• CbroGaming 72 2 weeks ago

    cool thanks for your business

  • Animal Lover123 2 weeks ago


  • PIXEL GUN 3D 2 weeks ago


  • The Meeseeks 2 weeks ago

    wait what in the last video you took down the blocks that were there

  • Ashton Brextan 2 weeks ago

    Do It

  • gamer levi minecraft 2 weeks ago

    I have been watching so long may i get a shoutout i sub and liked

  • Jacob Mieses 2 weeks ago


  • Jacob Mieses 2 weeks ago


  • Jesica Bayley 2 weeks ago

    Alfraid is in the portal l

  • Banana Killer 2 weeks ago


  • Anthony Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    sum win post hem in to the plot in the besmet

  • Lucas Hazel 2 weeks ago

    Where’s batman

  • Hammad Family 2 weeks ago

    Super girl is so mean

  • Edwin Mendez Robles 2 weeks ago

    I miss batman

  • Unicorn 2 weeks ago


  • OH1 Minecraft & More 2 weeks ago

    where is batman

  • Erick Alvarez 2 weeks ago

    steve supergirl is braver than you

  • Gamer Kids 2 weeks ago

    Alfried went throu the portall someone pushed him in

  • Naureen Dharamsey 2 weeks ago

    Break the grave

  • Joe136 2 weeks ago

    The neighbor pushed him in to the portal and the neighbor is in the castle

  • Gamer Kids 2 weeks ago

    Go in the creepy castell

  • MARCELINE TELFORT 2 weeks ago

    follow the peace follow the piece of bread

  • Mailyn Valdespino 2 weeks ago

    You guys should so go in to the 🏰 because Alfred might be in their and robin/Steve stop being a scary 🐱 and I really want to see Batman because we haven’t seen him and I think he might get 😱 when he see you to 👶 but I hope you find Alfred and find Batman.

  • Poonam Rani 2 weeks ago

    Steve and Supergirl go in the castle and find Alfred

  • Alana S 2 weeks ago

    the neighbor he pushed Alfred in

  • Malakai Wallis 2 weeks ago

    Show sonic exe

  • Damian Luna 2 weeks ago

    I’ll frame comes first so you get better get your butt in there

  • Homie Worm 2 weeks ago


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  • Daniel gamer 2 weeks ago

    Steve I’m new

  • Marcelo Savage 2 weeks ago

    show sonic.exe like for like

  • clivethegamer 2.0 2 weeks ago

    Robin Steve did you know those YouTuber call PrestonPlayz

  • Andres Isaias Hernandez 2 weeks ago

    Go in

  • Vera Ferrel 2 weeks ago

    Your not a super hero Steve you are a side kick.

  • Prince Dee 2 weeks ago

    He is in the portal in the neighbor basement

  • 0_0 Hey 2 weeks ago

    Steve Stop Being Scared SuperGirl Is Way Braver

  • aishath fareena 2 weeks ago

    Steve has to sleep

  • Liza Amin 2 weeks ago

    Steve your such a baby

  • Liza Amin 2 weeks ago

    Supergirl is cooler then you

  • Liza Amin 2 weeks ago

    My favroute character is Alfred cause supergirl is mean
    And Steve is a baby

  • Noah Wilson 2 weeks ago

    super girls being mean to Steve

  • Cam Gee 2 weeks ago

    it was evil supergirl who pushed him in to the nether portal

  • Cam Gee 2 weeks ago

    this is a threat use the beast enchanted amor in the game or i unsub

  • Moz Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    steve should sleep first

  • Jbot the Robot 2 weeks ago

    There’s a big blood trail

  • warren JacKSOn 2 weeks ago

    steve piay bitomoge

  • Robyn Ziffer 2 weeks ago

    Young joy

  • farid faroqi 2 weeks ago

    Hay Steve I was a YouTuber it was called idris gaming 350 faroqui

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