• thegamer 201 1 week ago


  • Mythical 1 week ago


  • YouFoundJack 1 week ago

    DAMN! Sorry I missed the stream dude, I got home late last night so I decided to sleep in… my bad!!

  • Toffee Coffee 1 week ago

    Hi python

  • OtakuVsEroge 1 week ago

    I have been waiting for this XD

  • Amber Barr 1 week ago

    Sorry I missed it but I’m watching it now

  • nick t 1 week ago

    Gahhh.. Missed it

  • TopHatMan 1 week ago


  • Zeke Scott 1 week ago


  • snaky G 1 week ago

    All good

  • Fjor Fjor 1 week ago

    Hi <3 ur vids

  • You left a gold block by the window and it despawned. 🙁

  • [GD] Thijmen 1 week ago

    I wanted to be at the stream, but I took a walk, so I couldn’t be there.. Oh well! I can watch it back, so that’s okay :).

  • Ilgmars Rubins 1 week ago

    Today was my 18th birthday it is so cool that you livestreamed in my birthday! 😀 I loved it.

  • Fyshy Games 1 week ago

    Python no one’s made a blaze farm maybe that would be a great challenge

  • CallumGamerz971 YT 1 week ago

    What time do you think the terraria stream will go live tomorrow as an estimate

  • CallumGamerz971 YT 1 week ago

    Remember the times when you used to upload videos every day at 4pm BST / GMT man i miss them!!

  • D3ATHWALK3R08 Gaming 1 week ago

    oh come on i sleep in

  • IzzyTheBro 1 week ago

    I INSIST on a tutorial!!

  • Zarenisboss Browser games and more 1 week ago

    Do more ark!!!

  • inuebony 1 week ago

    I think a helipad-like platform on the roof would be a nice idea for an alternate entrance to the mansion whenever you fly into the area.

  • cookie cool 64 1 week ago

    Sent from mumbo

  • Gluestick 345 1 week ago

    Where is the footage of boat bros??
    And the lost footage of mumbo’s episode which u were in?
    And the hungry hermits?

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