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  • Elliott Strong 4 months ago

    Sonic murder

  • Natanael Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Shouldnt it be the first person to die is the killer

  • The Athletic Kids' 4 months ago


  • matti Brown 4 months ago

    you should make a trap when the killer puts it down the hiders get put in I bedrock cage for 20 seconds

  • Alex Olea 4 months ago

    Ssundee was trash in this

  • Michelle Hatzis 4 months ago

    Don’t do map I love that show

  • Michelle Hatzis 4 months ago

    I mean my little pony

  • Yohannes Pandu 4 months ago

    rwby murder

  • #juls The awesome 4 months ago


  • LordOfShadow809 4 months ago

    SSundee I’m very disappointed… You died to fall damage TWICE

  • Fergus Moorhouse 4 months ago

    Has anyone noticed that most of the traps are based on memes?

  • Jacob Meers 4 months ago

    ssundee should have gotain respawns for dying from fall

  • SnApBaCks -2004 4 months ago


  • MatrixVlogs 4 months ago

    i have the greatest idea. MURDER RUN MORTAL KOMBAT X

  • Wong Zhen Lin 4 months ago

    Do Thomas and friends!

  • DARK SIDE GAMING 4 months ago

    murder run cuphead theme plsss 🙂

  • newjoin and Friends 4 months ago

    I have the best idea for the killer use the blood curse and the floor is lava

  • SuperShadow 4 months ago

    Do Clash Royale Murder!

  • Rina T. 4 months ago

    You ugly bight

  • Rina T. 4 months ago

    # worst at hiding

  • Jer1881 Gaming 4 months ago

    Do youtubers

  • Ewelo TV 4 months ago

    wall trap: Puts a wall down for a short amount of time, great for blocking killers Like If You Enjoy

  • Bob Hamlin 4 months ago

    Get this silver fish of my head (cry) (cry) cry)

  • Dunia YT 4 months ago

    thea sounds like a queen memer couse it sounds like HOW A BOUT DAH meme

  • Dunia YT 4 months ago

    this is why creepy is a creep becouse its was a CREEP-PER

  • Boruto Uzumaki 4 months ago

    If u say so… I will not try this at home but ill try this at the road so everyone sees me xDDD

  • The Lumberjack 4 months ago

    I’m so happy for Thea

  • Quirky Lottie 4 months ago

    Please undertale themed

  • Mark Felas 4 months ago

    decoy trap its a nether star that makes a decoy of you,if you throw it the decoy will stay until killed or the game ends,the decoy does not move it copies your position if your crotching then its gonna crotch the rest is your choice if you want to make it get seen by infrared vision
    its for survivors

  • homie dwag cool 4 months ago

    do emoji movie theme XD

  • cherli626 4 months ago

    please do dragon ball z murder

  • Dat Derp boi 4 months ago


  • ThePugMaster2379 4 months ago

    Ssundee is the new mcree!

  • Jaythan Jumagdao 4 months ago

    How about naruto for murder Like if u agree

  • PEEKA DAD 4 months ago

    do a rainbow six siege match use dLc ops like BUCK .CAVEIRA

  • 渚渚明月 4 months ago

    Creepy creeper

  • Jane Donlan 4 months ago

    Do tf2

  • Hoodini 4 months ago

    Ssundee do politics murder

  • Clement Ang 4 months ago

    Ssundee can you pls make undertale video pls I been asking this question when you make murder run

  • SpongyUdderz Minecraft 4 months ago

    Why don’t they just buy a really comfy couch, like seriously, I found a couch that was softer than my bed for sale where I live (too bad we didn’t buy it) , and I’m sure enough they could afford it…

  • Simon 4 months ago

    Ssundee do the FOOD THEME like if you agree

  • Marcus Nielsen 4 months ago

    Do scp Murder!!

  • Cedrick Canonigo 4 months ago

    SSUNDEE pls do ninja turtle pls pls!!!!!

  • He Ilo 4 months ago

    The Hand trade trap:
    switches the player’s hand with the killer’s hand

  • Zachary Walters 4 months ago

    First round was dope

  • Obeast SeaGull 4 months ago

    Dragon ball z

  • acier parin 4 months ago

    Pls try the game friday the 13

  • Gangster Turtle 4 months ago

    Ssundee you should do a speedrunners theme from the game

  • Andrija Milosavljevic 4 months ago

    hey SSundee plz tell neo or kehan cu ad hu ever is 1 get 2 nethar stars right but who comes 2 get 1 nethar star plz add that SSUNDE

  • H0isashi gaming 4 months ago

    Thea just did what everyone has been thinking so long

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