It’s Hermitcraft Minecraft server time! Enyoy!



  • Shogun2 1.2.0 beta 10 months ago

    shut the f up bro i lve your building style but red neither bricks are gorgie

  • Nick Jonas 10 months ago

    Hermit quest?

  • Curlymally 10 months ago

    First of all the tree is looking great. As regards to the colour of nether brick, I think if you could change the colour in game that would be good. So dull it down by adding some white. Just a thought.

  • Thales CFM 10 months ago

    Hey Bdubs, I think your leaf texture could do with more transparency. May be good to delete some inner pixel in the cross shape thing.

  • Kevin J. 10 months ago

    Perhaps “PurPur” and “Chorus Plant” turns purple only-when exposed to the atmosphere in the End. There, logic solved.

  • dedicationtoKiKi 10 months ago

    Never neglect the booshes

  • It’d be nice to see normal Nether brick go to black like Bdubs uses instead of that obnoxious purple color. It doesn’t mix with anything well right now…

  • Sean Smith 10 months ago

    Hey BdoubleO100, you should make a bunch of levitating platforms of grass with smaller jungle trees surrounding your MEGA Tree dome (like from the James Cameron movie, Avatar. If you like my idea, tell you subs it was your idea. 🙂 #NHOFORLIFE

  • You could possibly try removing all the borders from the glass and make it a completely clear block. … might be worth a try

  • joey bob 10 months ago

    Bdubs check the gate beef made! you’ve been pranked

  • zakster2222 10 months ago

    I would love the decorative block variants(mossy, cracked, chiseled) for the half slabs and stairs.

  • Builder BB 10 months ago

    I’d like to see it mirror the mossy brick but with red warty bits busting through the gaps. Hold to the black nether brick pattern and oozy red in the joints

  • Easykill2k 10 months ago

    bdubs, iskall recently did sme research on video quality issues with the nether hub, might be worth mentioning it

  • Trudles74 10 months ago

    Video looks better, love the tree

  • BampaRuckus 10 months ago

    the dome is epic!! hope your vid quality issue shows you mercy 🙂

  • darknightoftroy 10 months ago

    For the red nether brick….. I think I’d like it to be a little bit browner. I feel like there isn’t a brown stone for people to use. There’s dirt, and a bunch of woods that are all brown, but having a more brown stone, I think it would be nice. Hrm…. I don’t dislike the red nether brick, but I haven’t really used it much.
    Ah, now I’m seeing what you did, and I like it. As for the netherwart blocks, I kind of like having a creepy looking organic amalgamation block. For some horror builds, I think it works well. Those + bone created an interesting effect.

  • Cholloway01 10 months ago

    I have used the standard nether brick in a big nether castle fortress dungeon firey wall thingy
    and ive used red nether brick with nether wart blocks together with a border of grey wool, ( also used coal in the design) which goes together brilliantly. As long as its used in the right place the red nether brick and wart can look great

  • Nadorod gn 10 months ago

    Cube world?

  • WEDDING CRASHER 10 months ago

    I think your alteration of the Red Nether Brick could look REALLY cool in a brick wall. It’s like normal bricks, but so much better.

  • Gliched1324 10 months ago

    For the red nether brick it should look like normal nether brick, but kind of stained red with some red blood like textures seeping out from between the bricks.

  • knus1959 10 months ago

    @BDubs. 🙂 Hi 🙂 I think, when a nether ward is a kind of Mushroom, it need to have some color as brown and black in it, when you make them as bricks. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  • batt3ryac1d 10 months ago

    YouTube’s compression hates you Bdubs lmao

  • Benas Malinauskas 10 months ago

    The true meaning of BdoubleO
    B doubleO T Y (BOOTY)

  • Luke Griffin 10 months ago

    Where’s FoolCraft Bdubs? I miss it a lot 🙁

  • AceFilms 10 months ago

    I don’t think they should be wasting their time with changing textures. We need more stone and wood blocks! We need an actual feature that is significant to every player

  • Bobbyit1 Gaming 10 months ago

    I like the new version of the red nether brick you made.

