• Ellen Eshun 3 weeks ago

    Make more crazy craft

  • Annie Cayacap 3 weeks ago

    I vote for cony

  • Aidan Pearl13 3 weeks ago

    Bring back Atlantis episode

  • Aidan Pearl13 3 weeks ago

    What happens with joe or Pikalus

  • Pete Kinney 3 weeks ago

    Oh my God kid man

  • Andre Philip 3 weeks ago

    Cody won

  • Amir Benton 3 weeks ago


  • Артем Литвиненко 3 weeks ago

    Bendy and the ink mashen chanter 3

  • Brandon Garber 3 weeks ago

    Cody and Kraken Kid do not tell any of the realm members that you are my most favorite people on this channel tell Salamy and canable are my least favorite for the rage

  • Cheerful Stitch 3 weeks ago

    #fix YouTube

  • Game.Or.Nah 3 weeks ago

    I want kings of Atlantis back

  • Jessica Arredondo 3 weeks ago

    Do more of this plz

  • James O'Hara 3 weeks ago

    Hey Cody I’m your biggest fan build a mansion beside a castle on fire and make it a challenge who ever gets to the mansion first has to hide diamonds inside the mansion and everyone else has to find the most but you have to try to stop them and if you kill all of them you win ps 15 rounds plz

  • Matthew Carter 3 weeks ago

    Make episode 4 of fnaf simulator

  • TATIANA PEREZ 3 weeks ago


  • Camia Allen 3 weeks ago

    I think the TV is awesome!

  • Camia Allen 3 weeks ago


  • Clutch Skelly 3 weeks ago

    Code win

  • sharon dixon 3 weeks ago

    Cody won

  • Nicholas Comet 3 weeks ago

    I think Pikalus won this, you had 2nd place and kraken had 3rd.

  • Candice Gates 3 weeks ago


  • Dylan Lapsley 3 weeks ago

    Do more stupid place

  • XXbeastlyGavinXX 3 weeks ago

    I vote atlanticraft

  • Wyatt Alexander 3 weeks ago


  • Anabela Lopez 3 weeks ago


  • Rita Amado 3 weeks ago

    Cody wins

  • Robin Osland 3 weeks ago

    Play FortniteBattle Royal

  • Julian Gagnon 3 weeks ago

    When are we going to see your Rome role play

  • Wendie Goodwin 3 weeks ago

    Cody tv

  • Leo Arredondo 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been a fan for a long time . Since the beginning of your channel really . You still have yet to do the live stream of you and Joe watching Land Before Time . You said it in a video in season 1 of Jurassic craft and you guys talked about the subject in season 3 of Jurassic craft as well . If you can get in touch with Joe so that the rest of the old and new could see it . Plus love your vids keep up the good work .

  • ADRIAN ATTAWAY 3 weeks ago

    I thought cod had a kylo wrens lightsaber

  • The Squid Brother 3 weeks ago

    can this be a series

  • Robert Garcia 3 weeks ago

    The large flat screen tv

  • Aiden O'Hara 3 weeks ago

    Cody wins

  • RobbyTDD 3 weeks ago

    Kraken won 100 licks to get to the center

  • Alpha Archer 3 weeks ago


  • CrazyCat Gamer 3 weeks ago

    You should full a pool with soda and jump in it

  • CrazyCat Gamer 3 weeks ago

    I have a nintendo switch

  • Hoppintowin Aiao 3 weeks ago

    Do it again

  • VortexTGM 3 weeks ago

    I think that at at is a AT-M6

  • Skate Alien48 3 weeks ago

    5000 licks

  • 8-bit joker 3 weeks ago

    That’s epic pleas cheak out my chanal and pleas coment

  • J.T. McElroy 3 weeks ago


  • colleen willock 3 weeks ago


  • Dan Games 2 weeks ago

    Cody is my favorite out of everybody there but pikalus won

  • Rickie Graham 2 weeks ago


  • billy murphy 2 weeks ago

    i think cody is the winer can i join your chenel

  • Hunter Jarrett 2 weeks ago

    Will you subscribe to me

  • Jonathan Chavis 2 weeks ago


  • Abdurahman Rahman 2 weeks ago

    Probally cody win

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