• Catherine Dawes 1 week ago

    Good morning avomance. 😁

  • saanvi banerjee 1 week ago

    #1 YouTuber this guy right here the build master

  • Life Of A Robot 1 week ago

    *wassup dude 2nd like 3rd comment! and this is cool to build!*

  • Saif Rawahi 1 week ago

    mr bean

  • Shaneel Goundar 1 week ago


  • Donuts 4 Life 1 week ago

    If you dont pin this your a loser
    If you pin this im a loser

  • Jacke Henningsson 1 week ago

    I love you best tetorials

  • CaptainCrazyCarrot 1 week ago

    The house looks really great for the winner! Makes me rethink what I built in my village…

  • RayGal 1 week ago

    call the neighbour’s area neighbancia

  • Yocatman 1 week ago


  • FIRED SKULL 1 week ago

    Lol you really get happy when you eat chicken

  • Martin Haller 1 week ago

    Hi Avo,

    Beautiful house!

    I finally built my AFK Fishing station. It took me 3 fishing poles to get a pole from my fishing. Now it is mending, so an all night fishing setup. I have 3 double chests with hoppers so I don’t lose anything.

    Need to light up your area some more, lots of mobs.

    Cheers 💎💎💎

  • Tech with sk 1 week ago

    Nice video

  • Catherine Dawes 1 week ago

    Great video as usual. Wish I did the comp now. 😁

  • The Legend22020 1 week ago

    Notice me avomance. Its been a long time now

  • calicowhat 1 week ago

    That’s so great, glad there’s lighthouse keepers now.

  • DragonDevilGod Slayer 1 week ago

    I Love the place!
    Like if you agree

  • Stephan Bornman 1 week ago

    That is one brilliant house. They are very lucky

  • Vkook Lover 1 week ago

    I think I have a new house in my survival world

  • Lee Daniel 1 week ago

    youre brilliant at building house avo

  • Andre Heinz 1 week ago

    #29, yay me. Nice build mate

  • Richard Sapp 1 week ago

    Hello Avo! I only just got this game a few weeks ago so everything is brand new to me. I’ve been watching your videos non stop and I’ve learned so much from you. Every time I watch you play I can’t help but smile. You are a wonderful person and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Andre Heinz 1 week ago

    Once you miss one, it seems that the aim goes in the loo… I have that issue as well

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 1 week ago

    Never has a lighthouse keeper’s family been so well appointed. Fabulous house. Congratulations to the Kid-a-Loos.

  • Sid L o T F 1 week ago

    endermen killed with loot three = many perls.

  • 겜돌_Gemdol 1 week ago

    Hello, I am a lovely Gemdol

  • Pepo Mtx 1 week ago

    Ouch!!!! Man! Stop dropping from so high up!! It really hurts when you drop!!! LOL

    By the way, you can drop a boat under the enderman feet to lock it up and kill it without getting hurt. 🖖🏼👽

  • Gary Parks 1 week ago

    Avo through some glowstone in the birch trees, it might look awesome.

  • John Porra 1 week ago

    Avo, love the latest build. I’ve watched all of your peninsula vids, and thought I’d go back and watch your early stuff. Wow, you can see the change in your skills… “what do I do with these villagers?” To where you are now, but in both ends of the spectrum, I find you awesome. Keep up the great work

  • Joannah MTF Plays 1 week ago

    I almost had a heart attack when you hit the grass with your axe. I’m never satisfied.

    I never prepare for any build

    “DIE, CHILD!!!” Oh my gosh, Avo. Really?

    Very nice build. High quality content.

  • UnspeakableMC Minecraft 1 week ago

    Hey avo it’s been a while I may have been watching fortnite and such but I’m slowly making time for Minecraft

  • Pepo Mtx 1 week ago

    Name for the neighborhood: “I-sprint Gardens”


  • Pancua 1 week ago

    A lighthouse keeper! Such a fantastic idea!

  • ColorfulBear 1 week ago

    I love watching your builds and I hope I can build such nice roofs one day I’m terrible at roofs lol I think the friends lagoon might be a nice name for your neighbors area or Pleasantville (like the movie) 😀

  • N BNZ 1 week ago

    Awsome build and loving the series. Every episode I’m learning something new.

  • Max gamer 20 1 week ago


  • Dragon Scale Inn 1 week ago

    Call them “Avo’s Acquaintances” – The Neighbors

  • PittCougar 1 week ago

    I am so jealous, Kid-a-Loo! I’m loving this house Avo! 3 floors, lots of room, just needs a basement. That would be about a million dollar house where I live. Thank you Avo, for another Awe inspiring build!

  • Hoot Owl 1 week ago

    Really like the house you built for the winner of your competition! Keep up the amazing content! Take care.

  • Aušrinė Merkelytė 1 week ago

    Awesome build Avo! Absolutely love it! It looks sooo nice! Man, do more builds please! 😀

  • Max gamer 20 1 week ago


  • Pancua 1 week ago

    This was such a fantastic build, Avo! I absolutely love the recessed door area. I may have to swipe it for a house in my realm. 😛

    As for a name for the neighborhood, Avohood comes to mind.


    Creeper Hills (though that may come across to most as bad. LOL)

  • Stanley Pantin 1 week ago

    Very nice house build. Congratulations KID-A-LOO, hope you like your house.

    I think someone mentioned AVOGARDENS. This sounds pretty nice.

    Keep your bow at the ready.

  • Weak Pigeon 1 week ago

    Great build, perfect for the location.

    Can’t think of a name for the neighbours area maybe

    Something Avonue lol

  • Matt Kautz 1 week ago

    Avomance watching this video has inspired me to build a house on my survival world for you….when I get it finished I’ll get some screenshots over to you…can’t do a video because I’m not as advanced as you are mate. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it because I have so many projects going on at once but I will get to it and you will have a place to call home in my world. Thank you for making these videos and tutorials.

  • James Brink 1 week ago

    See? I told you, if you take your time you build great things. Let’s see them judge this. Spanking the sheep? Naughty.

  • Chris Lane 1 week ago

    You could call it Advo’s Abby (toffer)

  • Kolabudz 1 week ago

    Congratz Kid-A-Loo! Well done. And nice build Avo. The house looks amazing. I’d call the area Avomancia Heights maybe. Looking forward to to the next video and also the next contest. Peace be with ya Avo buddy.

  • Gus Siebers 1 week ago

    Avo do the name Avomania for the place

  • Rick Clark 1 week ago

    Great build. I am always amazed at how you can just throw these together and they look great.

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