• MeLikeSoap 1 week ago

    I’m building this! At first I was kind of skeptical thinking, “what is this” but it is super cool!

  • AriallaMacAllister 1 week ago

    I love the piano!

  • Kakapo Kakapo 1 week ago

    5:52 I think the most entities died with Mumbo’s pumpkin/melon circle and he lava bucketed it

  • Pi Man 1 week ago

    Cub, don’t you have a Gaurdian farm? If you do can’t you use it for XP?

  • Nomekop 777 1 week ago

    I have an idea for a prank. On Mumbo’s base, where the center diamond and the swiggly line meet, it makes the shape of redstone dust. I don’t know if it’s the right size, but it would be funny if someone put a pixel art redstone dust there. Or sugar, glowstone, or gunpowder, or all four. But I think redstone would be more appropriate. See if you can colab with joehills, maybe? Or do it as the ConVex with Joe?

  • *_Markus_* 1 week ago

    You should add tons of entrances and exits to your base could be cool to enter you base whenever but I think you should add a proper entrances for like when you collaborate

    Like how xisuma dive bombs in his base but he walks in when he wants to go in properly

  • mr cheese 1 week ago

    Put some black stained glass in front of your clock

  • Will Hemmingson 1 week ago

    Man life seems so simple with your videos cub. Thanks for putting so much effort into your videos and just making it seem like nothing.

  • Komori Zalera 1 week ago

    your piano is so out of tune Dx

  • Rebecca Straznickas 1 week ago

    I really appreciate you making these videos, thank you Cub 👍🏼💚

  • TheFire Skull 1 week ago

    Cub can you do a “central monitoring station” or surveillance room that only have the map of the hermit base and label it so you can watch them.I hope you can understand it.

  • Carlos Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Make the sun glowstone and the moon should be a sea lantern for your clock thingy

  • Change the yellow block for glowstone (sun) and the grey one for sea lantern (moon)

  • tubelarr 1 week ago

    If an infinite number of Cubfan’s play the piano, will they eventually play Chopin’s Minute Waltz?

  • Zane E. 1 week ago

    0:18 Awkward two second pause…

  • Sam Cro 1 week ago

    I suppose you wouldn’t make a tutorial for that day/night indicator if I asked just like the boat launcher huh?😟

  • Ben Glodowski 1 week ago

    Cub, on your macro clock, use the multiple signal strengths of the daylight sensor and change the display to a piston tape. This way, the sun and moon can traverse the clock’s sky based on the specific time of day.

  • ThatGuyKyle 1 week ago

    I love the base expansion videos!

  • Je55terK1ng 1 week ago

    The tip wire hooks are coat hooks

  • Lexmax 1 week ago

    Cub, you could say that Piano is your Forte! 😉

  • Yurindeep 1 week ago

    I, too, like to play the piano with a hatchet.

  • RiverPlasmaHero 1 week ago

    Awesome video as always!
    Really enjoying this series!
    This is looking fantastic!
    That piano is very cool. Do you play any instruments IRL?
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Thanks Cub!!! 😀

  • Summer Gaming 1 week ago

    Love the tree farm area, looks so good now that you have terraformed all around 🙂

  • 1:50 2:14 Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cute animation in Minecraft! Pressing a button while holding something with both hands (only maps, I’m guessing?) is kinda cute/funny. Like a little ‘boop’, haha!

  • Benjamin Robb 1 week ago

    Cub you inspire me to build things that I wouldn’t think of and I love the leaves around the outside of ur base!! I have a question for u, do u have jakolanterns all along the underside of the of the leaf blocks? Thanks so much for the in intertanment I love forward to them!😊🙂

  • AwesomeEB 1 week ago

    now play all star on it

  • Gian Romero 1 week ago

    cub make some lighting on your tree farm so that no mobs can spawn

  • Zihan Zhu 1 week ago

    Now you need to play Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement on it…

  • Magnet 1 week ago

    cub is secretly a time traveler!

  • Mario Reforsado 1 week ago

    Where is phython’s base

  • Seb Pal 1 week ago

    Please tune your piano.

  • Klimek 13 1 week ago

    amazing vide

  • David Linzic 1 week ago

    Anyone else kinda hear the first cord to the theme to ducktales , or is it just me?

  • Kayla Dingess 1 week ago

    Hey cub! You know what would look awesome? If you use a diamond block and gold block for the sun and moon. It will give them a kinda shine 🙂

  • Kyle K. 1 week ago

    I love how you made the piano! It looks amazing!

  • Matthew Stonis 1 week ago

    You should incorporate the villager overflow drop into your base. You can make a glass tube that they fall through every once in a while

  • KainusGulch 1 week ago

    Totally a bond villain. Next he’ll need the Piano Guys to come and do a concert.

  • Marthunis Von Holtzhausen 1 week ago

    Cubfan go do Mumbo’s slabrimth maze in the gaming destruct

  • Xavier Brownell 1 week ago

    You are awesome at playing that piano

  • Jonathan Herman 1 week ago

    Love this piano design. I extended it into an organ with a full keyboard for every instrument 🙂

  • Alien 1 week ago

    Cub has all the villagers he needs, so all those babies are just getting perpetually slaughtered.
    The villagers keep breeding, and having children, that get sent off to Cubs homemade slaughterhouse.
    He covers it with a painting as if it were nothing.

    *Its the circle of life!*

  • QtLady 1 week ago

    Love your base. The clock and piano are an awesome touch. Such a fan of yours

  • nck223nick 1 week ago

    Hey cub! I wanted to say that I managed to make an elevator with the piston end rod trick. If u want the world with it just contact me. 🙂

  • King Wither The Third 1 week ago

    NICE tune!

  • Kirsty Shadowdancer 1 week ago

    Now that you’ve built a piano – you should build a drumkit

  • Cavon Hazen 1 week ago

    Make a fully zoomed in map of the world

  • bike goddess 1 week ago

    That piano is amazing

  • Mattyboy 96 1 week ago

    Cub I like the clock! But you should switch out the yellow concrete with glowstone and the white concrete with a sea lantern

  • Harrison Keller 1 week ago

    Is it just me, or did the tune he played on the piano sound like the United Airlines song?

  • Rogue Alchemist 1 week ago

    omg that piano is amazing! I love it! 😀 <3 ~Sassy~

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