  • ZeroX252 10 months ago

    Honestly I think End rods should be able to be dyed.
    The three dye along the base decide the base color, the 5 dye around the top decide the particle and shaft color. This way you could use the end rods basically anywhere. It would also give even more use to dyes in the game.

  • Sergentti 10 months ago

    I really want to tell etho.

  • A bowl of kazoos 10 months ago

    You are right. The red nether brick is really not suitable for building! I dont even see a purpose for it. Why did they even put it in the game???

  • Ion Meth 10 months ago

    If you are bleeding gdadammit sthap playing!

  • Jacob Blum 10 months ago

    Tango would be very upset if red nether brick texture changed

  • Ion Meth 10 months ago

    The red nether brick looks like blood

  • CrayB27 10 months ago

    Okay bdubs…this is vanilla…getting a bit ridiculous.

  • Sir Otter 10 months ago

    Lower the saturation on the brick make it more straight when it comes to the lines and then make wart bubbles in the brick

  • NathanAMeyers 10 months ago

    Red Nether Brick:
    I think, like you said, many people don’t use the block for many reasons. However, I don’t think this is entirely a problem fixed by bettering the look of the block.
    I believe that this is fixed by reintroducing interest. And here’s how.
    My idea is to make it the first of its kind and introduce Red Nether Brick as the only block with varying textures. It will create a novelty and gain people’s interest to try it out for themselves.
    People build with wood because it’s easy and obvious, but a more rare block is only used less not because it hard, but because it’s unfamiliar. Creating interest will allow people to realize it’s potential and to start incorporating it into their build pallets. The goal of bettering the texture is to get it’s use rate up, and I think this will do exactly that.

  • Skylar Shears 10 months ago

    I think it looks great

  • Logan Ferino 10 months ago

    I think your red nether brick texture or a mixed brick texture could work well

  • [dER]Di8Et 10 months ago

    no i like the normal red color to be honest

  • Jimmy Månsson 10 months ago

    I like your suggestion for the red nether brick. But unless they also add slabs and stairs for it I still wouldn’t have much use for it unfortunately.

  • Daniel Moirangthem 10 months ago

    I miss NHO.

  • Karl with a C 10 months ago

    Youtube is going to compress the video for web regardless of your bitrate, Bdubs. Only way you can tell if it’s on your end is if the exported video file looks just as bad as the one on youtube. Also, it’s really not a big deal imo.

  • Justin Gillit 10 months ago

    “I was in a good mood” lmao too funny

  • Sven Brejnholdt Falck 8V Herstedvester Skole 10 months ago

    Keralis was a really great youtuber.

  • Landen Powell 10 months ago

    i don’t think the magma block needs a new texter… but i think it could be a light block and it dosen’t have to be full light it could be like a redstone torch

  • Lisa Thompson 10 months ago

    Hey Bdubs, I find the red nether brick is beautiful as is, the real problem I find is there is no other bricks in game that can shine with it, I’ve tried building with it but finding other bricks to go with it is like impossible. Other reds are hideous with it and all the color blocks are too bright to go with it, and all the stone bricks are just dull with it. So either the color of it needs to be made to fit the MC pallet or more blocks added so we can actually use it to build with. Otherwise it is like the terracotta blocks and can only be used as accent, actually the terracotta blocks have more use then the red nether brick at this time. Also, how about mentioning fixing the color pallets on the colored blocks. I guess he is only asking you about texturing but maybe in your Bdubs fashion you can get him to help us by pushing for all stairs and half slabs in all the Bblocks and half slabs that stand. Now that would be so sexy!!!

  • Mittens 230 10 months ago

    Your texture for the red nether bricks is awesome!!!

  • Mittens 230 10 months ago

    GoodTimesWithScar pranked you.

  • Royal Grumm 10 months ago

    “No one uses red nether brick” hey Bdubs I’d like you to meet nobody, aka Tango Tek…

  • Teral Pop 10 months ago

    I would make the ability to see the separate bricks on Netherwart Bricks less visible. And definitely desaturate it.

    For bricks I would love to see a paler looking brick where some of the bricks in the texture are tan and darker so it is more smooth.

  • iskall85 10 months ago

    I used Red Nether Brick!

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