  • ToadzGamin' 3 weeks ago

    I just need a 1-block entrance, how ? The Aquatic Update dudeeee :v

  • Mahmood Graft 3 weeks ago

    i love you rizzial

  • Anas Music Cafe 3 weeks ago

    Can u plzz teach us how to make black stained glass?

  • Miusosoup Fundose 3 weeks ago

    I want to become YouTube like you

  • Ahmad Maikano 3 weeks ago

    Hey Rizzial, this is the best of all secret base tutorial i have ever seen. The oak stairs you placed on the chest stop them from opening in mcpe, so when i was build mine, i swapped the oak stairs with oak slabs and it allowed the chest to open. Am just telling you incase you are going to build another one then you can correct it. Bye, love your creations

  • Elyssa Price 3 weeks ago

    That’s a cool base

  • Michael Angelo Kho 3 weeks ago

    i try to make that but is hard

  • Kevin Spee 3 weeks ago

    Holy shit you’re about to hit 800K already! Congrats!

  • El Has 3 weeks ago

    Have my notifications just broken or have you not uploaded in ages…?

  • Endi New TV 3 weeks ago

    Cool! Do More Videos

  • Charlie Griffiths 3 weeks ago

    Rizzial what texture pack is that plllleeease tell me!!!!!!

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  • roselene bellevue 3 weeks ago


  • Yustisya Putra Pradana 3 weeks ago

    I Love Your Channel & Tutorial’s !!! Your Channel Is Best

  • Nellz Curls 3 weeks ago

    what is that texture pack????

  • Game Monster awm 3 weeks ago

    Next video after 3 months

  • Lorelai Jensen 3 weeks ago

    You’re back! Keep doing more videos!

  • ghost wolf 3 weeks ago

    Cool base

  • Fluffy lightning unicorn rainbows 3 weeks ago

    where have u been?!?!

  • Virginia Buck 2 weeks ago

    Good job

  • Ian Simon 2 weeks ago

    Good work on working this secret base. I watched it but it looks hard to build but you did a nice 👍 job. Keep building bases and houses 🏡

  • Cookie 2 weeks ago

    This is best

  • Cookie 2 weeks ago

    You are best!!

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 2 weeks ago

    Just like dreaming secret base of my childhood!!!!!!!!

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    Finally new video

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    You are the best bro thanks for video 😀

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    Wow very nice!!!


    Which game is that full name of it I want to download it

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